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Version: 4.30.3
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Download DragonVale APK and care, breed, raise beautiful dragons, and decorate your dragon villa while you try to hatch all the eggs. But, will you hatch them all?

Name DragonVale
Version 4.30.3
Updated Feb 14, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Deca Games


Drangonvale is available for download on IOS and Android devices; Dragonvale is a video simulation game created by the popular backflip studios and known for its interesting gameplay. Dragonvale is a game in which you have to take care, raise and breed beautiful and exceedingly dragons, and try to beautify their homes with different designs and generate different types of dragons.

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With Dragonvale, you can enjoy this simple yet challenging gameplay; the number of people that comes into your dragon villa depends mostly on how you design it and how neat and defined it is; Drangonvale can make you play the game just because of the graphics that are so eye-catching.

In-depth knowledge about DragonVale

Drangonvale gameplay is a park breeding simulation game where you have to breed, take care and raise dragons most rightfully; you know how to do that, and you have to do that in a very big park that has to be designed in a very beautiful way for people to be able to visit your park mostly for you to get rewards. While taking care of them, you are allowed to showcase your dragons to visitors that come around, and you place your dragons into a showcase glass and get unlimited cash.

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With the cash you get from the visitors who visit and look at your dragons, you can upgrade your park with the money and make them look better than before so that you can get more visitors to visit and earn more cash. Moreover, you can get different types of dragons with it because you are allowed to raise other kinds of dragons ranging from the Galactic, ornamental, and so on.

Rearing your dragons well can make you earn more lovely dragons without even visitors getting to visit; once you raise and breed your dragons well, you are automatically given more dragons to take care of, and you can also go to the dragon market to get more dragons when you have more money to get it. You can also use a cryptocurrency to get more dragon eggs, and you can also buy new parks to breed your new dragons.

Dragonvale is one of the best park video simulation games in which you can collect different types of dragons and take care of them like they are your children, and through the game, you can learn so much about cleaning and feeding animals; it is a must that you have to bath and feed them as much as you can while you make sure that they are also healthy and good. You should also be able to give so much concentration to the dragons who are on the edge of hatching.

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Drangonvale is a game where you enjoy every bit of the gameplay; it is exciting, educating, and thrilling, the graphics are eye-catching, and the sounds give you the vibe you need to win more cash take care of the park and be more caring.

Features of DragonVale


Dragonvale gameplay is simple yet interesting and intriguing, and they are so many activities that you are suitable to do and win cash and rewards; at the beginning of the game, you are given a very big park which is dedicated to your dragons because that is where you get to keep your grown. Growing dragons, your main goal is to be able to build a comfortable and conducive park for your dragons and their egg that hasn't been hatched.

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You can decide to design, decorate and make the park larger and more beautiful. Apart from that, you can always get designs from the dragon store, or you can be rewarded some innovation after you win a level or complete the work you are given; you can explore lands, get more dragons, engage in the task, and meet them, take care of your dragons why you also breed their babies.


Dragons have different types of species; the number of species in the whole dragon family is a lot, and they are going about 500+. Still, in this Dragonvale game, you are allowed to create your dragons however you like; why you also give them colors and design them. You can also bring different species of dragons to mate together and give birth to another species of dragons. You take care of them and make them look good as ever, and one most interesting fact about the specie features is that until the eggs hatch before you can guess which kind of dragons are going to be given birth to and how beautiful they each look.

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There is a level you would have gotten to in this game, and you are allowed to participate in the dragon race; you will bring your most trusted and best dragons to the race and compete with other dragons that will also be brought to the race, and once you can win, you will get rewards, coins, and gems.


If you are a lover of dragons, the best game for you is the Dragonvale game; the game play of this game is interesting and thrilling, and this game is worth playing.

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Download DragonVale APK and care, breed, raise beautiful dragons, and decorate your dragon villa while you try to hatch all the eggs. But, will you hatch them all?


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