Diamond Rush
Diamond Rush
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Version: 1.1
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Download Diamond Rush APK and take a trip down memory lane! Enjoy this retro arcade game, go on adventures, get around obstacles and solve tricky puzzles to win.

Name Diamond Rush
Version 1.1
Updated Aug 30, 2022
Category Action
Developer J2Game
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About Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is one of the most popular adventure games from way back, and now, you can play it again. The old-school mobile game offers a simple design and gameplay that will remind you of your retro arcade games. Grab the diamonds and run as fast as you can to win!

The Diamond Rush game is all about adventure that will keep you on your toes! Escape from stalactites falling from above, fight your way through the thick Angora forests and stay away from the Bavarian castle with its poisonous spiders. There are so many obstacles that this arcade game has to offer, from the spiders and enemy knights to the falling rocks, ice, and snakes.

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The game features over 200 puzzles scattered across 40 levels. Each level is full of risky adventure and fun action, but you also need your brainpower to win against the puzzles.

Diamond Rush is a classic game released in the 2000s by J2Game. It’s a role-playing adventure game that was a favorite for many children. Now, J2Game has released the mobile version of the game for players to enjoy. Diamond Rush is the ideal choice if you want to take a trip down memory lane or enjoy something old school.

Retro Arcade Game with a Fun Plot

Diamond Rush is a retro arcade game that makes you feel like you’re Indiana Jones exploring hidden secrets. You can explore ancient palaces, caves, castles, and tunnels in search of these diamonds. While doing so, you must avoid lurking dangers like traps, falling rocks, and dangerous creatures and animals.

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Diamond Rush has a fun plot for a classic, old-school game that puts gamers in the mood for action. You play as an archaeologist that enjoys going on mysterious expeditions in ancient tombs. As you do this, you discover and collect diamonds for yourself.

In this game, you will visit famous landmarks like the Tibetan Snow Cave, the Khmer clan ancient temple, and the Bravos. When trying to get the diamonds, remember that these landmarks usually have traps for those who try to steal their treasure.

Use your brainpower to solve the puzzles and get out of the level without fuss.

2D Graphics and Interesting Puzzles

The classic 2D graphics on Diamond Rush will look familiar to anyone who has played the original game. The images and characters look cute and childish, but can also get scary and dangerous whenever a dangerous situation occurs. It gives you a familiar feeling of arcade games you used to know.

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The game also offers fun background music to keep its gamers engaged with the gameplay. The background music sets the mood and automatically changes after every episode in this game. When combined with the addictive gameplay, Diamond Rush is an iconic game that delivers a fun experience to all players.

How to Play Diamond Rush

Diamond Rush is pretty easy to play, but it is also a pretty addictive game. Even with the simple gameplay, you’ll return for more as you play. The main aim of the Diamond Rush game is to collect as many diamonds as possible.

On every level, there are different chests and hidden secrets that you can find in handy. While a few chests offer diamonds, others can give you extra lives and other rewards for better gameplay. The game is a crossover between a puzzle game and an arcade game. With over 200 puzzles to solve, you’ll need to keep your mind in the game to solve them.

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Also, the gameplay is almost unchanged from the original. When you step into the temples in Diamond Rush, you can use the navigation keys to move your character up, down, left, and right. As you go through the levels, do your best to pick as many diamonds as possible.

When playing, you need to take precautions for all the traps in Diamond Rush. The game has different pitfalls that stand in your way, including poisonous snakes, giant rocks, firefighting systems, and toxic lakes. If you’re not careful, you can end your life while trying to get the diamonds out of the landmark.

While the beginning of the game is pretty easy, you can expect the levels to become even harder as you go to the next levels. There are almost endless problems, and you might have to play a few levels a couple of times before you can pass. However, this doesn’t mean it’s tiring, as the addictive nature will keep you engaged.

During the game, there are different ways for you to solve the traps. These include rolling the rocks to block flamethrowers, allowing bridle to pass, or pushing rocks to crush the snakes in your way. It’s important to come up with important strategies to pass the levels and overcome the obstacles.

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Also, remember to pick up the key when playing the Diamond Rush game and use that to pass through the different levels. You need the key to open the gate to the next screen. If you don’t have the key, you will stick to that level until you find it.

The keys are hidden in different secret chests on every level. It’s important to look out for these chests when playing and open them to get the keys and other helpful items. With 40 exciting levels and hundreds of interesting puzzles you can solve, Diamond Rush takes you on a journey to become the greatest explorer of all time.


Diamond Rush is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a classic game to take you down memory lane. The original mobile game allows you to enjoy an old-fashioned game on your modern smartphone. With the interesting adventure, familiar 2D graphics, and difficult puzzles, there’s a lot of fun to expect when you play the Diamond Rush game. Combine all the features with the addictive gameplay and plot, and you have a fun experience.

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Download Diamond Rush APK and take a trip down memory lane! Enjoy this retro arcade game, go on adventures, get around obstacles and solve tricky puzzles to win.


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