Booty Farm
Booty Farm
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Version: 8.8
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Download Booty Farm APK and enjoy life in the countryside with you, your fresh products, and beautiful girls! Become a luxurious farmer and expand your farm with the help of these ladies.

Name Booty Farm
Version 8.8
Updated Oct 14, 2022
Category Arcade
Developer Nutaku
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Brief Description of Booty Farm

Most resource management games have the main player taking care of a farm or city, but Booty Farm takes the gameplay to another level. This is a pretty fun game that combines taking care of your farm with an interactive theme. You can take care of your farm and meet different women until you find the perfect one.

The Booty Farm game takes a unique perspective on the life of farmers. You can participate in fun activities and get great support from the girls in the game. Also, unlock new content as you go on, and the gameplay will become even more interesting. There’s a lot of unique content in this game, offering loads of fun.

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Don’t get distracted by the beautiful ladies; you also have to raise animals and grow crops. The farm is always busy and engaging, with the sound of animals, the beehives you need to harvest, and the corn you need to water. One unique part of the Booty Farm game is that the farm changes based on the season in the gameplay. So, you can’t plant some crops in winter and would need to prepare for this.

Unique and Engaging Storyline

If there’s one thing about the Booty Farm game, it’s the cool storyline that kickstarts the gameplay. The player is a handsome playboy living in the city who parties all night and dates gorgeous girls. One day, his uncle gave him a farm in a remote country area. When you get to the farm, you see that it needs a lot of work since it’s old, and decide to sell it and go back to the city.

But Mindy comes in, and this encourages you to stay. Mindy is a pretty girl with red hair and will be your assistant. She said most men have gone to the city or are working in a factory far from the town, so the girls are lonely. Mindy will convince you, the player, to take care of your farm and meet the girls in the town.

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You will then discover that the girls are really pretty. So, the game is about refurbishing, building your farm, and dating the girls in the town. The dating part is interactive, as you can talk to them and make your choices.

Fun Gameplay to Participate in

Although the Booty Farm game seems like a normal farm game at first glance, it also combines themes of an interactive novel game. The farming part is pretty easy. You need to sow the plants and harvest when it is time. There is also livestock you need to feed and take their milk or fleece to make other products. You will build a factory to make different things, including food, cakes, pet food, and more.

On the other hand, you will flirt with the different girls in the town. Keep in mind that these girls also know about farming and will provide you with a lot of help. To chat with the girls, you must’ve reached a particular level in the game, and you only meet this when you have the agricultural products to give them.

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Whenever they ask a question, the game offers you options so you can decide how you want to answer. The girls will often flirt with you and can even send you pictures of them. The game starts with Mindy, as she is at the entry-level. Then, you can meet Stella at the same time. As you keep playing, you will unlock more girls, like Jane in level 3 and Ginny in level 8.

Explore The World of Booty Farm

The Booty Farm game offers a lot of surprises and interactive themes aside from farming and talking to girls. You can interact with the different characters and go shopping. Also, there are different additional quests aside from the main game. These quests will be a lot of fun and give you more money to run your farm.

New girls will appear as you play the Booty Farm game, making the gameplay rich and memorable. Keep in mind that the game is pretty hectic as there is so much to do, from taking care of the farm to talking to the girl. Depending on how you respond when she talks to you, the game's plot can go either way.

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Aside from exploring the world, some orders help you earn more money. You need to sell the products you have, whether the raw materials from the farm or the finished goods from the factory. As you go further and unlock new levels while managing your farm, you will have more orders. The people that buy from you are the girls in the town, and when they send their order, you can see how much they want to pay, their names, and their pictures.

The two main currencies in the Booty Farm game are gold and diamonds. You can use gold to buy seeds, build and expand warehouses, and upgrade the factory. But the diamonds speed up the processes of making cookies, planting trees, sowing seeds, and gifting girls, which can otherwise take a long time.

Graphics and Sound

Booty Farm did a pretty great job with the graphics and sounds. The developers, Nutaku, designed the girls to be attractive and pretty, with nice outfits. You can also hear their voices, which differ from girl to girl, but you can expect a lot of cuteness.

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Even the design of the farm and scenery have been vividly displayed. The game has bright and charming graphics that will give you a good experience. Plus, you can hear different sound effects.


The Booty Farm game takes you to a world where farming is exciting! You can enjoy planting crops and caring for livestock while interacting with different characters. The game is exciting, with many missions and side quests to keep you engaged. It’s pretty to play as long as you follow Mindy’s instructions.

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Download Booty Farm APK and enjoy life in the countryside with you, your fresh products, and beautiful girls! Become a luxurious farmer and expand your farm with the help of these ladies.


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