Big City Life Simulator
Big City Life Simulator
Size: 77.90 MB
Version: 1.4.7
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Download Big City Life Simulator APK and experience the walk of daily life to becoming famous in the big city. It is a role-playing game of working to make a living.

Name Big City Life Simulator
Version 1.4.7
Updated Aug 27, 2023
Category Racing
Developer CactusGamesCompany
Google Play Link com.CactusGames.BCL

Overview of Big City Life Simulator game

Big city life simulator is a mobile game that captures the daily experience of the life of humans, from working to surviving and the quest to become famous in the city. The game is about a role-playing character working to make a living in the real world in a big city. You have to choose a legitimate work in the big city or become a criminal to become famous walking and working through life.

The big city life simulator game was developed and released by Cactus Games Company, the producer of the multi-million dollar game clash of crime and the world of Derby. The game has gotten millions of downloads from Android game players, and it is available in over 40 languages, including English, without age restrictions. In this game, you have to conquer the bustling hurdles of a bigger city to survive to show yourself in all its glory to become famous without dealing with bloody shootings or scenes but show perseverance and accomplish realistic life goals.

big city life simulator apk free download

You have to make your way in the big city, which will not be on a sliver platter or achieving your ambition within a short period. You will have to start at the basics doing a meager job to survive and progress with time to become a successful person and well-known. In this simulation game, the evolution of your character will be controlled to earn a living in a city full of opportunities if you can tap into it and work for it, make a lot of money and own a house and a car.

The background story of the big city life simulator

The game is a real-life description of humans, and it presents the life of a newcomer to the city whose hometown has become too small for him to survive and make a reasonable living. All thanks to his friend, Michael, that has been in the city and helped him out in getting his first job as a newcomer. However, to survive and make a good living in the big city, he will need to take other jobs to earn more money.

big city life simulator apk

Taking on different jobs in the city can be demanding, but it will equip you with diverse experiences and enough money to survive in the big city. Everything is just the beginning of city life for a newcomer who needs to stay on top of his game without having to depend on his friend. And with time, when you become successful, you can decide to live in a less bustling city.

Player’s Mission in Big City life simulator

In a big city life simulator for Android, as you begin your gameplay, you will start as a simple worker who is new to city life without weapons or arming yourself with guns or other arsenals. The main goal is to scale from being a simple worker to becoming successful by overcoming various game missions and earning exciting rewards. Your role-playing character runs with multiple indicators such as hunger and energy, which enables you to know his capabilities. In the game, you will witness different character models, vehicles, magnificent buildings, and many more, which you need to explore and progress successfully in your ambition.

big city life simulator apk (unlimited money)

In this big city game, your character can choose to be a thief/criminal if that is what you desire, but it will be more pleasant to take on a reasonable and legitimate job role. Jobs you can take and do different of them together are pizza seller, cleaner staff, construction worker, and more. As you progress in the game and earn more big city life simulators (unlimited money), you can modify and equip your character by buying nice clothes, shoes, hats, wrist watches, and many more to look more elegant. If you have earned enough, you can buy a house and a car, but you must keep it in mind to accomplish all goals and missions in the big city life simulator free download.

How to play the simulator game

The first thing required to play this game is to get the big city life simulator download to your phone and install it. The gameplay of the simulator is not difficult, you have to follow instructions and take up challenges in the game. When opening the game to start playing, you will receive the assistance of Michael, your friend who has been residing in the city before your arrival.

big city life simulator apk download

The first job you will take on is a delivery officer, and you will be assigned a motorbike to deliver the product to its destination. You will need to perform car controls like in car racing or take the shortest routes as there is a specific time for delivery that you must meet.

Features of big city simulator game

  • The character can be designed to change outfits according to your preferences and the job he is taking.
  • There are different careers to choose from, with each job having its requirements, missions, and goals.
  • Go to the gym to relax your muscles.
big city life simulator apk latest version
  • The game has colorful models of characters and cars and buildings, which are in HD Graphics.
  • The game control has been optimized for the touch screen.
  • As you work and earn more, opt for the lavish lifestyle of the city boy by riding your car.


Big city life simulator is a game that depicts the typical experience of humans to earn a living, survive and live a successful life working in the city. This game will equip you more with the experiences of life as you are entertaining yourself with the simple gameplay of the big city life simulator latest version that gives good opportunity to the open gaming world. As this game is from a multi-million dollar creator, you will enjoy the fantastic gameplay.

The game allows you to live a decent life or engage in criminal activities and use powerful weapons and force to create battles with the police force. The game has been developed with rich content and task worth your time. Get ready for the gameplay and complete the different missions in it.

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Download Big City Life Simulator APK and experience the walk of daily life to becoming famous in the big city. It is a role-playing game of working to make a living.


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