Dragon Hills 2
Dragon Hills 2
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Version: 1.2.16
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Download Dragon Hills 2 APK and control a mechanical dragon tasked to rid the surface of a zombie menace who drove humankind to underground bunkers.

Name Dragon Hills 2
Version 1.2.16
Updated Jul 20, 2024
Category Action
Developer Rebel Twins
Google Play Link com.rebeltwins.dragonhills2

Dragon Hills 2

Dragon Hills 2 is an entertaining game that helps players pass the time by, completing missions while leaving death and destruction behind. Once players understand the story behind the Asian-style mechanical dragon that dashes through the air, crawls on the ground, and buries itself beneath the soil, they will see the noble act. All these are in a bid to exterminate the zombie abominations who rule the surface world with an even more unnatural intelligence.

Control the dragon with simple gestures like tap, press, and pull. These would help the ever-forward-moving dragon destroy properties, take out the attacking zombie armies much faster, and hopefully bring the post-apocalyptic world to an end.

dragon hills 2

Dangers are not strange to anyone, even to a seemingly all-powerful sentient mechanical dragon. Watch out for natural disasters like pools of lava, geysers, and boulders and also zombie-made dangers like zombie archers shooting arrows, walls of spikes, zombie birds carrying bombs to you, and more sophisticated attacks.


Rebel Twins Studios developed Dragon Hills on the 11th of October, 2017. It was designed as an action, offline, urban dragon, and single-player zombie game. Since its launch in 2017, the game has amassed an impressive 4.5 stars from reviews dropped by 73,000 happy gamers.

The game's fame grew when it expanded to support more operating systems like Nintendo Switch, Android, and IOS. This decision made the game accessible to more people and thereby acquired a total download volume of 10M+ since simple gameplay makes it suitable for even a 7-year-old to play.

dragon hills 2 game

It is the second game in the Dragon Hills game series published by Rebel Twins studios. The first iteration was a story of an angry princess trapped in a castle who sent her pet dragon to go after a knight who came not to rescue her but rather to steal her chest of gold.

Based on how easily accessible the game is, searches like; Dragon Hills 2 Download, Dragon Hills 2 Game Download, Dragon Hills 2 free download, and most common being Dragon Hills 2 for android, and Dragon Hills 2 latest version have been discovered to be popular among gamers and individuals just looking for a fun way to spend time and relieve stress.

Dragon Hills 2 Gameplay

In the first iteration of the game, the dragon had scales as armor and faced attacks from spears, lances, arrows and combustible fluid, followed by volleys of flaming arrows, all aimed at bringing the dragon low enough for armies of knights to swoop in and slay it.

Ironically in the second iteration featuring zombies, players are faced with an even more fearsomely intelligent enemy as they now face pools of acid strategically placed, walls of spikes, bomb birds, metal piercing arrows, and even space shuttles laden with lasers. The threat gets worse each minute as the dragon advances deeper and deeper into zombie territory.

dragon hills 2 apk

Fortunately, players can pick up powerups and complete quests and achievements while playing. It helps the player's advancement and gradually speeds up the game even after passing at a frantic pace. Search for rewards and be rewarded in coins for devouring zombies, destroying properties, and surviving long enough.

A tutorial setup is the default start of the game, and it teaches the player the game's mechanics, controls, and overall gameplay. Players can cancel the tutorial once they are satisfied with their progress.



The game comes with an inventory where players can buy new gear, accessories, and attributes to help their dragon last longer during each run. They make the game more fun for players and have an interesting effect when used in certain conditions. More valuable items are priced at an affordable price which will have to be paid for in fiat with a debit card. These special items have a profound effect in helping the player get to otherwise impossible levels quickly.

dragon hills 2 unlimited money

3D Colorful Environment:

The 3D cartoon-style graphics of the game creates a sense of comfort and ease in the player's mind, which is what the game is all about; Helping people pass the time in a relaxed state.

100% Mechanical Dragon:

Control a fully armed and functional flame-breathing mechanical dragon, sail through the air, and move on the ground and under. All to reach the zombie abominations faster and safer and rid the surface of them, hopefully restoring the earth to humankind.


With customization kits in the shop and multiple accessories, the game leaves the design issue to the player. Players can now specify which shape, custom, or spec their mechanical dragon should take as it flies through the air. You can make more sophisticated custom designs with special designs present in the shop for a set fee.

dragon hills 2 download

Omnidirectional attacks:

Overwhelm your enemies with an omnidirectional attack system leaving them perplexed about where you are coming from. Crawl beneath the ground and break up with a surprise attack, rain streams of flames like rain on them from the air or choose to strike terror in their hearts with a frontal approach and a roar to watch them scurry.


No one is without harm, and your dragon knows this too well. With adverse weather conditions and natural disasters, there are many natural ways for your dragon to fail. Attacks from the never relenting zombie horde also contribute to this danger.

Destruction and carnage

Dragons revel in chaos and disorder, and yours is not an exception, as you are rewarded much-needed points for destroying properties as efficiently as possible.

dragon hills 2 apk free download


Level up enough and change from a mecha dragon to high-powered robots and assault vehicles, all in a bid to rid the surface world of zombies and restore humankind.

High-Speed Game:

Marvel at the frantic speed an initially casual game turns into as you zoom past enemy outposts at breakneck speed.


Restore the surface world to man and destroy the zombie abomination, which has mutated into terrifyingly intelligent creatures still hungry for the flesh of the living.

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Download Dragon Hills 2 APK and control a mechanical dragon tasked to rid the surface of a zombie menace who drove humankind to underground bunkers.


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