Camping Tycoon
Camping Tycoon
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Version: 1.6.22
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Download Camping Tycoon APK on the play store for free and experience virtual camping activities. Make your dreams of becoming a Camping Tycoon come to life.

Name Camping Tycoon
Version 1.6.22
Updated Aug 24, 2022
Category Simulation
Developer Kawaii Game
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All About Camping Tycoon

The Kawaii Game is one of the coolest games with a fantastic simulation. Camping is also the most exciting recreational outdoor activity in real life, and many people will never trade the camping for anything in the world. The camping tycoon game revolves around the real-life theme of camping.

Indeed, people spend overboard yearly on tenting and camping facilities, so if you ever think of starting a campground business, rest assured you will make so much profit. For campers, camping is a fantastic way to escape everyday life and experience great outdoor activity.

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Since almost everyone loves camping, how fun would it be to have such an experience at your fingertips while becoming a tycoon in tenting?

Why People Love Camping

Many people love camping simply because it is challenging and demands several interesting skills: skilful hands, planning, organizing tents, division of Labor, mastering different skills, organizing your mind, etc.

What Exactly Is Camping Tycoon

Camping tycoon simulates the business management in the area of camping. Your role is to officiate the campground, creating a quality service to entice people to camp.

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Slowly, you will do more camping-related jobs, e.g. catering services, selling camping materials, travelling around the camping region, managing a team, improving facilities, and hiring staff. Subsequently, you can upgrade to buy more land, enlarge the entertainment area, make lawns, plant more trees, create a well-structured management agency, and much more.

As you advance, you will gradually enlarge the campsite size, benefit more, and experience a lasting development. The utmost goal is to see that the customers have an enjoyable camping experience, and gradually you will emerge as the best in offering excellent service in the camping business.

Camping Tycoon Features

  • Erecting campgrounds with tents, caravans, or vans.
  • Avant game design plus dramatic 3D design
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  • Simple idle game-save
  • Taking charge of your earnings and managing decision
  • Different scenes and buildings

Constructing New Campsites And Expanding Facilities

As you advance in each stage of development, your responsibilities will turn out differently. For each piece of land you own, utilize them in constructing a beautiful campsite, not just a campsite. Still, you can split each area into functional groups: staff group, entertainment group, activities section, etc. Every section has other smaller sections. For instance, the entertainment section may include many other things like a cinema area, miniature water park, RV, etc. The living area will host important amenities like a bathroom, toilet, massage rooms, water, electricity, steam room, and laundry room.

After you finish the preliminary stage, you will have to consider putting more sections in place by adding trampolines, fishing grounds, a picnic pavilion, etc.

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If you noticed how much work goes into erecting a campsite, you should also expect to have employees. But of course, there are employees in Camping Tycoon. Each employee has a significant task. Their job is related to a specific function within site. For instance:

  • The cashier's responsibilities include seeing every income and guest fee and regulating the workers' payment schedule.
  • The cleaner is responsible for tidying the guest rooms, campfires, and the general campsite.
  • Security guards provide safety, supervise tents, and patrol.

But one of the challenges is the decision to employ a supervisor or campsite manager. It all depends on the direction of the business, your budget situation, and the marketing techniques you are experiencing. After that, you will set up an HR plan by yourself.

Maximize Revenue

Maximizing revenue is a way to keep the business afloat —to ensure more profit while playing Camping Tycoon. The stats of all business expenditures contain first investment cost, labour cost, profit cost, management, and maintenance.

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Imagine the smallest factors like shipping fees, car parks at the entrance to the gift shop, renting camping equipment, boat rentals, laundry fees, campfires, barbecues, car rentals, or other essentials for customers.

In addition, don't forget to upgrade the side businesses, such as souvenirs, picnic stalls, fast food shops.

The Starting Of The Game

Excited about how much fun Camping Tycoon will offer? The followings are ways to start your journey as a camping tycoon:


In the beginning, 'Daniel' — the town's sheriff— will welcome you. Next, you will be taken around the area briefly, as it will help you explore even more. Then you will have to build camps/tents varying in size and cost. Practically, you are reconstructing and reintroducing facilities into your world, so you will be guided in the game every step.

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Camping a tycoon is about exploring and installing new things into your virtual world. Firstly, you must reconstruct facilities like the park, tent camp, etc. When you pick any area needing reconstruction, a popup will surface showing the statistics of the construction. It contains the appearance, the required money, time spent, etc.

Once you have established the structure, you can upgrade the establishments to gain extra rewards.

Earn Money

As has been mentioned above, levelling up your construction is very important. The implication is that your establishment will bring you more profits while you rest. You will see a 'money/hr' at the bottom of the level bar, multiplying at every upgrade. The higher you upgrade or level up, the more the currencies accumulate per hour with no special effort. This money will aid you in constructing more and more facilities or establishments, and as a result, you will progress rapidly.

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An excellent strategy to apply at the initial stage is to level up rapidly to a certain building and pause for a while to accumulate more money before upgrading the next camp.

Start With The Most Rewarding Camps/Building

Buildings such as tents, parks, etc., will increase your earning probability because they are all public buildings. They increase by one hour compared to the others, like benches, bathrooms, etc.


The Camping Tycoon game is a sure ride to exquisite adventure. It has a lot of Vans Family characteristics in it. You won't just be playing a game, but you will also learn the camping business as you advance.

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Download Camping Tycoon APK on the play store for free and experience virtual camping activities. Make your dreams of becoming a Camping Tycoon come to life.


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