Driving School Sim 2020
Driving School Sim 2020
Size: 1.20 GB
Version: 10.13
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Download Driving School Sim 2020 APK and unleash excellent driving skills. Get behind the wheels of the newest and high-power cars in the market and drive like never before.

Name Driving School Sim 2020
Version 10.13
Updated Feb 5, 2024
Category Racing
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Google Play Link com.ovilex.drivingschoolsim

About Driving School Sim 2020

Driving school sim 2020 is the top and most fantastic simulator game that gets you familiar with driving high-power and the best cars in the world. The game has lots of classy and sophisticated vehicles you will drive, ranging from SUVs, sports cars, sedans, supercars, hypercars, hatchbacks, and more. As you navigate the cities with the vehicles in this game, you will improve your driving dexterity and learn the road rules for various classes.

driving school sim 2020 all cars unlocked

Ovidiu Pop is the developer behind this fascinating racing and simulator game that allows you to put your driving skills into practice. The driving school sim game download was exclusively designed for car driving and racing passionate players. This game realistically creates owning exotic race cars, getting behind the wheels, and playing with racing or learning modes to improve or show your driving competence.

Driving school sim 2020 has a vast collection of luxurious and high-power cars from more than 150 famous brands worldwide. From the collection of models, drivers can freely choose to partake in a new race or course. There is a virtual world of consecutive cities in the game that you can travel around and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape of the surroundings.

Tasks in Driving school sim 2020

Handling the wheel in the driving school sim 2020 free download, there are more than 80 levels with different contests to complete in the game. The more you move from levels, the more the complexity from competitors increases. And this is because in the first level of the game, you will meet new riders who are novices, and as you progress, you will meet experienced drivers.

driving school sim 2020 apk + obb download

There are various game mode systems, and as a driver, you will enter three modes; free ride mode, race mode, and learn mode. For the free ride mode, you only visit the countryside to admire the race among other competitors without getting involved directly. The race mode allows you to partake in the racing competition with other drivers, and the learn mode equips you with the proper knowledge in driving that you need to win against your opponents in the competition.

In the game, you will compete with your driving skills to enable you to keep ahead in high-speed races, and you can as well tour around each environment freely. While driving, you need to maintain and control your vehicle by tapping on the pedals located to the right and adjusting your directions by tilting your phone slightly to the direction you want it to move. The game has a fine-tuned rewards system that when you win a race, you will be given new coins as a prize which you can use for the driving school sim 2020 all cars unlocked to drive with many new circuits to race on.

Features of driving school sim 2020

driving school sim 2020 apk
  • Control System: in the driving school sim 2020 courses, you will learn about manual and clutch transmissions and be guided with gear level or automatic transmission from basic to professional operations. The control system of the car is easy, whether with tilt, buttons or a touch-sensitive steering wheel system
  • Multiplayer mode: there is the multiplayer mode in the game that allows you to chat with your friends and challenge them to special racing events. This mode will also enable you to invite them for a free ride.
  • Incredible Graphics and Cars: the game has excellent graphics of 3D visuals with the look of driving real-life cars. There are detailed vehicle interiors with ambient lighting, new and authentic engine sounds, and Next-Gen weather conditions. The environment outlook is realistic as you drive through the cities. You see mountains, hills, forests, and more. The sounds in the background give a great feeling that engages players in the game. There are more than 150 cars of different models and brands, and the developer keeps updating them frequently.
  • Gameplay: driving school sim 2020 has unique gameplay that teaches you how to drive cars quickly on your Android phone while partaking in race competitions and driving to different locations.
  • The game has a vast and detailed realistic map that serves as a guide to drivers.
driving school sim 2020 download

DownloadDriving School Sim 2020

To have a fantastic experience driving the school sim 2020, learn and put your driving skills to practice; you need to have the driving school sim 2020 download on your mobile device and install it. Once you have installed the game’s download file, open it to start your driving journey. The game download is free to have your hands on the wheel and your legs on the pedals.


The developer of this game realized all the possibilities of gadgets and took the game mechanics to a notable open-world game that allows interaction with real players and different tasks to compete in. One thing that makes driving school sim 2020 different from others is that you will learn how to drive a manual transmission with a clutch and shift stick or go easy with an automatic gearbox. The driving is more fun as you explore enormous maps of cities, mountain roads, desert terrain, icy and snowy lane, and many locations.

driving school sim 2020

The driving examinations that you have gone through will be put to the assessment in each of the locations on the map you are exploring to show forth your driving skills with numerous cars and models that are available. Driving school sim 2020 has another series of adds on that make it stirring. Though much effect is not on the gameplay, you will still get more immersed in the driving. Those features include emergency lights, safety belts, and a windshield wiper to give the cars a realistic appearance.

You don’t just drive for entertainment purposes in this game, as you have fun racing and exploring places, so you learn new things.

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Download Driving School Sim 2020 APK and unleash excellent driving skills. Get behind the wheels of the newest and high-power cars in the market and drive like never before.


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