Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations
Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations
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Version: 2.41
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Download Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations APK. Enjoy the experience of acting like a detective, finding clues, investigating, and asking questions to find your culprit.

Name Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations
Version 2.41
Updated Oct 14, 2023
Category Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple

Criminal Case supernatural

As a supernatural hunter, Criminal Crime gives you the opportunity of solving murder cases by asking your culprit questions. You find clues, establish evidence and solve a series of issues. This adventurous secret-finding game allows you to catch the killers and establish the truth. You also find items that are hidden to provide evidence to your cases. Be a part of the supernatural hunters' team.

Criminal Case supernatural investigations give you a detective experience where you get to solve strange cases seeming to look like demonic activity. You and your supernatural hunters discover the root of intriguing issues and terrible murder.

criminal case supernatural investigations 2022

Supernatural hunters: Criminal Case is a single-player video game that involves solving criminal cases with hidden objects, unlike other games where you have to find many hidden things to solve an illegal issue. Master the first few cases. It is not accessible to progress, but once you have an idea of the game, it's not so difficult to come to an endpoint.

Criminal Case Supernatural description

Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations was released as part of the series on criminal cases in 2019. This game features supernatural hunters dedicated to solving murder cases in the six regions of the United States. The regions include the West, East, South, Midwest, and The Rockies.

The West region is the first and consists of  Cases 1 to 5. Situated in Washington, Nevada, California, and Oregon center on a mean vampire's plot to create a potion that would make the sun spikes invincible.

The South sited at Texas, Arizona and New Mexico aims to resist the evil spirit sucking out life force from the animals and land while poisoning its remnant with sulfur. It then focuses on numerous murder cases where innocent people are accused.

criminal case supernatural investigations

The Rockies focuses on demons that hide and wander on Earth. It continues from Case 11 to 15 and covers states like Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. It also revolves around the collaboration of the werewolf and demon.

The Midwest contains states like Minnesota, Kansas, Indiana, and Illinois, which centers around witch's attempts to guard their thoughts against demon assaults. It also looks into a string of kidnappings connected to a supernatural element. It ranges from Case 16 to 20.

East focuses on finding out Rathimael human personality needed to obtain the fifth and final key to the demon queen's cage before her followers can access it. It covers states like New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, and Massachusetts, with cases 21 to 25.

South spans from cases 26 to 30, and it is the final region. It focuses on determining how the demon queen and Lily Arrow are related and preventing the released demon queen and her followers from invading and occupying Earth. It features states such as Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

criminal case supernatural investigations for android

The theme focuses on varying cases ranging from accidental murder DJ blood caused by drinking too much blood to the notorious drug dealer, martin and the vampire experience with Dr. Aculus.

Getting investigations unlimited stars, you are needed first to visit the crime scene and search for clues among the many other messes scattered at the crime scene. Solve puzzles by finding hidden objects to solve the Case.

After collecting various clues and objects, you take them to a laboratory. In the laboratory, you use your stars to analyze evidence and find the culprit. The suspects and a list of other celebrities will appear, and you are expected to use your basic understanding and your general observation to find the criminal.

Two main currencies are used in criminal cases Supernatural which include coins and energy. You can get the point and stars as you get clues and investigate different crime scenes. On the other hand, collect more cash as you play.

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The stars are needed to interrogate suspects and investigate to find clues and hidden objects. The coins obtain more energy; your power is rejuvenated after a while. Take note that you need at least 20 energy units.



Criminal Case Supernatural consists of varying regions from the east, west, Rockies, South, midwest, and the east. Each focuses on different supernatural and mysterious cases from cases 1 to 30 of vampires, ghosts, demons, and witches. Enjoy this thrilling experience of being a detective and solving them all.

Coins and Energy

Obtain coins by finding clues. The currency is used to upgrade your character and buy more energy. However you get points as you solve, continue the game, and explore criminal cases. It is necessary to note that you need twenty energy units to solve a puzzle.


Change simple features in your characters, such as the complexion, hair, and clothing. Create avatars for the and  upgrade your character as you get more coins

criminal case supernatural investigations free download


Observing and figuring out answers to puzzles is everything needed to solve a supernatural criminal case. Pay attention to every detail at the crime scene. They are using the stars to analyze clues at the lab by running specific tests. Get help from local government agencies and police officers to further assist in getting the culprit. Testimonies and clues from suspects help you find your answers; make good use of them.

User Interface

The game has an exciting storyline, which is also complemented by good sound effects. With the supernatural theme and modern background, you will have a thrilling experience filled with buffer lies as you discover the truth and solve the puzzle. Criminal Cases bizarre also has clear, detailed, and beautiful. background


Criminal Case supernatural investigations involve a team of supernatural hunters saddled with the task of finding a solution to criminal cases with police offices and local government agencies. It aims to solve mysteries attached to some murder cases and find the culprit of a crime.

criminal case supernatural investigations unlimited stars

Solve puzzles by finding objects and clues at a  crime location, taking it to a laboratory for further investigations, and analyzing data and information to find the criminal. Use testimonies to find your culprit and your stars to run tests in the laboratory.

The criminal Case supernatural investigation aims to solve strange issues tagged as demonic actions involving witches and vampires. Display your detective skills by proffering solutions and getting to the root of the matter while generally observing and using your basic understanding.

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Download Criminal Case Supernatural Investigations APK. Enjoy the experience of acting like a detective, finding clues, investigating, and asking questions to find your culprit.


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