Bus Simulator City Ride
Bus Simulator City Ride
Size: 734,1 MB
Version: 1.1.2
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Download Bus Simulator City Ride APK and explore the beautiful city of Havensburg. Drive the best buses from legendary brands and start your transportation business on the go.

Name Bus Simulator City Ride
Version 1.1.2
Updated Mar 22, 2023
Category Simulation
Google Play Link com.astragon.bussim

About Bus Simulator City Ride APK

However you wish to enjoy your ride, either by cruising down a broad road at sunset or moving through the busy road of Havensburg, this is the best game that will offer you a real immersive experience. If you are interested in moving from point A to point B, depending on how well you can deal with furious passengers.

Bus Simulator City Ride Apk is an emulated game type created by the Stillalive studios, and Astragon Entertainment distributes it. The game comes in Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It's an offshoot of a Bus Simulator type of game. And it was officially launched on the thirteenth of October, 2022.

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Take Charge Of Everything

In Bus Simulator City Ride Apk, players have the autonomy to control their buses as they wish. With you in the driver seat, you can transport passengers through a vibrant city with legendary brands of cars, such as Setra, Mercedes Benz, BYD, IVECO, MAN, Scania, Bluebird, Alexander Dennis, Vicinity Motor Corp, or Volvo. Drive in pathways and finish campaign missions to access more buses, routes, and districts. Get elevated to a better career in the public transportation business right in your city.

Transport Passengers In A Busy City

Explore Bus Simulator City Ride Apk game in a lively and comprehensive map! Havensburg is a city inspired by the northern European metropolitan. It has many attractive buildings and terrains, an oceanic warehouse district, an old town, a harbor, and countryside. In cities like this, people are more interested in hanging out with friends and family just for a drink or coffee. Or perhaps they are taking their kids for a stroll along the perimeter of the water. Transporting people is always fun; perhaps you could build relationships with passengers willing to share interesting stories while driving. Viola! This is a great avenue to connect with people in your beautiful city.

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Operate Your Transport Business

Prove your skills in driving: build yourself to the peak and start your journey as a thriving bus transport enterprise. You can establish yourself as one of the top-rated bus drivers and showcase your skills to increase the odds of being hired.

While advancing the campaign, you can build a bigger transport network by driving extra miles on roads (which will ensure additional Credits). The success of your business is solely dependent on you.

The Ten Biggest Outstanding Buses Made By Reputable Companies

The creator of the Bus Simulator City Ride Apk has prepared the best brands of buses for you, and these buses are validated and vetted. The goal of every player is to use the 10 available buses from different makes and brands, including articulated buses, double-decker buses, and electric buses. There is a myriad supply of different buses from various manufacturers. Based on the real-life cockpit in the bus, players can get to the driver's seat and experience the feeling of operating a bus.

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On Sandboxes And Campaigns 

As you start a mission while in the campaign, you can increase your Driver XP based on the negative or positive feedback you get from passengers. You can also manage your reputation, which depends on the buses allocated to routes and the standard global rating.

The various options of "Missions" in the Menu provide you with the latest available missions and the requirements needed. Surely, you can move into Sandbox mode if you are feeling restless or need to take a short break from the missions. Furthermore, the Sandbox mode allows you to drive however you want. However, this can only be accessible on the Nintendo Switch edition.

If you're serious about trying it and experiencing all its beautiful features, Bus Simulator City Ride Apk also has a Google play store on Android phones and an iOS app store. It also supports multiple languages; the voiceovers are spoken in German and English.

Players can also check out the premium name's official website to get more information about the game, engage with a Twitter follower in the community, and get timely updates on every new development.

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Bus Simulator City Ride Apk has emerged as the first Bus Simulator game aimed exclusively at mobile gamers. This means that it is a bit simple than its antecedents. However, it still has the best features.

Bus Simulator City Ride Apk doesn't only task you with riding a large vehicle across an active city road without affecting so much damage. It also expects players to start a successful business in public transportation.

How To Play Bus Simulator City Ride APK

This helpful beginners' guide aims to put you on the right course. It starts from the Bus simulator gameplay loop overview before moving into the controls and then how to maneuver a huge piece of metal.

  • Bus Simulator City Ride is more about completing routes and expanding the spoils.
  • Anytime you finish a route in the game, you will receive several Satisfaction points.
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  • Players can earn Satisfaction points if they drive well. Driving well means stopping close to the park, indicating at the proper time, staying on the standard speed level, utilizing your horn to signal buses away from the bus stops, alerting sleeping passengers, wiping off dead bugs from your widescreen, etc
  • Contrarily, players can lose Satisfaction points when driving crazily. And also failure to use their indicators, descending away from the bus stop, driving over red lights, slamming pedestrians, crashing into signs, and speeding.


Bus Simulator City Ride APK has so much to offer. Not only will you enjoy playing the game, but the game also propels you instinctively to avoid breaking road laws.

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Download Bus Simulator City Ride APK and explore the beautiful city of Havensburg. Drive the best buses from legendary brands and start your transportation business on the go.


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