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Version: 1.7.6
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Download BombSquad APK if you want to be the life at parties. Do you want a game that helps you plan a successful raid with your friends where all of you collectively work to win? If yes, then BombSquad is the game for you.

Name BombSquad
Version 1.7.6
Updated Aug 31, 2022
Category Action
Developer Eric Froemling
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A Precise Analysis Of BombSquad

BombSquad is an Arcade-style game. You can play this game not only alone but also with multiple players. This game is perfect when you are with your friends. This game mainly focuses on strategies. You, as a gamer, get to strategize the best plan to ensure you are victorious by the end of the match. You get to learn about various strategies when you play BombSquad. To ensure you remain winning, you have to change your plan at every level. This game forces you to think out of the box if you want to win, and that is the best part.

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BombSquad is a game where you simply have to figure out a way to put explosives undetected in the enemy territory. Once you put those in and the bombs aren’t found until they go off, you win. While it may seem simple, the strategies required for that aren’t.

This game is versatile, and you can play it on different controllers with ease. That way, no matter what your friend uses, you can always call for backup while you destroy your enemies.

Colorful Gameplay

The gameplay of this strategy game is beautiful. With a bright, interesting color palette, you get to experience bright, colorful gameplay. With the beautiful contrasting color palette, the graphics look beautiful, helping you to get immersive gameplay. This realistic color grading and intuitive gameplay make this strategy game one of the best in the market that you can try out next time you are with your friends.

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Soft & 3D Graphics

The style of the game is quite attractive. With soft line work and a colorful palette, this game has stunning graphics. The game developers went all out in designing the environment and characters with 3D graphics. This makes the experience of the gameplay further immersive and realistic. The designs for when the bomb explodes and the animation of the movements of the characters are so seamless that for a moment, you might feel like you are right there, on the battlefield, being an active team leader of the BombSquad. This level of realism wouldn't have been possible without the beautiful color palette.

You Just Have To Blow Them All

In this game, you are a strategist. You choose your team and decide what you want to do. Do you want to be on the offense, or do you want to be on the defense- that is your choice. After you have picked out your team, all you have to do is, plan the perfect strategy that allows you to take out the bombs and plant them in your opponent's territory. If the bombs successfully go off, you win.

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This game will insist you put yourself in your opponent's shoes. What are they thinking? What is their plan? You have to use your inner detective to deduce what their moves can be so that you can stay 10 steps ahead at all times. That is what makes BombSquad such an amazing game. Flex on your friends with how well you know them when you predict their moves and protect your team on BombSquad. Learn more about people as you get to watch how intricately they weave their strategies to defeat you.

Variety Of Games

BombSquad is an arcade-style game. But this isn't the only thing this game has to offer. If you want to feel victorious, BombSquad has got you covered. If you are bored of strategizing, you can go for simpler mini-games. These mini-games come with the BombSquad game. These mini-games are Capture-the-flag, Bomber-Hockey, King-of-The-Hill, and Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination. These mini-games are there for you to enjoy when you do not feel like playing BombSquad all the time.

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Team Up To Blow The Bots

While you play in multiplayer mode, you have the choice to bring the ultimate help- Bots. These bots function almost perfectly. You can either have them on your team to secure your win, or you have to destroy these bots to secure your win. Adding bots makes the gameplay difficult, more thrilling, and interesting. You get to strategize to your fullest to secure your win. You have to place your bombs in such a way that these bots do not get a chance to dismantle the bombs you've planted before the time runs out. This ensures the perfect victory for you after a lot of planning.

Introducing Explosives In Sports

BombSquad is different from other strategy games. BombSquad is a game that introduces explosives in the gameplay. This helps you as a gamer learn about different explosives, how to dismantle them, how to place them etc. With this gameplay, you not only have an entertaining time, but you also learn about bombs and explosives in general. This game perfectly blends education, explosives, and sports which makes it a must-have if you are interested in learning about these things. Not only that, the incorporation of bombs and explosives in the gameplay is seamless. The graphics and design make the explosives work and function similar to real ones, which makes the experience very interesting for a gamer like you.

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Character Customization

In this game, you get to do a lot. You have to plant bombs, remove bombs and make the perfect strategy that gives you victory. Not only that, you have several mini-games at your disposal that you can play if you get tired of planting bombs all the time. But on top of that, BombSquad knows what you truly want. This game provides you with customizable characters. You not only get to dismantle bombs, but you also get to do it in style. Simply pick your outfit, customize your character and save your team from bombs. You can make your character look like you if you wish to feel like you are truly inside the game.


The clock runs fast when you are having fun. But, the clock also runs out fast when you have to dismantle a bomb. BombSquad mixes both of them and keeps you on your toes as the clock runs out. Download BombSquad right now if you think you have what it takes to save your friends. Hurry now. The time is ticking!

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Download BombSquad APK if you want to be the life at parties. Do you want a game that helps you plan a successful raid with your friends where all of you collectively work to win? If yes, then BombSquad is the game for you.


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