Dragon Boom
Dragon Boom
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Version: 1.2.0
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Download Dragon Boom APK to experience a fun game of flying through the sky and scorching your enemies. Play all game levels and collect coins to become a champion.

Name Dragon Boom
Version 1.2.0
Updated Aug 16, 2022
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.ankama.dragnboom

About Dragon Boom

The game is old-school, with some modern concepts added to the gameplay. Players get to play as a dragon in this arcade game, and they'll be the ones to control the dragon to fly around and breathe fire at enemies in its path. The game allows you to move the dragon however you like as long as you avoid obstacles and ensure you don't get injured by the enemies. In addition, you'll be earning rewards based on the coins you collect while playing.

The game has an original concept, and it's pretty easy to play with your touchscreen, thanks to the fluid control system. You can tap and swipe on the screen, slow down the time, or adjust the dragon's direction without moving your fingers too much. You can also regulate how much power you want the dragon to fly with. The right side of the screen is where the action is because that's where you can breathe fire and attack enemies.

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The game is not too heavy on its graphics, so it spends more time defining the lines than adding the details. You won't be seeing realistic elements since it is a fantasy game anyway. Howewvry, the background features silhouettes of castles, bridges, and cities, while the main game is brightly colored, and this part is where the dragon interacts with the other game characters. There are various landscapes, and even though they aren't real, they have distinctive elements that let you identify each from the other.

The game was developed by ANKAMA GAMES, a budding game developer in the industry. The game is free to play and available in English for all players. However, its content is rated for 3-year-olds, with millions of players on the internet. The game has over 10 million downloads on Playstore, with thousands of them giving it a 4.5 review for its exceptional gameplay experience.


The game is simple, as discussed so far, and has simple gameplay. Your sole goal is to make it to the end of each level you play. If you get crushed by an enemy or obstacle, you'll lose the level and have to play again.

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Also, if you play a level without collecting enough coins, it will be at your loss because you won't get to play the level again, and you've already lost much gold you could have added to the bag to unlock more potential for your dragon.

There are many levels in the game, each with varying difficulty modes. So, logically, the more games you play, the higher you proceed on the levels, and the Kore difficult the game becomes. All the coins you collect are useful in the game store, where you can go shopping to turn your cute little dragon into a fiery-looking beast that spits more fire and travels faster and with more power.

Game Features

Dragon Boom is a fantastic game with remarkable features. Although the game doesn't shine as bright as many games you've played before, it offers Impressive players satisfaction which reflects in its rating and reviews online. Check out some of its features below:

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There is no mind-blowing storyline here, but many players enjoy the gameplay experience they've had on Dragon Boom. This stems from the easy gameplay but the immersive features and unique concepts.

The minimalistic graphics also add to the impressive overall. The screen is not too crowded with information, and players can play independently without getting directions from any in-app command. The growth also makes the game interesting because most players love to see improvements and development, which happens when the baby dragon becomes more ferocious.

Graphics and Animations

There is a minimalistic view of the game's graphics. Although much information is added to the game, it still manages to minimize the level of information and visuals users have to consume. For example, the background is a silhouette of what would have been numerous cities behind the dragon, but which the players do have to worry about since they aren't exploring that part of the game.

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The main game areas are brightly colored with varying tones and effects. Unfortunately, there aren't many realistic touches, which make the game even more arcade considering it's a modern game. For example, the fire breathed out by the dragon is in the form of fireballs, not a stream of fire.

Game Levels

The game has many levels, each with different sublevels and locations. The game follows the regular pattern of increment in difficulty with increment in levels. So, the more you play, the more the game believes you've improved and are ready for more challenges. You'll therefore have to upskill with each level you play, or you'll not be able to play the next one and get stuck. There are up to 50 levels on Dragon Boom, but you won't be able to finish each level until you have traveled through all the locations and managed to get to the finish line.


There is a simple control system using your touchscreen. You can control the dragon using simple taps and swipes on your screen. For example, tapping up will make the dragon go upwards the same way you want to get back down. You can. Breath fire with the button on the right-hand side of the screen, and you have to tap on it too.

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Game Upgrade System

The game doesn't have an ambiguous upgrade system like most action games. The dragon is a significant character, and every upgrade revolves around it. Since your enemies develop and become more prominent in higher levels, you must ensure your dragon can handle them all, which is why you must upgrade. The upgrade happens when you collect gold coins and complete the missions.


It's a fun game with brilliant graphics. It has a ton of levels to keep you busy and playing continuously. When you beat the last level, you'll unlock an infinite level of games, so you can always play at your leisure.

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Download Dragon Boom APK to experience a fun game of flying through the sky and scorching your enemies. Play all game levels and collect coins to become a champion.


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