Dead Cells
Dead Cells
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Version: 2.7.10
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Download Dead Cells APK and explore the gloomy island in this action-packed combat game. This game delivers what it promises- breathtaking gameplay sessions.

Name Dead Cells
Version 2.7.10
Updated Aug 26, 2022
Category Action
Developer Playdigious
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A Deep Analysis Of Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a Metroid Vania and Roguelike game with a beautiful retro art style that’s filled with action and combat. The game is dedicated to risk and reward at its core.

You take on the role of an inmate who has been brought back to life. Your objective is to make it through all the levels and figure out what is causing the world's contamination. If you are defeated, the game restarts from the beginning, and you will have to go through the previous levels again. This cycle is at the core of what makes navigating through Dead Cells such a one-of-a-kind and satisfying experience for the player.

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The player has the ability to explore all the game has to offer and discover how the story will develop. The weapons, items, and associated modifications you pick up are never the same again. It encourages the player to continue improvising.

8-bit 2D Graphics

Because of the usage of 8-bit 2D graphics, the gameplay appears attractive and captivating, which contributes to an overall experience that is significantly enhanced. Despite having pixel visuals, the animation is very smooth. This retro video game has straightforward gameplay and visuals that are made up of pixels, and it drives you to move your character along in the story by keeping you interested in what happens next. It brings back happy times for seasoned video game players. When you acquire a new weapon, it will always come along with a set of jaw-dropping new animations to showcase its capabilities.

Third-person Gameplay

The player can view the on-screen representation of the character they are controlling since the game is presented from a third-person perspective. This particular viewpoint allows for a greater amount of the game's surroundings to be viewed at any one time, which helps to improve the overall quality of the gaming experience.

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Slash & Kill To Advance

Once you get the hang of Dead Cells, completing each level as quickly as possible becomes the primary objective. There is an incredible feeling of flow, and you never really come to a complete halt moving. You are not concerned with time constraints or anything else; rather, nonstop activity is the primary focus of your attention.

It is necessary to slash, kill, and slaughter your enemies to make progress in the game. When you have many kills in a row, you will get a burst of movement speed as a reward, which will keep you moving ahead. The environment is always shifting, and it's crawling with competent foes that can and will tear your character to shreds if they have the chance.

Use Magical Powers To Your Benefits

In addition to the enormous variety of weapons that players may use on the twisted island setting of Dead Cells, there are also a number of magical abilities that are pervasive across the area. Magic-based ranged weapons in the game, which, to put it more simply, are just different sorts of magic spells that the player may cast during combat.

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However, some of them are about more than just inflicting damage and have tremendous effects that may result in massively broken fighting tactics. Players will appreciate the magical abilities owing to their incredible adaptability and how easy they can take down enemies. Pyrotechnics, Ice Shards, Fire Blast, Frost Blast, Lightning Bolt, and other similar abilities are examples of some of these weapons and magical powers.

Engage In Boss Fights

Bosses are a more formidable kind of opponent than regular foes. They have a big health bar, do a lot of damage, and have a variety of attacks. They also have some resistance to the impacts of status conditions; for instance, negative status conditions that they have will wear off 20 percent quicker than they would normally.

There are now ten bosses that may be encountered in the game. They are as follows: the Scarecrow, the Time Keeper, the Hand of the King, Conjunctivius, Concierge, Mama Tick, the Giant,  the Servants, the Queen, and the Collector.

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Watch Your Health- Don’t Take Too Much Damage

While the player is busy conquering their foes, they must also be careful to monitor their health and avoid taking an excessive amount of damage. When your time comes, which is undoubtedly going to come, you will have to begin over from square one. Having said that, there is yet hope. 

During each run, you will have the opportunity to gather cells. These cells may then be used between levels to purchase permanent upgrades, such as improved beginning weaponry, the capacity to heal more than once, and additional abilities, amongst a wide variety of other options. Every playthrough seems new because the maps are always shifting in addition to the character's slow but steady development.

Several Items & Weapons To Collect

Your character is a seasoned fighter who is proficient with an impressive variety of arms. This is quite helpful since you never know what kinds of weapons may drop from run to run, so having this information on hand is essential.

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Your potential inventory seems to have no limits. Items include swords allowing you to hover in midair while striking, electric whips, bows, electric whips that fire forwards and backward, and frying pans that drop explosives. Although it is best to adapt with whatever weapons are available, you are often free to specialize as an in-your-face brute, a ranged sniper, or a trickster who depends on traps. Even though it is important to adapt to whatever weapons are available.

How To Play?

Once you have learned the patterns of your enemies, when to duck and parry, when to strike, and when to simply flee, combat is fairly simple. The fact that a treasure is discovered gives the game more build variety. Because the game environment is randomly rebuilt every time you die, the experience of playing the game will never feel the same.

Between levels, you have the opportunity to add up to three mutations, each of which grants you a significant advantage for the rest of your life.

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Because the game is designed to access three different mutations before you face the first monster, you must choose your load-outs and mutations wisely.

In Dead Cells, everything happens swiftly, and conflicts may develop rapidly in unexpected ways beyond what you anticipated. Utilizing goods that either slow or freeze your foes is the most effective strategy for dealing with all of that.


If you are into action-packed and fun combat games, then Dead Cells is the perfect choice for you. But I warn you – this game is very addictive! So, what are you waiting for? Download Now and enter into the world of never-ending thrill!

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Download Dead Cells APK and explore the gloomy island in this action-packed combat game. This game delivers what it promises- breathtaking gameplay sessions.


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