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Download the Brawlhalla APK and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. This fighting game allows worldwide players to play against each other in diverse game modes.

Name Brawlhalla
Version 7.05
Updated Mar 8, 2023
Category Action


Brawlhalla is an addictive fighting game. It is similar to the popular Nintendo series game. Ubisoft Entertainment published Brawlhalla. Over the years, Brawlhalla vane has gotten over 50 million players; this connotes its awesome gameplay.

The game is a 2D multiplayer action fighting game. Blue Mammoth games originally owned the game, but Ubisoft entertainment acquired them.

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The game is a free fighting platform game that allows eight players online in the match. Players or users will participate in over 50 legendary matches with other exciting challenges to overcome. The game will enable you to perform various actions like customizing the room with friends and viewing each match's ratings. The Brawlhalla game was perfectly developed to give users immersive and exciting experiences. As a team, you can fight and bring praise to your team, then rise to the top of the game's leaderboard.

If you are familiar with the Nintendo series super smash boos, you will understand how to play Brawlhalla. When you open the game, you will start from the basics; then, you progress with challenges. Brawlhalla has many features which have made it gain popularity among other games.

Brawlhalla Description

Brawlhalla is an action-packed fighting game that allows multiplayer mode. It is a 2D free platform fighting game. The game provides an immersive experience for its users. Brawlhalla allows eight players in the match at a time whereby two teams of 4 fight against each other. The game also allows a full cross-play option.

The game is free to play with no in-game purchase giving users an immersive gaming experience. Brawlhalla has a premium version for players who want more than ordinary in the game; however, the premium version and its content do not affect the gameplay.

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Upon starting the game, you are provided with a daily login bonus which is mostly coins. The coins are used to purchase legends in the game – brawlhalla fighter. However, to get some other additional in-game items, you will need to open your bank and use real money for the purchase. This is for players who want a premium version.

There are over 40 legends to pick from the game. To have access to all 40, you might need to pay. However, the free version has eight characters which are refreshed weekly. This way, you can play around with all the characters though it might be prolonged. The downside of this is that it might be discouraging. After getting used to a character then, there's a change. This is not so much of an issue; the game is still fun.

The gameplay and control of Brawlhalla are easy to understand and navigate. Brawlhalla consists of eight players who team up with four players fighting each other. Before you start the game, you must choose a character often called a legend (you can shuffle around the eight free legends or amidst 40 for the premium version). After choosing your character, you must get new skin, that is, a weapon and some skills.

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Your task as the player is to knock out your opponent on the stage. The opponent that falls at the bottom of the screen will be damaged and eliminated. Each character's health is displayed by color at the top of the character. The closer a character is to the color red, the further the character is pushed. The character with at least one life after the end of the game wins or the one with the most points.

Features of Brawlhalla

Here are all the features Brawlhalla offers;

Cross-play feature

This is an important feature of Brawlhalla. When you play on any platform, this feature allows users to match their game with players on other platforms. This makes the game not boring and diverse. You can also play with friends using different media.

Diverse game mode

This is an outstanding feature of Brawlhalla. Brawlhalla gives players a lot of modes while online and offline. You can participate in matches with many rules like free for all, friendly 2v2, strikeout 1v1, and experimental 1v1. Winning a level will increase your points, thereby helping your rank. The ranking system is similar to MOBA games which include silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.

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In addition, the offline mode of Brawlhalla is diverse such as training mode, couch party, and tournament. This makes the game fun and lively.

Different characters

Brawlhalla has up to 50 characters called legends you can select and interact with. However, you need to unlock the character whenever you want to battle with the premium version. You are only provided with 6-8characters every week.

Additional features

  • Play casual matches with players
  • Create custom rooms with friends
  • Work in skills through the offline training mode
  • Stand-out graphics and sound quality
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Download Brawlhalla and enjoy these features. You can either use their free version or subscribe to the premium version. Brawlhalla is a cool 2D fighting game you should hop on.


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