Castle of Temptation
Castle of Temptation
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Version: 0.3.3a
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Download Castle of Temptation to prove your heroic and survival skills. Face off against enemies and find a way to survive the deadliest foes in the castle.

Name Castle of Temptation
Version 0.3.3a
Updated Dec 20, 2022
Category Action
Developer Poring Patreon Dev
Google Play Link

About Castle of Temptation

Castle of Temptation is an adventure game for adventurous players. The game allows you to enter a fun and weird world where you explore various new features and an environment not commonly found in mobile games. It's a lewd game that's also an actual game rather than a replica of some novel or story that's already been created. Of course, the story was extracted from the book Castle of Temptation by Flora Kidd. There is a seamless fusion between the game features and the storyline.

With the help of a beautiful interface, the developers created an exciting game. Players experience a world where many young adventurers gather and try to become the best in their endeavors. There is a lot of temptation here, so you'll have interactive gameplay as soon as you start. You'll have to fight against sexy characters through the castle if you want to prove your worth, and this is not an easy task, especially if you're not good with action games.

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Asides from the concept and gameplay, the game also made a breakthrough with its beautiful visuals. The environment is charming and inviting, with colorful backgrounds and vibrant characters. There are many levels to survive, so you can avoid being stuck with the same type of enemies throughout. As you ascend through the rank of heroes, you'll have to fight against fierce enemies.

This pixelated graphics game is a great design from the Poring Patreon Developers. The game was last updated a few months ago, with some of its newest features intriguing players. The game will satisfy you when you play, regardless of which type of device you're playing with. You can also rest assured of it being compatible with devices that run on Android 5.0 and above.


The game is simple to play as long as you understand its story. You should read the Castle of Temptation novel to get started. However, the main goal of every player is to join the Castle, and like every other young adventurer, you must prove your skills. Only players who face their woes and defeat them can move to the next level and eventually leave the Castle.

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There are various game characters you'll face here. Some of them include beasts and creatures, while others are the bosses. The first few missions on each game level will allow you to face off against the basic enemies, which are simpler to defeat. After that, however, you'll be required to keep your stance because you'll still fight the boss. This is because the bosses are the peak villains in the game, and you can only advance to the next level after defeating them.

Game Features

This is no ordinary game. Castle of Temptation is a unique game set in a unique environment with an interesting concept. Check out some of the epic features that set it apart from other adventure games:

Pixelated Graphics

Like most similar games, this one also uses pixelated graphics to create a visually pleasing environment for players. As mentioned earlier, this game is themed after an interesting novel. However, the content of both might differ in some regards. The game's visuals are satisfactory, with many pixels to spare. You'll see interesting characters, objects, and features in the game. It also delivers unique animations from various characters you'll use or interact with.

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Simple UI

The pleasing game appearance is complimented by a great layout. You'll easily find your way around the game without needing a guide or help. Within the first few tries, you'll be able to use most of the game features with zero tutorials. The game controls are well-designed and positioned on the screen to allow you to enjoy your game without obstructing the beautiful view.


The storyline is as basic as you can guess. Based on the novel, you'll have to fight across a dangerous Castle full of sexy attackers. Unlike many lewd games, this one doesn't only thrive on the storyline. It allows players to have enjoyable gameplay without necessarily having to relive the story. The story has helped create a beautiful interface where you can have interactive gameplay but still get to decide how the game goes.

Game Controls

The game controls comprise basic movements and actions. So the goal here is to make the control easier to handle. You'll therefore be able to control the characters with the help of on-screen buttons easily. In addition, three buttons are positioned on either side of the screen, so you can grip your phone and use your fingers to play. You don't have to learn the controls, too, as they are easy to use.

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Game Characters

There are many game characters here. Most of them are derived or inferred from the novel by Flora Kidd. The game characters are made up of dangerous enemies which you have to attack to survive. Some of them include humans, and others are creatures and beasts. The castle is filled with all manners of characters that spice up the game and make your survival mission even more difficult.


There are some puzzles to solve when playing. The game doesn't just thrive on the action; it also requires you to do some critical thinking if you want to proceed to the next level. Some of the puzzles are fairly easy to solve, while others can take some time to understand or even attempt. But if you're calm enough, you'll be able to solve all the game puzzles and continue your adventure into the hearts of the castle.


This is a beautiful game with lots of enticing adventures for players. This game isn't much of a fast-paced action game, but it allows you to experience the thrills of becoming a hero in a hostile environment.

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Download Castle of Temptation to prove your heroic and survival skills. Face off against enemies and find a way to survive the deadliest foes in the castle.


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