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Buddy Toss
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Version: 1.5.8
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Download Buddy Toss APK, a fun and interesting arcade game where you play as a bodybuilder that tosses his buddy into the air and catches him again for another toss.

Name Buddy Toss
Version 1.5.8
Updated May 1, 2024
Category Casual

Buddy Toss Game Description

Buddy Toss is an engaging and funny arcade game that can help anyone escape boredom. Buddy Toss game is a very simple and easy-to-navigate game with no complexity playing it. It is a bodybuilder game that throws his friend up to reach a high climax, and the more you throw your friend higher, the more you get the Buddy Toss max level.

The game was developed by Bigdog games and released on 20th July 2018, and it is compatible with all IOS, Android, and web versions. Playing this game, you need to be focused on the tossing and time counter without losing focus because if you do, your friend can hit the floor and may be unable to get up. It is a game suitable for all age categories to play at any time.

buddy toss apk

In Buddy Toss gameplay, you get more points by throwing your friend higher and higher. More contents like bodybuilders are also unlocked the more you throw your friend to reach the stars. The height you can throw will also help you to level up in the game.

How to play Buddy Toss

To start playing the game, get the Buddy Toss free download on your mobile device for easy and quick access. After that, launch the game to start the tossing. Left click on your phone’s screen to throw your buddy in the air and when it comes back before it reaches the floor, click again to throw him up. The more you do this, the higher he goes, and you start building momentum

buddy toss apk download

The skill you need for this game is in the pace to which you can react to throwing your friend up when he’s coming to the earth. The faster you can respond and send him back to space, leaving the solar system, the more you become skilled in the game. Buddy Toss highest score is awarded based on the highest point it reached into the stars before dropping back to earth for another toss.

Features of Buddy Toss

  • It has a single button control all through the stages of the game
  • The gameplay is based on timing
  • The game mode is endless
  • It has a simple and sleek design with no complexity
  • It was developed with HTML 5 for web compatibility
  • The Buddy Toss app can be downloaded for both Android and IOS users for free
  • The game instills the ability to stay focused in the player to keep track of the timing to avoid buddy falling to the earth.
  • You are tossing your friend from the city to the space.

Tips and hints for playing

Buddy Toss is an addictive game that requires the strength of the built man to keep throwing his friend into the sky. The more the buddy is thrown higher, the more interesting and fun the game is. However, the muscular man needs more stamina to throw and not lose power.

buddy toss unblocked

In this game, there are two modes and several Buddy Toss unlocked characters. In these tips and hints to playing the game, you will learn how to toss for higher scores, get Buddy Toss unlimited stars, and increase the muscular man's power and size to reach max heights for more points.

  1. Time your throw with the toss meter: this game is all about tossing and timing, and to time your throw, the toss meter on the right side of your screen makes it a bit easy as you start playing the game. When you throw your friend up, keep an eye on the meter; you will notice a tiny piece of the buddy and the strong man. When the buddy drops to the green zone just above the strong man, tap the screen to throw your friend up again.

The more you throw your friend up, and it goes higher to the clouds and balloons, the more the green zone decreases, and the toss meter becomes unreliable. In this situation, you don’t have to depend on it anymore, and you have to be time conscious. So, when buddy falls above the strongman, you should tap the screen again for another throw.

  1. Level up for increased stamina: as you are throwing your friend up, also keep an eye on the strongman’s stamina level that is at the top right-hand corner of the screen. The more you throw, the more his power decreases by a certain level. Once the power level is empty, your friend drops to the floor.

To level up the power of the strongman, you tap the top left corner of the home screen. To do this, you will need stars to upgrade the power, and this can be gotten from the main game and story mode games.

buddy toss free download
  1. Upgrade the strongman's size: this is also part of the levelling up in the game. When you upgrade the size of the strongman, it will increase his size and make him huskier. With increased size, the strongman has more stability of throwing buddy up to a higher level to get the highest score in Buddy Toss.
  2. Collect more stars: there are two modes in the game, the main game and the stories mode. In the main game, you can get Buddy Toss highest score to compete with other players on the online leader boards. The size and power of the strongman can be upgraded, and you can also purchase and select different buddies and strongmen.

Stories mode features two stories, the buddy thief and defend farm. In the buddy thief, you will help two brothers to steal objects hanging on the multistorey building balconies, and to do this, you tap to toss the thief, and when he gets closer to the item, you tap again to collect it. The items collected earn you stars, and the more you gather, the more stars you will have.

In the defend farm, you are to destroy the UFO that is abducting the sheep. To do this, you will toss your buddy up, and when he gets close to the UFO, you shoot it down. Weapons can be bought in this mode for shooting at UFOs.

buddy toss gameplay
  1. Get more stars: Another way to get more stars with Buddy Toss poki is to watch videos. After watching the video, you will earn 2k+ stars that you can use to upgrade and get more power. Daily login on your Buddy Toss free download app can make you up to 10000000 stars.


Buddy Toss is a lively and interesting game that you won’t want to miss out on the escapades playing the game. You can get the Buddy Toss download for free and start enjoying the fun moment of the gameplay.

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Download Buddy Toss APK, a fun and interesting arcade game where you play as a bodybuilder that tosses his buddy into the air and catches him again for another toss.


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