Cross DJ Pro
Cross DJ Pro
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Version: 4.0.1
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Download Cross DJ Pro APK now and start creating and mixing your perfect, high-quality tunes that you can't stop listening to. Super powerful and versatile.

Name Cross DJ Pro
Version 4.0.1
Updated Feb 20, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Mixvibes
Google Play Link com.mixvibes.crossdjapp

All you need to know about Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ Pro is a mobile mixing app for professionals; with the right strokes on your Andriod or IOS, you can create a super interesting tune in no time.

You can blend all kinds of music and manipulate sounds to your taste, and it's very easy to use and understand. As a result, your sound comes out professional and meets all the right standards, and you can even begin to call yourself a Professional DJ with this super useful tool in your pocket…

cross dj pro apk

This amazing app has many professional tools, including a mixer, effects, trimmer, loops, and many other fascinating instruments, just like it's done on a Computer. Also, it has extra features worth mentioning, which include multi-channel audio for multi-channel sound cards that are USB compatible; it similarly has the standard DJ setup, which has two decks, cue and sync buttons, and a MIDI controller.

If you've heard of Mixvibes before, you'd know that they are a company given to making software, and they have been doing so since 1999; they are also the original developers behind this wonder called the Cross DJ Pro App.

App Overview

You may have tried mixing sounds on a PC before; you see how complex and complicated it is to do, right? However, cross DJ Pro makes it easy for the dumbest person to produce good, quality sound with a professional feel. You mix sounds and enhance music like you were trained for it. It's just incredible.

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So what about the design? It's superb! It can even be understood by children and has a surprisingly smooth mobile experience. The controls come in handy and are easy to use, and you can mix and enhance various music independent of the genre.

What can you do with Cross DJ Pro

  • Enhance music easily: If you're a music lover, you'd agree that sometimes you want to test how music will feel if it sounds different; you can add and enhance any genre of music with this app from your Phone's normal library, from your device or your Soundcloud account. Try as many options as you feel; you can't exhaust your options anyway.
  • Editing the Final version of your creation: Sometimes you create music and want to add or subtract from the eventual result. Cross DJ Pro can do that perfectly; you mix as you want and hear something different. Of course, you can always go back to make it fit your taste.
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  • Manage and classify your music library in a way that suits you: You recognize that sometimes you want things arranged in a particular order, right? It brings peace and tranquility to your soul… sometimes before you mix, you can choose to display your music in a particular order that makes your mix scientific and systematic. It will save more search time and help you create a much more quality and harmonious output.
  • Sync your music without stress: Syncing a variety of your favorite music together can produce a celestial experience for you; Cross DJ Pro can help with that. Just a stroke or two, and it's done; this feature is a massive bonus for the Cross DJ Pro as it's highly stable and can never expire.
  • Free loop and editing effect: Cross DJ Pro has a variety of loops that include 16 to 1/32, slip loops, 16 large pads, and many other amazing loops that you can edit from and use for your music files. Whatever you're uncomfortable with can be recreated and adjusted; you don't need to complain or manage what you don't like.
  • Increase the audio performance of your sound: The sound quality of any music is what sells; the audio quality of your creation must be super exciting for it to give you that robust feel you crave. So many DJs have to spend a tremendous amount of money to buy tools that complement their equipment, but Cross DJ Pro has all of those in one App, free and easy to use - Ad-Free. It has the Echo, the delay, the Roll, phaser, Brake, and do all. It's just unbelievable!
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  • Access to support and guide: Mixing music can be stressful, especially when you have no idea what you're doing. However, with proper details on identifying what is what, you also get access to ideas and support on features and corresponding experience before you use it. For instance, if you want a suitable and perfect auto sync, the auto gain feature comes in handy to balance volumes; the final result will blow your mind; you need to check the app out for real.

Features Supported by Cross DJ

  • It will detect your music to the last level in surprisingly great detail.
  • The modern sync alternative ensures that the tracks are never outdated; it makes any track on the deck sync properly.
  • Loops and hot strings are set automatically to the beat that music produces
  • Pitch range can be customized to any degree possible
  • Both progressive and manual pitch bends are accessible here.
  • You can listen to any music before you mix the music tracks.
cross dj pro apk latest version
  • Realistic sounds are the same as on real tables that DJs use.
  • The actions you take on the Deck immediately impact the player without delay.
  • There are 72 samples to choose from and they are synced with the main player to begin mixing
  • You can share your work on any media or social media platform to get your friend to comment.
  • You can select the base levels of tracks automatically and then synchronize them.


In very few words, this is an experience you want to have. It has super powerful, helpful, and timely features that make music moving a superb activity, it will make your day enjoyable. You give your parties a whole new personal and majestic feel that will make your friends keep asking for more.

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Download Cross DJ Pro APK now and start creating and mixing your perfect, high-quality tunes that you can't stop listening to. Super powerful and versatile.


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