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Version: 11.8.1
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Download Cyrax APK for unique features that spice up your game. Go into battles with aim assists, map hacks, customizable interfaces, enemy marks, and more.

Name Cyrax
Version 11.8.1
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Tools
Developer Cyrax, INC
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About Cyrax APK

Cyrax Apk is the best application package to access all the essential features of the popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This android tool allows you to get all the crucial in-game features without paying a dime. The app activates these features for free and is compatible with all versions of the ML you play. It also works perfectly on every android device as long as you can install ML.

This tool was created to give new players and noobs a chance to have a fairground against existing players. So once a newbie installs this tool, they'll be able to access all the goodies that the professional players play with without waiting to unlock them or spending a dime. As a result, several players have adopted this tool for their in-game needs, giving you an upper hand even when playing with professional opponents.

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Although there are many alternatives that players use out there, Cyrax Apk is still by far the most suitable option. This is because the app offers all these essential tools in a simple layout. So you don't have to go through any technical process to set it up and running. Likewise, you can access all its features right on the game as soon as you download, install and activate this app on your device.

The app works with all android devices that can play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. So, once you install MLBB on your device, you can also install Cyrax. It also doesn't take up much storage space, so you can still install it if you want to manage your storage space. The app also has some smart user interface features that make the game environment more attractive and take away all the hard work for noob players.

Why Download Cyrax APK?

Although this app is most enjoyable for noobs, it's also an added bonus for professional players. There are several reasons it's recommended to have this tool on our device, and these include:

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  • First, allow you to enjoy a smoother and more attractive game environment.
  • Get access to additional help when playing against professional players.
  • Reveals different parts of the game with its map feature.
  • See your enemies through walls and plan your next moves ahead.
  • Get assistance when you aim and shoot at enemies.
  • Play your game freely without any risk of getting banned.
  • Finally, access all the app features in a user-friendly manner.
  • Change text colors, size, and other subtle details in your games.

App Features

Cyrax Apk is widely used by many Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players because of its many features. Check out some of the essential features you'll be able to access when you download and install this app:

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When you install this app, you'll be able to use the lobby features however you like. In addition, it gives you advanced features such as an emblem and room info. So, you can change your emblem to any of the available options as you wish. In addition, you will be able to see all the player's in the lobby, including their names and ranks, before the game begins.


This is one of the best features you'll get with this tool. It lets you see the enemy's health and know when to press or retreat. You'll see when the enemy cooldown and even see their names before you engage them in a battle. Your distance from each player can influence your shots and help you decide which weapon to use. So Cyrax Apk allows you to see how far the enemy is and where they are on the map.


The AIMBot works similarly to the MapHacks because it gives you an advantage when shooting. As a noob or if you have little experience with a specific gun, it might be difficult to get your aiming right. So this aiming assist helps you automatically lock on targets. It also prioritizes your shots based on which target should be knocked down first. So, when you shoot, it can help you identify the opponent with the lowest HP and closest distance to the first kill before advancing your aim to the others.

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Drone Camera Control

The camera feature helps you decide which part of the game you want to see. When playing, you can get a full view of the battlefield. So, you'll be able to quickly eliminate the opponents based on the position of the enemies you see in the camera. You can also check during gameplay to see any changes to the enemy position and quickly restrategize if there are.

Game Settings

You can access many other game settings, including the frame rate settings for changing your FPS. You can also change the size of the cooldown text, change its position, set the line color, and change the size. Other features available here include changes to the text size, colors, and various other useful settings.

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Free and Antiban

You won't need to pay for access to this app's features. So it's free if you want to use it for your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. Many users complain about being marked and banned by the authorities when using. However, you can rest assured of reliable gameplay with Cyrax Apk. It has an Antiban feature which means your account can not be banned for using.

Esp Menu

This feature allows you to see your enemies easily through obstacles. So you gain an advantage over your opponent since you'll be able to see them through walls, vehicles, and other obstacles.


Cyrax APK is a complete package that can help you take your MLBB game to the next level. It has some high-level features that allow you to attain the level of professional players in just a few steps.

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Download Cyrax APK for unique features that spice up your game. Go into battles with aim assists, map hacks, customizable interfaces, enemy marks, and more.


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