Good Pizza Great Pizza
Good Pizza Great Pizza
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Download Good Pizza Great Pizza APK to make a wide range of pizza delight on your mobile phone. Fulfill your pizza dream and know what it feels like to own a pizza shop!

Name Good Pizza Great Pizza
Updated May 17, 2024
Category Casual
Developer TapBlaze
Google Play Link com.tapblaze.pizzabusiness

About Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is an excellent pizza-making app that's available for Android and IOS, and it also enables users to make small to large-sized pizzas for their customers. The app has been around for years and has helped many users create mouth-watering pizzas without prior knowledge of pizza making. In addition, it's a functional pizza-making app that provides users with the proper interface to modify their pizza-making skills.

The app is top-rated among everyone because it offers the feel of owning your real pizza shop and learning how to satisfy all customers with various pizza cravings. In addition, this game includes game highlights that make it potentially stand out from competitors. It also does some additional functions that cooking would do to make you an oven expert.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza also gives users the tool to become oven experts, add toppings to the pizza, and make considerable good ovenist out of them. Anyone can also participate with the least possible movement of the fingers. A single-finger tap can help you serve your hungry customers right and earn you more ratings.

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You can also add toppings and finishing to the mix, which allows you to make mouth-watering pizzas. These include adding pepperoni, sausages, onions, and other toppings that improve the taste and make you a better ovenist. The app, therefore, embodies numerous features for anyone looking to add extra touches to their pizza-making skills. In addition, of course, you can learn on the app if you have never worked at a pizza kitchen.

TapBlaze developed the app from its studio, and it was released on the 6th of February 2015 with regular updates, with the latest being on the 23rd of July 2022. It also has over a hundred million downloads on Playstore with an impressive 4.6 rating from eleven plus million users.

Why Use Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

  • Enjoy the benefit of creative and amazing effects that add a unique outlook to your pizza shop
  • Featuring a Pizza News Network (PNN), the very first newscast about all things pizza
  •  50 plus customers with unique pizza orders and personalities
good pizza great pizza apk download
  • Amazing pizza toppings including pepperoni, onions, sausages, and many more
  • Equipment upgrade to help you become the master ovenist
  • Simple, fun, and challenging gameplay

App Features

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fantastic oven-based cooking game designed to transform your pizza skills to the next level. Here are features you'll enjoy when you download the app:

Simple UI

The app is unique and has a vibrant combination of colors. It also has a simple UI, which means it's pleasing to the eyes and easy to use. All the tools and special features are well arranged on the app and easily accessible from the homepage. You can choose any of the features you want to use and be taken to the toppings interface, where you access the incredible pizza toppings.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Touch-up

The app's primary existence is founded on the need to make mouth-watering pizza to satisfy various cravings of various individuals. Good Pizza, Great Pizza did an excellent job at this and created one of the most functional apps to get it done. You can use the features below to make your pizza more tasteful:

good pizza great pizza apk

Amazing Interface: This Feature provides an easy-to-play game for users, with mind challenging customers with various orders that will make you an oven expert.

Pizza News Network (PNN): Create a pizza-only newcast that focuses on everything pizza. The Pizza News Network is the very own Good Pizza, Great Pizza network news.

Toppings: You can use the feature to regulate specific topping preferences for specific customers. So, you can improve your pizza-making skills while aligning to the various tastes of your customers.

Single Player: This feature makes the game more personalized, allowing you to create a great relationship with your customers. It means you can run your pizza shop on your mobile phone or iPad, whichever seems convenient.

In-app Purchases: In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, players can now get in-game items by purchasing them. With Good Pizza, Great Pizza, in-game purchases range from $0.99 - $99.99 per item. However, these in-game items make running your digital pizza shop very much easy.

Equipment Upgrade: Regular updates are being carried out on the Good Pizza, Great Pizza game. For example, the recent update done on the app was in 2022. The equipment updates of this app are done to make you a master ovenist.

good pizza great pizza upgrades

Privacy Policy: TopBlaze's privacy policy is clearly stated on its website. This ensures that maximum security is implemented to ensure your information is secure. For example, your password protects your profile information. The protected details also include your payment details. However, all your details are secure with Good Pizza, Great Pizza.


Once you want to make pizza, you can use many of the above features to achieve your pizza dream. But there are extra features that work to boost the pizza taste further. The Pizza News Network, for example, is ideal for broadcasting pizza-related news, making all the needed pizza information readily available. In addition, the powerful AI processor helps create a realistic background that would make it feel like a real-life pizza shop. Some of the other features here include:

Aliante: Aliante is a pizza rivalry that occasionally shows up at your pizza shop to taunt you. However, as you earn, you would be able to add more toppings, equipment, and other items to your shop, making it easier for you to fight trolls from Aliante!

Auto Enhance: Use this to automatically add enhancement features to your shop and save yourself the time of shopping.

Monetary Touch

Asides from retouches, there are other editing features provided by Good Pizza, Great Pizza. The monetary aspect of the game is a great touch, making it a better choice than its competitors.

good pizza great pizza apk latest version

With the monetary feature, players not only watch how they spend and earn, but they also see a breakdown of the overhead cost and how it relates to pizza profit at the end of the day.


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is an awesome pizza-making game with a simple interface and numerous features that help you become a master ovenist.

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Download Good Pizza Great Pizza APK to make a wide range of pizza delight on your mobile phone. Fulfill your pizza dream and know what it feels like to own a pizza shop!


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