Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Size: 195.68 MB
Version: 3.53
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Download Bridge Race APK for the best idle gaming experience in your life. This game has stunning 2.5D graphics and seamless animation that helps you get an immersive experience.

Name Bridge Race
Version 3.53
Updated Jul 19, 2024
Category Casual
Google Play Link com.Garawell.BridgeRace

A Deep Analysis of Bridge Race

Have you been looking for a perfect casual game? If yes, then this game is for you! Bridge Race is a single-player game in the casual genre. It ranks 8th in this genre. This game is easy on the eyes and easy to play.

bridge race apk

Don’t you just hate it when a game glitches in the middle? Well, with this game, you never have to worry about that! With each update, the game developers perfect the game so that you never have a bad experience as you play. This game has adorable characters for you to play. The seamless and soft art style is absolutely adorable and just a perk of getting this game.

This game is loved and reviewed by more than 1.2 Million reviewers. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. Be one of them and have a great casual game to play on the go.

Interesting Storyline

In this game, you just have to make your bridge and do it fast. You collect all the tiles and race up to form your very own bridge. The quicker you run and place the blocks, the quicker you will be able to come back to collect more tiles. You have elevators, ziplines, and several other features at your disposal to make your bridge the fastest.

Soft 2.5D Graphics

bridge race game

2.5D graphics have been around for a long time. This type of graphics is perfect for games with 2D gameplay while the environment around the player is in 3D. In Bridge Race, you will experience smooth, seamless animation. As you run around, trying to collect your tiles, the scenery around you will be hyper-realistic. You will feel that you are actually on an elevated platform.

When you make your bridge, as you come near the arch of the bridge, you will be able to see the slope. Because of this, you will have immersive gameplay. You get to interact with your surroundings like in any high-end 3D game.

All The Characters Are 2.5D Stickmen.

In this game, you'll play a stickman. All of the characters are designed as 2.5D stickmen. These work just like 2D stickmen but have realistic designs of 3D characters. This helps you experience the game in an immersive way. Each stickman bends down when they have several tiles on their backs, just like you do when you carry a lot of weight.

Collect Blocks & Build The Bridge

bridge race level 93

While playing this game, you have to do two things. You have to collect several bricks which you have to use to build the bridge. Whoever lays the first tile claims that spot. So do your best to put down the first tile in the building area. Once you do that, no one can build their bridge there. Other builders can not touch your unfinished bridge either. Do your best to collect as many tiles as you can of your color and build the bridge quickly to win the race.

Engage In Races

As you play  Bridge Race, you will have to start being competitive. Every character in the game is trying to get their bridge done first. So, you have to start focusing on different tactics too. Do your best to finish building your bridge while avoiding other characters o not get your blocks stolen. Also, do not trust what you see. You might think the tiles are big enough, but they won't be. So collect as many tiles as you can to ensure that you win the race.

Secure Your Blocks Before Someone Loots Them

When you play Bridge Race, remember that this is a race. Other characters will try to take your blocks. They do it by bumping into someone carrying blocks. The fallen blocks turn grey in color. Then whoever picks those up, those blocks belong to them. Beware of your surroundings and make sure nobody bumps into you. You will have to bump into people to et their tiles. The fastest builder will be the winner.

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More than 1000 Levels To Enjoy

This game looks simple but is very addictive.

Don’t you just hate it when there aren’t many levels to play? With Bridge race, you will never have that issue. This game has more than 1000 levels that you can play. There are unique challenges to keep you on your toes.

No Repeating Levels

As a gamer, having a game that doesn’t require you to think a lot is a need. Bridge race is one of those games. You don’t have to strategize while you play. You just keep doing what you do. But, in a game with 1000+ levels, you would assume there would be repeating levels. With Bridge Race, you don’t have to worry about that. Game developers worked tirelessly to produce individual, unique levels. None of the designs are repeated ever in this game.

Make Ladders, Bridges, Elevators, & More

Despite what the name suggests, you don’t just build bridges. In Bridge Race, you also have to build elevators and ladders. You use zip lines and other features to reach from one platform to the other. Make sure you don’t lose control while you zipline across. If you fall, you lose the game.

bridge race

Frequent Updates Packed With New & Exciting Stuff

The game developers frequently update this game due to its huge fan following. With each update, you get a smoother gaming experience. Every update also comes with new and exciting perks. You get to buy things in the game to customize your character further, to differentiate your builder from others.

Lightweight Game

Bridge race has the gameplay of a 2D game. It is a simple game that functions on point-and-click features. That is why, despite its immersive visuals, this game is lightweight on your device. It is 111MB which is small for a game with more than 1000 levels. While you play this game, even if you don’t have gaming mode on your phone, your phone will run properly. There will be no slowing down while you play, giving you the perfect gaming session every time.


Your search for the best casual game is over. With its lightweight size, perfect graphics, cute character design, elegant gameplay, and more, Bridge Race is the game for you. Download Bridge Race now and start racing!!

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Download Bridge Race APK for the best idle gaming experience in your life. This game has stunning 2.5D graphics and seamless animation that helps you get an immersive experience.


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