Elite Killer
Elite Killer
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Version: 1.5.7
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Download and install Elite Killer APK and participate in a game that involves shooting enemies from terrorist organisations. This game offers several cool features.

Name Elite Killer
Version 1.5.7
Updated Sep 23, 2023
Category Action
Developer CanaryDroid
Google Play Link com.yx.sniper

Description of Elite Killer

If you love action stuff –games or movies – then you will find Elite Killer: SWAT an incredibly fun game to try out. There is usually that excitement that comes with watching or playing action shooting games. You are in total control of your decision and can pull the trigger whenever you like. Since gun possession is not an easy thing to come by, and even using it is harder – then action games are usually the closest we have to owning or shooting games. This is why Elite Killer is such a wonderful game; it is a modern action shooter game with different types of guns for you to select. No matter the type of guns you desire, this game has an abundance of them and lots more.

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There is a slight back story to Elite Killer; you, as a player, assume the role of a soldier that is always eliminating enemies. The game incorporates a third-person perspective. Your task in the game is to move very quickly to avoid being detected and shot, and then you will aim at your enemies and fire. You should know beforehand that this game is a very addictive one. You may be unable to put down your mobile device as soon as you start playing Elite Killer.

Details about the Game

As already mentioned, this game is an action game. But it is not just any action but themed on the modern military atmosphere. It is a shooting game (FPS) where your major aim is to eliminate the enemies by shooting at them. This game is now available on Android for all lovers of shooting games. Whenever you participate in this game, you will be overwhelmed by the world you find yourself in, the world of unique soldiers trained to fight terrorism. So your mission as a soldier is to locate these terrorists and kill them before they cause any more havoc to the world. Of course, you will not fight all these enemies empty-handed – that would be suicidal, and it won't be what this game stands for. Therefore, you will be equipped with such effective guns as sniper rifles, secondary machine guns, and grenades to stun. You will also be tasked with going covert to destroy terrorist organizations to return peace to the world.

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The Best Shooting Game

If you are a lover of action and shooting games, you would have played a couple of action games in the past. Some of them you would find incredibly entertaining, and others not so much. This is because there are several games out there that are now fake, stealing the concepts of other popular games and giving you the same thing you have experienced from previous games. Most of these games do not have anything new to offer, so players can easily get bored with them. However, some games are really good and very attractive; the only problem with them is that they are too unrealistic and fast – most have no directions concerning their bullet usage. They expend unnecessary bullets hoping that one of them catches the enemies. There is no organisation or tactical application, such as aiming at the target and striking a perfect shot, thereby wasting time and bullets. Some others are good but have terrible graphics. However, the developers of Elite Killer have considered all these problems while developing the game.

As a soldier in this game, you have only one secret mission – track down the villains of a secret organisation and eliminate them before they dangerously threaten the world. That explains the combat scenes in the game. But that is not all, and you still have not come to the real fun aspect of the game.

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Dominate the Game

Your mission working under SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactic) is to infiltrate the enemies' territories and fight against the Syndicate, which is a very big threat to civilization and humanity at large. While you go into the enemies' bases, you must make sure you eliminate them all, then seek out the real leader. It is not easy getting to the leader in this game, however. You will have access to the number of weapons you want and use the battle map to find out about terrains and locations.

Graphics of the Game

You should understand again that this game is a third-person shooter; do not be deceived by what it says in the introduction about this game as an FPS (first-person shooter). In a way, this third-person perspective is even better because with it, you can view the entire scene, and you will become active in each match. This is a very nice thing –to see all of the battle scenes – because the action scene and practicality of the game are pretty detailed.

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The graphic of this game is an impressive 3D. The major and minor characters' movements are simple, attractive, and smooth. Another wonderful thing about this game is that even though it is not as fast as most shooting games, Elite Killer has a deep dimension that most other games do not possess.

Outstanding Features of Elite Killer

  • This game works effectively with most Android mobile devices
  • Unlimited match moments
  • Easy control through touching and swiping
  • Unlock another level of the play after a win
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  • Online PvP mode and local mission mode
  • Over 30 supporting weapons for users and more than 100 challenging levels waiting in expectation for you to conquer and experience the world of shooting
  • While most of the other games possess too many ads, thereby interrupting a good game, Elite Killer does not have that problem


The only word that perfectly describes this game is 'phenomenal.' This is one of the unique games that offers you some challenges you have probably never experienced. There is a kind of realism with each action concerning the game. The developers of this game have tried their best to make it as realistic as possible; this is one of the closest things to real life when it comes to gaming.

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Download and install Elite Killer APK and participate in a game that involves shooting enemies from terrorist organisations. This game offers several cool features.


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