Bid Wars
Bid Wars
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Version: 2.60.7
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Download Bid Wars APK latest version, the one-of-a-kind auction simulator. Stake bets, make choices and gather precious artefacts worldwide, and for cool cash too!

Name Bid Wars
Version 2.60.7
Updated May 29, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer By Aliens
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About Bid Wars

Bid Wars is an auction simulator game in which the players are transported to the realistic world of betting, auctioning, staking and bids. It was offered by gaming corporation, By Aliens and released for download on Google Play Store on the 26th of September, 2015. Bid Wars is maximally compatible on devices with the operating system of Android 8.0 and above.

The game revolves around the art of auctioning, an art which is insanely popular among business tycoons and dealers. It involves an active sense of value, obedience to time, and the wits and strategies for outdoing your opponents in the bidding wars. The game is a strategy game, requiring fast and efficient decision-making skills and a profit-minded player.

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Bid Wars provides players with a feel of the glory and thrill of betting and bidding, allowing players to live out the dream life they desire. The settings are realistic and run on the operatives of a real-life scenario. It could also serve as a fun and educative resort for people in business and sales to wage bidding wars against all their possible opponents and remain the boss.

Bidding and auctioning games are not very popular. However, the makers of Bid Wars have developed the game to the extent that it draws public attention and appraisal. As a result, bid Wars boasts of an outstandingly high rating and a good number of positive reviews. Since its release, it has increased the popularity of games in its genre, with many more gamers worldwide coming to appreciate the context.


The player starts as the owner of a pawnshop in town. A random auction scene is already available at the beginning, and the player participates in this auction to start the game. Players must employ their unique and intriguing auction strategy to begin bargaining and profit during the auction. Different auction times are available, so the player has to be swift enough to catch their bid in the nick of time and at a good price.

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Many of the items for auctioning and the bets involved are highly staked and could result in a massive loss or win for the player. Players might want to shy away from such risky takes; however, those bids with the highest value earn the most profit and respect for the player among the many other opponents.

There is a range of strategies and devices to employ, and the player decides which is more comfortable for them and yields the most results. Players must be very tricky and witty and have a good eye for items. Being able to adeptly guess the price on an item just on sight and reading the enthusiasm of the auctioneer are examples of unique skills that can put the player many steps ahead of their opponents. You can divert the attention of your opponents to the lesser-priced and less valuable items to secure the biggest wins for yourself.

As stated earlier, time is a very important factor in this game. The player has to quickly analyse and calculate the returning profit on an item, make a decision and stake before the time runs out. The items successfully obtained at the end of the auction are taken back to the pawnshop of the owner for selling. When there are more attractive items, artefacts and materials of public interest, the pawnshop grows bigger and more established. The items range from old material, shipwreck junks, autographed balls and cards, and antique items. The mysterious items and collections are precious, and good word will spread across the country of a pawnshop boasting a good number of those.

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The player's main aim in the game is to become an auction master and boost their pawnshop career in the right direction. When the pawnshop grows to a standard extent, the owner of the pawnshop, the player, can organise auctions in the available items in the store to secure staggering profits. Become the biggest business tycoon overall and compete with established names in the niche and reality TV business stars.

Features of Bid Wars

- Super Intriguing Gameplay. The gameplay in Bid Wars is one to reckon with as there is never a dull moment while playing the game. The game is bustling with activities, auctions to hold, places to travel to, a pawnshop to manage and lots and lots more. The game also requires much attention, focus and intuitive thinking, so the player constantly performs brain work. Bid Wars is sure to have action in place at every moment, and the gameplay is remarkably easy to adapt. Players with no prior auctioning experience have attested to the self-explanatory status of the game.

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- Free To Play. Bid Wars is free, and interested players can download the game and begin to enjoy it. However, there are provisions for in-app purchases in the game, as some items can be bought with all real-life money to help increase the gameplay.

- Offline and Online Modes. Bid Wars can be equally enjoyed with or without a connection to the internet.

- Available and Suitable For All Players. Gamers of any age can play Bid Wars, and there are no age limits. The game is also available for download wherever there is an internet connection and a compatible device, anywhere and time.


Bid Wars will keep you on your toes for a long time. The game's concept is not very common, so it introduces a new world. Asides from that, it is very enjoyable and useful and can be played on any day and time. The engaging gameplay, realistic graphics and interesting storyline all add up to make Bid Wars a must-have on your mobile device.

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Download Bid Wars APK latest version, the one-of-a-kind auction simulator. Stake bets, make choices and gather precious artefacts worldwide, and for cool cash too!


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