Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
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Version: 1.49
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Download Can Knockdown 3 APK to enjoy well-defined shots as you aim for cans. The game is perfect for sharpening your precision skills and solving complex puzzles.

Name Can Knockdown 3
Version 1.49
Updated Jul 8, 2023
Category Arcade
Developer Infinite Dreams
Google Play Link pl.idreams.CanKnockdown3

All you need to know about Can Knockdown 3

Can Knockdown 3 is a new game added to the Can Knockdown series by Infinite games. So far, the Can Knockdown Series have received massive reactions from people as it is a fun and interesting game to interact with. The latest of the series, Can Knockdown 3, was released on May 16, 2013, following a captivating trailer. It was launched with exciting new features, game modes, awesome graphics, and crazier levels to enjoy. It is available to be played on all Andriod devices.

can knockdown 3 apk 2022

Can Knockdown 3 is a simple game where you have to sharpen your precision skills as you aim for cans. You will receive a specific number of balls on each level to knock over a specific number of cans. You will be put in difficult situations to aim for nearly impossible positions. This game requires logic and problem-solving skills to get through the levels. Each level has a particular challenge you need to overcome, which may revolve around the position of your ball, the position of the cans, the type of cans you're aiming at, the type of cans you shouldn't aim at, and even the locations both the ball the cans are.

This game tests how well you can solve puzzles and how well you know physics. Physics may not be your favorite subject in school, but this lets you have all the phone without realizing it. Once you get hold of the game, you will be fascinated by the entertainment on the different levels.

Well-Defined Graphics

Everyone loves well-defined and interactive graphics. Can Knockdown 3 provide just that? It is a 3D game that allows you to enjoy every feel as you play on different levels. Its graphics give an all-out experience to see the can you're aiming at and feel every hit as you smash the can in KO.

can knockdown 3 apk

One major thing that keeps the game engaging is its environment. As you advance and unlock new levels, you will be placed in different environments. Each of these environments has different features, making the gameplay more realistic and fun. In addition, each environment has its specific color to give a better graphics display, so you do not feel bored. Can Knockdown add two new locations in this new series to spice up the fun? These locations are the Aircraft Junkyard and the Underground.

Easy Gameplay

Can Knockdown 3 has childlike gameplay. It is not complicated in any way. Yes, it's been said that you have used logic and physics to pass some pretty difficult levels, but that's where all the fun is. The basic idea of the game is to knock over a specific number of cans based on the number of balls you have. The gameplay does not need a lot of control to complete a level. Just aim accurately and hit the jackpot.

can knockdown 3

However, some game modes require you to meet before advancing further. Before and after any level, all players will see a rating system. This rating system is connected to the number of balls a player leaves behind after each game. The rating system displays a rating of three stars and usually depends on how well you hit the cans because sometimes, you are not meant to hit all of them. This is based on a particular level you are playing. Some cans have the danger symbol, representing those you are not meant to hit. Overall, it has engaging gameplay that keeps you glued for hours.

Exciting and Challenging Levels

What is a game without levels? Can Knockdown 3 is no different. In this series, Infinite dreams added 40 new levels to the already existing levels from the previous series. These new levels were added, to sum up a total of 160 exciting levels. Each level is unique with its unique challenge. Like every other game, Can Knockdown 3 starts as less challenging with an easy difficulty level. This will give players the time to practice and understand the game better. However, the difficulty levels become more complex as you advance, with challenges and obstacles ready to disrupt your winning streaks. You will not advance to a new level if the criteria of that specific level have not been met. This takes us back to the rating system of three stars. This rating system is important, and you must have the required number of stars to advance. So you would have to replay the game as many times as possible to get the required amount of stars to advance.

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Although there are 60 new levels added to the Can Knockdown 3, there are some unique levels with special challenges you would meet.

- The factory level involves finding the right balance as you aim and shoot. Why? This is because the elements, the balls, and the cans, are not stable, and they keep moving.

- The Toxic Sewage Level: Some cans are toxic and are well differentiated from the normal ones. You need to avoid hitting the toxic cans before you can complete this level

- The Ironworks Level: Here, you have to hit a lot of buttons and cans while trying to avoid the chains

Other Features of Can Knockdown 3

Amidst the challenges and levels you have to face, there are many rewards and badges to be won and, most importantly, specific requirements to win them. In addition, there are multiplier modes, bonus levels, and much more to play and hit more cans.

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Can Knockdown 3 hit numbers with over 10M downloads and new and exciting gameplay?


Can Knockdown 3 is an improved version of the Can Knockdown Series with more levels, well-detailed graphics, and more complex puzzles to be solved precisely. It is available for everyone, even kids, if you love throwing at stuff, solving puzzles, or physics.

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Download Can Knockdown 3 APK to enjoy well-defined shots as you aim for cans. The game is perfect for sharpening your precision skills and solving complex puzzles.


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