Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends
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Download Dragon Ball Legends APK for an impressive DB anime action game. Build the most fabulous DB party with your favorite characters and play against friends and foes.

Name Dragon Ball Legends
Version 5.4.0
Updated May 21, 2024
Category Action

Everything About Dragon Ball Legends

For anime lovers, Dragon Ball Legends is the ultimate mobile game that matches the Dragon Ball franchise well enough. The 3D game allows players to access incredible visuals and animations when they play.

The game is based on the protagonist, Shallot (also known as Saiyan), who Akira Toriyama designed. So you can join Shallot and every other character on an exciting journey to recover his lost memory and protect the world from those who seek to destroy it.

The game is popular because of its actions and combat scenes. Since it mirrors the characters in the actual movie, you'll see familiar faces of characters like Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and every other popular one you might know. Another feature that sets the game apart is the responsive and easy-to-use controls that allow players to do everything they want without breaking a sweat.

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Dragon Ball Legends also has exciting graphics quality and high-quality 3D animation that aids the visual effects. It's been tagged as the best anime fighting game on mobile devices. You can also go up against other characters in one-on-one fights. Be it with friendly or random players across the globe in a PVP battle. You earn points when you enter Ratings and Matches with a Dragon Ball character.

Why Play Dragon Ball Legends?

There are many exciting features that keep users smiling while playing Dragon Ball Legends, just ad when they watch a new movie episode. Of course, you can expect to get this same feeling when you play, so here are some of the reasons the game is worthy of your attention:

  • The game's easy to play with one finger because it bypasses the need for multiple buttons to control.
  • Players can unleash cards during a battle, which hells replenish the player and offer separate attacking power.
  • You can predict character strengths and skills based on the actual Dragon Ball movie.
  • It allows players to connect over local or regional servers to play PvP games across different countries.
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  • The game is fast and responsive since there's no lag or delay during gameplay, except when players have WiFi or mobile connection issues.
  • Dragon Ball Legends is free, giving you an excellent gaming experience at no additional cost.
  • Both Android and iOS players can enjoy the game on their devices.

Features of Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends combine the elements of various battle games into the anime world that most players already know about. That's why it has some exciting features to boast about; here are some of them:

Graphics and Animations

The game has excellent graphics, matching the top-notch quality that the movie producers add to the cinema. For a moment, you might get lost thinking you're watching the movie when playing because of the similarity and exceptional game design. The animations are also epic and perfect, so the game has smooth transitions between various scenes, battlegrounds, and game characters.

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Battle Mechanics

The game invests much effort into the battle mechanics, from the control to the battle settings and options. You can choose to play with a special character or unveil new characters as you proceed up the experience ladder. Many players prefer to go all out against the AI characters in the battleground, while others prefer connecting with random people to fight and get rewards anytime they win a game.


Dragon Ball Legends is quite generous when it comes to rewards. There are lots of sparkling and limited legends that you'll unlock as you play more games and win more fights in the game. There are also lots of upgrades, powers, and modes you can unlock when you win battles on DB Legends.

The more games you win, the higher your rewards, and once you get to higher levels, playing against anyone with lower upgrades becomes easier since you have more power-ups. The prizes are also free, so you don't have to purchase them.

Game Control

Unlike conventional and regular battle games, DB Legends prioritizes the player's convenience with its game controls. Rather than get confused with numerous buttons on the screen, you can use single taps and swipes to play this game.

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The complicated moves you'd have to memorize have been reduced to simple taps and swipes on DB Legends, so you can attack by tapping the screen. Other actions, such as dodging enemy attacks, can be done with swipe gestures. So, you can play the game with one finger if you're a fast player.

Game Characters

As earlier mentioned, Dragon Ball Legends game does more than bear the anime series' name; it also has similar characters. So you can summon your favorite movie character to win the fight. These are not limited to the DB Legends since you can pull characters from DBZ, DBGT, and DBS.

Some popular options are Gohan, Goku, Krillin, and Piccolo, while the enemies are often pulled from the villains of the movie, such as Frieza, Majin Buu, Cell, and others. Knowing these movie characters and their powers also counts in the game since it can determine whether you win or not.

Four cards appear onscreen during gameplay, which has separate attacks and can create strong combos combined. Unfortunately, these cards depend on which character you use since they give different card sets that randomly appear during battle.

Storyline and Settings

The game has a storyline that's in line with the movie too. So every knowledge you're from. The DB anime series could be the primary tactic that helps you win each fight.

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You can play against random strangers or connect with friends to test your knowledge and skillset. The settings allow you to change characters and locations and set the fighter mode.


Dragon Ball Legends is an engaging mobile game to play. Its intuitive touch control, game characters, and high rewards do well. The beautiful graphics and excellent animations also contribute to the game's success in the anime gaming world.

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Download Dragon Ball Legends APK for an impressive DB anime action game. Build the most fabulous DB party with your favorite characters and play against friends and foes.


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