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Download BitAIM APK latest version, a free app that helps you play pool perfectly. Get all your shots right the first time by choosing to trust this software.

Name bitAIM
Version 3.6.54
Updated Dec 30, 2022
Category Tools
Developer bitAIM, INC
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Introducing BitAIM APK

Have you ever played pool? Can you recall how difficult it is to get the tiles into the pockets? Do you like board games or onscreen pool games? BitAIM APK is a tool that improves your gaming experiences by giving you better chances of success. The app predicts every shot correctly and helping you achieve a perfect aim.

Carrom Disc Pool is a game with similarities to physical pool games. It features coloured tiles and pockets on a board. The winner is the first player to get all their tiles into the pockets. The gameplay is simple since all you have to do is hit the tiles with a virtual stick. Mobile games provide lots of fun, even better when you win them.

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This is what the BitAIM APK helps with. Since you can play Carrom Disc Pool with other people, you need all the help you can get. BitAIM APK is an AI assistant that tells you the best choice to make in the game. It scans the positions of the discs concerning the holes and tells you what to do to make the pockets.

BitAIM APK’s AI uses image recognition technology to provide you with knowledge of the best course of action. Of course, getting your balls into the holes requires analytical thinking and strategy, but this app gives you access to unique techniques that lead to your making better shots.

Highlights Of Using BitAIM APK

Difficult and analytical as pool games may be, it is not impossible to succeed in them. Carrom Pool is one of the most interesting pool-themed games you’ll ever play, and BitAIM APK is your surest means of getting good at it. The best parts of using this app are:

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  • AI Help: BitAIM APK tops the list of useful assistant apps because its artificial technology is designed to serve your gaming needs. It offers Carrom Pool success by letting you know where and when to shoot. It analyzes the image on your screen to see and show you the shot possibilities available and determine the best one.
  • Shot Variety: In Carrom Pool, there are different types of shots you can make. Each type has a specific mechanism for achieving it from the Coin Back Shot to the double Coin Shot and V-Side Shot. BitAIM APK knows the shot styles in its database, so it uses this to give you advice concerning the best line of shot action to take.
  • Practice Opportunities: When playing Carrom Pool, you’ll come across other skilled players. Having technological help gives you some form of leverage in your matches. You’ll also need to practice regularly to get better at shooting. With BitAIM APK, you can practice making lots of perfect shots until you get to the pony where you no longer need the app.
  • No Price: The best perk is that this app is completely free! It is designed to help you get better at playing pool, so you don’t have to pay to download or use it. You can reinstall and install it as many times as you want without spending money.
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BitAIM APK is, without a doubt, your best bet for getting better at Carrom Pool. The app was developed with pool lovers like you in mind!

How To Get BitAIM APK

To install BitAIM APK on your phone, you must find yourself a third-party site to download the file from. Then, click the specified button on the site to start the download. Once that is done, go to the Downloads section of your browser to find the file. Click on it to trigger the installation process.

Before you do this, ensure you have given your phone permission to install files from unknown sources. To do this, go to your Settings app, click on Security and toggle on permissions for installations from unknown sources. After you’re done with that, start the installation.

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The installation will appear on your screen; follow them to complete for the installation. In no time, you’ll be through with everything and have the app on your phone, ready to be used.


Pros And Cons Of BitAIM APK

The top upside of using this app is its availability. You can get it from any third-party site, and you don’t have to wait for a download review process like in the case of Google Play Store. In addition, you can download as many versions from any third-party site that offers the app.

Another pro is that the APK file is saved to your device’s memory after you download. This means you can install and uninstall the file any time you want to without downloading it from the site again.

As amazing as this app is, it has its downsides. The first one doubles as a pro and con. BitAIM APK’s availability on third-party sites can harm your mobile device since the file is not checked for malware by Google.

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Viruses may be present in the file, leading to the loss of device data or different forms of malfunctions. In addition, the app will not receive automatic updates because it is not from the Google Play Store. Instead, you’ll have to download a new APK file whenever a new version is released.


BitAIM APK premium is compatible with mobile devices running on Android 5.1 or higher. It is lightweight, with a size of just 28MB. It does not have ads, so you will not be distracted by video interruptions while you shoot. If getting better at Carrom Pool is on your to-do list, make haste and install this amazing app now.

You don’t have to pay, and it’s not taking up too much space on your phone, so you have no excuse. Why don’t you have it installed yet? Stop thinking of excuses. Many people are great at pool games. You can be one of them if you download. Trying out this app might change your mind if the pool is not your thing.

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Download BitAIM APK latest version, a free app that helps you play pool perfectly. Get all your shots right the first time by choosing to trust this software.


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