Comics Bob
Comics Bob
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Version: 1.3.13
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Download Comics Bob APK, a puzzle game based on adventures of Bob the caveman and his sweetheart Jess. Go into prehistoric times and embark on dangerous adventures.

Name Comics Bob
Version 1.3.13
Updated Dec 17, 2023
Category Puzzle
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.playstrom.bob

Comics Bob

Do you believe their lives were monotonous? Expect deadly traps, ravenous creatures, massive tyrannosaurs, and, of course, romantic stories. You will be put in several circumstances. Can you infiltrate the museum? What are your plans for getting out of the hole in the ground? Will a sheep derail your toilet-going plans?

Discover Bob's tale by making the proper choices.

 Comics Bob is a puzzle game in which you must protect a girl from different hazards. However, the protagonist is not alone and must escort a nitwit through each level, selecting the better option from the two presented.

 You must make 50/50 judgments on behalf of the key characters in each Comics Bob game level. After carefully examining their surroundings, you must select one of two options to initiate an action with good outcomes. If you do not pick the correct answer, you must retry the level until you do.

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 Because Comics Bob's riddles are narrative-driven draw you deeper into the plot's development. When a stage is finished, the amount of commercials in the game interferes with the enjoyment. In any event, you can proceed quickly through each stage, provided you give the appropriate responses.

 Comics Bob offers various mental tests where you can use your ability to predict outcomes to select the best response. You can assist Jess and her prehistoric companion in completing each level with flying colors by selecting the correct answer to each question. 

Description of Comics Bob

The exploits of comics Bob the caveman and his girlfriend Jess are the subject of the arcade game. They find themselves in challenging situations that call for creativity, which is not their strong suit. As a result, you will be required to make decisions for them and observe the results.

 The game's positive vibe and humorous representation of any choices will leave a good aftertaste even if the player fails. The player won't get bored by the game's dangerous traps, unexpected obstacles, ferociously hungry animals, or unexpected plot twists. The game features 62 colorful levels in settings with various secondary characters and solutions that call for creative thinking.

 Bob is a cute, funny boy from the Stone Age with the phrase "Yabba Dabba-doo" with a head and beard that couldn't be messier. He had a hot stone age girl crush on who he referred to as "my queen." Bob has discovered a million and one ways to woo her, including buying her flowers, feeding her, and offering her assistance. Bob is content as long as she is pleased. Nothing can stop a couple once they have their first romantic thought. But in a very wild and primitive sense, their environment is not peaceful.

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Everything can get in the way of love, from dangerous tigers prowling the woods to monkeys bugging her home. There are a few sneaky pterodactyls stealing stuff every day from men from the neighboring tribe to aliens of unknown origin attempting to steal the lovely lady away. Bob reluctantly wants to look well in the eyes of the attractive woman. Our sassy Bob has evolved into a true hero who has saved the woman he loves because he is motivated by love.

 If all goes according to plan, they will love each other and contribute to the future procreation of several generations of children and grandkids. If you are careless and select too many trials, you will be pitied to end your relationship with your beautiful girlfriend. Because of this, you will go to the tribe as a loser.

Do you think you're envious or something for jokingly describing a romantic drama like this? I believe I'm being serious, but if you try to play the game, you'll probably chuckle at your jaw in some scenarios. In this game, love is primal and unique. 

Funny Gameplay.

It is unusual because it is simple. It implies beyond your wildest dreams. The challenge is always presented in form of a question, with two options: True or False. Life has been a series of choices. The first error can result in the nth mistake, and the person who must bear the consequences is himself.

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To stay on track, remember that you are primitive men living in the prehistoric period and behave like the ancient people. Not acting on our current sentiments or thoughts. Deep down, the disparities between prehistoric people and us in our thinking and instincts are what determines good and evil.

 It is also a cause to laugh at the same time. Because the answer is unexpectedly humorous. After playing, you'll be like me, gasping for air. Instead of choosing an answer, Bob uses the tool he chooses to do an unrelated action, making the action futile.

Out of this world

Finally, the environment or Comics Bob's graphics are amusing. The scene involving Bob, his lover, and everything that occurs is simple to the point of boredom. However, the details emerged plainly and simply. Not to mention the inventive tale cartoon style that is fully exploited in this game. You will be shocked because each design looks hilarious and eccentric but full of the developer's affection.

Because of this wild, goofy graphic, Comics Bob states that it is suitable for all ages, young and old, men and women. And once you start playing, you can't stop.

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Not to forget the music in the background. It's simple and soothing. Closing your eyes and listening to background music without glancing at the game feels like getting rid of the busy city around you and connecting to the cleanest and most primitive ideas. That is how you will feel.

Characters in Comics Bob 

Along with the main character Bob, other animated characters include

  • Jess, his girlfriend
  • The saber-toothed tiger who is constantly hatching scheme
  • The multi-talented monkey portrays a sushi master, police officer, and doctor
  • The adorable space dog that Bob picked up during his unforeseen interplanetary trip
  • The mysterious Mouseman, who came to aid Jess in saving Bob, and a variety of minor creatures such as pterodactyls, snakes,


Tired of the difficulties and pressures of our hi-tech life? This game is for you! Rewind to a simple and even sillier era when romance flourished despite men being incredibly stupid and women being women.

Ready to go back to the ancient Era with me? Download Comics Bob for Android right away!

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Download Comics Bob APK, a puzzle game based on adventures of Bob the caveman and his sweetheart Jess. Go into prehistoric times and embark on dangerous adventures.


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