Dragon City 2
Dragon City 2
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Version: 0.11.2
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Download Dragon City 2 APK to create a Dragon City on floating islands. Prepare to win the dragon game, acquire gorgeous fire-breathing lizards, and nurture them.

Name Dragon City 2
Version 0.11.2
Updated Oct 1, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Parrotgames
Google Play Link game.dragoncity2

Dragon City 2

Be the ruler of all dragons with the help of the wildly successful global plan known as Dragon City. Set up your tiny flying island, making it your largest and most distinctive field, where you will raise fire-breathing creatures. Navigate the waters while capturing new areas and islands. Become the nation's monarch, instill new dragon breeds, discover a way to communicate with them, earn their respect, and establish your empire.

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A thrilling game, Dragon City 2 will provide its gamers with a memorable experience. When you play this game, you will first observe baby dragons that you will gradually nurture and take care of so they can grow to be mature warrior dragons. This game is for you if you've ever fantasized about fighting dragons after watching films with a similar subject.

Description of Dragon City 2

In the strategic video game Dragon City 2, you have to construct the nicest island so that different types of dragons can reside there and battle other players. This is the follow-up to one of the all-time top strategic control games for smartphones.

Your journey will start on a flying island where you must steadily erect the strongest dragon defenses. Your first moves in this gameplay will involve large structures, enhancing them, and exploring new places. You will gain entry to new buildings as your heroic rank rises, but importantly, find unknown dragons.

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One of the most crucial components of Dragon City 2 is breeding dragons. You can learn new varieties of dragons that you can use on the battleground by selecting two different kinds of them. Each dragon is allowed to carry 2 things specific to its distinctive abilities, combat prowess and vulnerabilities. You will need to attempt breeding to find every dragon in this Dragon City sequel, which features over a hundred varieties.

One of the important aspects of Dragon City 2 is the combat because they allow you to advance in the game's universe. Three different dragons must be assembled into a team before engaging in turn-based RPG combat. To make significant progress in these conflicts, you'll need a strong squad of dragons with various advantages and disadvantages.

Excellent strategic video game Dragon City 2 combines administration and role-playing games in a 3D dragon-themed universe. In this quest, you will not only have to build the greatest island you can but will be required to engage in Online multiplayer fights with other people from around the world.

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You will be allowed to see the enigmatic island while accompanying the protagonist who aspires to become the greatest Dragon Lord. Many kinds of dragons and other animals exist; they can be kind and cuddly or hostile, powerful, and excellent fighters. On the island, you will be directed to directly encounter and defeat these mythical creatures.

Don't focus too much on the fighting; Dragon City 2's players find love in the hunt for, care for, and grooming of the Dragon. You have the option to mix and reproduce dragons in the videogame to produce intriguing, distinctive, and strong kinds. This new species will exploit the mom and the dad as they grow and improve their combat skills.

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You will watch as they develop by the day, pick up skills, and receive daily care as they grow up from the moment they lay still in the egg until they develop into baby dragons. You will eventually control a powerful dragon force.

Features of Dragon City 2

Create Your Own Dragon City

When you first start the game, you'll be led to a unique island where you can teach your dragons. Once you are taken to the island, it will appear as though you are inside a special place where just your dragons reside and are taken care of. Additionally, starting with a little island, you will progressively begin to enlarge this area so that it may better support your efforts to raise your dragons.

Let's move forward with the initial dragons to begin creating a kingdom for you and, in particular, transforming a tiny island into a metropolis for dragon breeding. When this island has all the amenities you'll need to take care of the dragons, it will make a great home base for them. From specific dragon training grounds to special locations that can yield dragon nourishment.

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Feed the dragon

Each dragon species has a unique set of power indications when it is born. These indications will develop more fully with time if given proper treatment and attention. And when it reaches a particular level, it will automatically move to the following stage with higher stats and softer growth.

For instance, the Vesuvian dragon has a strong essence of life index, medium Attack and Defense values, and somewhat poor Speed and S.Attack stats. However, these indications can eventually develop if well nourished and raised.

When your dragons grow bigger, though, it won't be enough to simply feed them; otherwise, this floating island will become congested. To grant them an opportunity to develop stronger and more freely, you'll need to produce more dragons, raise them, strengthen the Dragon City in the skies, construct new enclosures, and extend it.

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The Dragon's ability

Each level of a dragon's breed has its own unique combat technique.

The four skills that Flamion, for instance, will have are Aerial Kicks, Coal dust, Blazing shots, and Nuclear hits.

The dragon can select from different fighting techniques according to the circumstances, the force of the enemy side, and the player's plan. Gaining victories enables you to acquire new abilities that boost each dragon breed's fighting prowess.

Evolution dragon species

In comparison to Dragon City, there has been a small development. Dragons will eventually improve in the game via the procedure of being cared for, nourished, and, by battle.

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Terra to Terra Rock

Flame to Flamion

From Sea to Ocean

There will be a total of 11 distinct developmental stages for each breed of dragon. Level 11 is regarded as the pinnacle of mastery.


Build a sizable Dragon Island in the sky and train a squad of dragon soldiers to fight everywhere. You can also raise, reproduce, and fertilize dragons. Only Dragon City 2 has all of those entertaining features. Let's immediately download and play this intriguing game.

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Download Dragon City 2 APK to create a Dragon City on floating islands. Prepare to win the dragon game, acquire gorgeous fire-breathing lizards, and nurture them.


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