Beyblade Burst
Beyblade Burst
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Version: 11.1.3
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Download Beyblade Burst APK for a unique combat gaming experience. Level up your characters and engage in top fight battles in this intense combat game.

Name Beyblade Burst
Version 11.1.3
Updated May 15, 2024
Category Action
Developer Hasbro Inc.

Beyblade Burst

Meta description: 

Beyblade Burst is a game where players can create their virtual Beyblades to fight against various players on pc or smartphones. This application is accessible on iOS and Android gadgets. The application is great for young and older people.

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If you're a fan of the Beyblade Burst cartoon series, you'll love the Beyblade Burst game even more. Fight battles at maximum capacity and train your favorite Beyblade Burst characters to be amazing fighters. You can fight characters from different planets and improve your standing. Create rivals and make friends!

Game Description

Beyblade Burst application is owned by  Hasbro, Inc. It was made because of the popularity and love for the Beyblade Burst series.

While the game was made with iOS users in mind, an optimized version of the app is available for Android users.

New fighting combinations are always being introduced, along with new character characteristics. Simply download the game, create a profile, and start building up your character.

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Each Beyblade character has a unique set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. So pick the one you like best and evolve it

The fights in Beyblade Burst can be very competitive, so ensure you train your characters well. Use bonuses to build you up to becoming a Beyblade master.

Features of Beyblade Burst

Here are some unique features of the Beyblade Burst app's new update;

  • You can invite your friends to form a league in the game and host tournaments among yourselves.
  • You can choose how long game seasons last.
  • This is where battle scores are recorded. You can advance in the scoreboard through digital battles or in-person toy battles.
  • Participate in intense battle clashes.
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  • Online Gaming - While most of the game can be done offline, some Beyblade Burst app gameplay features still require you to go online. Battles with friends, and checking the leader board all require internet access.
  • Multiplayer gameplay: You can go online to fight against friends or other Beyblade Burst players. Win tournaments, upgrade tops, climb the scoreboard, and much more using multiplayer mode.

RC Functionality

Before RC functionality can be enabled in the game, you must first grant camera, Bluetooth, and location permission. This is because RC functionality works through Bluetooth burst tops.

The Beyblade Burst app scanner can scan the energy level of the Beyblade toys and remotely control it after access has been granted.

The RC functionality lets you fully control the physical Beyblade. You can change its direction by swiping left or right on your screen.

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The game works well with the Beyblade burst turbo slingshot stadium. Using the slingshot stadium allows you to increase your character's power through the stadium rails. Players also have access to special avatar attacks they can use to increase their power level.

This is a rail system in the slingshot stadium where digital Beyblade Burst tops can be thrown towards the battle ring.

Game Specifications

Beyblade Burst app game doesn't have any age restrictions and is available to people of all ages. However, it does contain cartoon violence and forms of violent competition. This is important to note if your kid is playing this game.

Beyblade Burst requires some phone permissions for the app to work, including camera access for Beyblade Burst app scanning of comes-on toys. It also requires full access to your stored contacts and media.

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Beyblade burst is part of a series of combat-themed games, stations, and comic books. The game's main aim is to level up, battle, and acquire powerful items to become the strongest fighter.

How to Play Beyblade Burst App

Beyblade Burst game is not at all difficult to understand. Once you get characters, you can train and improve them to fight bigger opponents in the arena.

Keep upgrading your characters and participate in tournaments to advance your characters level.

You can choose to play online or offline based on your preference.

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You can use Beyblade Burst app QR codes to scan your toys and use them for physical Beyblade toy battles.

Online Battle

On the online Beyblade Burst app, players can create profiles and battle fellow Beyblade players across the world. Beyblade Burst is available in over 90 countries, so online challenges are never scarce.

Players can also customize their own Beyblade tops if they want. They also get a digital top selector that helps you navigate the game better.

Whenever you win a match, players are awarded new Beyblade parts for their characters. They can use wins to climb up the scoreboard. Player versus players' battles can either be digital or physical battles.

With digital battles, winners can increase rank on the scoreboard, while physical toy battle results are recorded to the Battle League.

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The game regularly has tournaments, and players can invite their friends to play as well. The length of tournaments can extend from one day to a full month.

Downsides to playing Beyblade Burst

Despite being an amazing game, some parts of Beyblade Burst still need improvement.

One of the main issues people have with Beyblade Burst is the number of app permissions it requires. It needs a camera, location, and Bluetooth permission to function well. Some people see this as unnecessary and an invasion of their privacy.

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The matchmaking within the game is not the best as well. Besides this, Beyblade still remains of the best combat games on the market.


Beyblade Burst is full of quality animation and graphics that make the game engaging and exciting to play.

Get the Beyblade Burst app download and start playing today! This amazing, combat-themed game is the perfect game to play when you want to relax and have fun.

And if you're wondering how to download Beyblade Burst app, the download process is simple and stress-free.

Beyblade Burst promises a fun and exciting gameplay and is definitely worth the download.

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Download Beyblade Burst APK for a unique combat gaming experience. Level up your characters and engage in top fight battles in this intense combat game.


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