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Version: 3.16.1
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Download and install Cats APK to be able to battle other robots and claim rewards. This game allows players to build weapons, tools, and robots.

Name Cats
Version 3.16.1
Updated Apr 27, 2024
Category Action
Developer ZeptoLab
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Description of CAT: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

This is a game where you fight using cars. It's a funny game that can make you laugh. The atmosphere of this game is light. It is such an enjoyable game that you don't even care about winning. You just want to have fun and play.

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ZeptoLab published this game, the creator of the popular game Cut the Rope. If you have played the other game by this publisher, you will surely enjoy playing CAT: Crash Arena Turbo Stars.

The Cat controls the Fighting Robot

When the title of this game is written out, it may sound somehow complicated to new players, but the acronym brings out a little bit of humour and curiosity in people's minds. At first, a visitor might think this game is about cats. But thanks to the full detail beside the acronym, a person might have a slight idea about this game. This game is one where robots fight each other, and what controls the robots are cats with hilarious faces and expressions. Other functions are associated with the app; you can decide to change the parts and appearances of the cats and robots to whatever you like.

Pick Your Cat

When the game starts, there are often words of introduction by a particularly fat cat. This cat, while scowling, will put you through every instruction. Then when it has finished, you will be asked – "Okay, are you ready? Let's fight!" This statement is so funny that you won't be able to help to laugh out loud. As already mentioned, this is an incredibly funny game indeed.

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After the cat's challenge, you will also have to pass through a couple of other tips that will introduce you to the customisation screen of the cat's appearance. The major aim of this game does not revolve around cats. However, these cats are what introduces the fun to the game. For people that love cats, this game would be appreciated because these cats can form a new breed of cats that will interest them.

Assemble Your Robot

The next step after getting your cats is building your robot, a crucial game element. The robot's customisation is so detailed that you are free to select any part of the car. Each part varies with combat capabilities, features and colours of the robots.

Always remember to arm your robot with the best weapons. There is also a great list of firearms, but you should pick the one perfect for the size of the robot you are building. You will not be able to move well if the weapon you choose is too big for your robot. Do not go for the biggest weapon because you think it will create the most damage, and it will only weaken the functionality of your robot and make it vulnerable to an attack.

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The battles occur like a fight. Your job is to continue fighting until you can eliminate your opponent's robot. When you win, you will be rewarded with upgrade cards, items, money, and so on.

Exciting and Fierce Fights

One great thing about this game is that the battles are not serious. They are humorous. You will always have fun fighting the battles. However, in a way, the battles are fierce, contributing immensely to the fun you derive from them. Of course, you will be glad when the opponent you are fighting loses the battle. But what they do afterwards is also quite hilarious. They immediately withdraw from the fight and parachute off with an expression of cowardice.

While you are fighting the battle, simulation can arise from situations of sniping, head-banging, squeezing, and even two robots may fall like a turtle. This is a pretty funny thing to see. At the end of the battle, the winner owns the robot capable of destroying the opponent's engine.

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In the latter scenes of the game, there is an increase in excitement as the intensity of the battle increases. At this level, both your robot and the opponent will be promoted into more powerful and bigger machines, and the fight will be more serious – still, there is that hint of humour, which is always present throughout the game. You are also entitled to heavy weapons like lasers, rockets, long-range guns, etc.

Winning Rewards

Besides getting rewards after winning the game, you will also be rewarded for performing lovely actions like short-term boosts, upgrade cards, or accumulation points. More important rewards are money, medals, items, robots, etc.

The Outstanding Features of CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

There are several functions and features that you can enjoy by playing this game. Some of the best potentials of CATS are explained below:

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  • Characters to Explore: The gameplay of this game provides you with all the role play in the character of a cat. This indicates that you have several cats you can select. You can also customise and upgrade the character to make it more powerful and unbeatable.
  • Make Your Weaponry: With this game, you can create several tools and weapons that can come in handy while fighting your opponents.
  • Multiplayer Mode: You can fight other characters in the gameplay. That means you can battle other users of the game across the world. You also have the chance to interact with them with various options you will see on the interface. You also have the chance to experience an increased level of action because there are different kinds of players you will encounter in the game. For example, some players are professional and may require more skills and determination to defeat them. All in all, you will feel challenged by the online combats.

Last Take

Besides being able to play offline, you also have the chance to experience more fun by participating in online combats where you will encounter different players worldwide. Surely, this game will keep you playing all day long.

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Download and install Cats APK to be able to battle other robots and claim rewards. This game allows players to build weapons, tools, and robots.


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