Bed Wars
Bed Wars
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Download Bed Wars APK and build beds while you prevent another team from destroying your beds and destroying theirs. Instead, will you successfully destroy their beds?

Name Bed Wars
Updated Jul 12, 2024
Category Action
Developer Blockman GO studio

Bed wars

Bed wars game is a war simulation game that calls for action and agility; in this game, you are expected to build different types of beds while being conscious and protective of the beds that you are making, while you have to destroy the other team's beds from getting completed to be able to win. But, of course, they won't be watching you destroy their beds so that the destruction might turn into war, and you both have to fight.

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In this Bed war game, you will enjoy the action that comes with this game, and it is available for download on android and iOS devices; you can either play offline or online, whereby you will be able to make friends online which whom you can connect with and discussion of how better you can enjoy the game.

Detailed Description on Bed wars

Bed war game of action, research, and the building has to deal with constructing and creating beds that you have to be able to use your idea and thought to create something beautiful to get more coins and rewards; the gameplay of Bed wars is rather simple yet challenging and interesting, you have to build a bed in different design s and stop other teams from destroying it. In contrast, you destroy theirs to have the upper hand in the game.

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Bed war game is one of the most interesting action games you would ever wish, it is an online game created by the most popular entertainment world, and they are known for the best games they build. At the start of this game, there are only 16 players, and they are always divided into the group of your and each team will face each other to have war and protect their beds while also wanting to destroy the other team's own so that they can win and have the upper hand.

Having the upper hand in the Beds war game gives you a lot of rewards such as unlimited money, cash, and many events gifts which you have access to when you win, every if the groups are expected to an island to collect any items or resources that they can find and even go to special places that they know that they will find gold, diamond, sapphire, and even silvers to be able to build fine beds and use them to make places or where you can hide your beds for safekeeping. Then, you can start forming a pathway to another team's land to destroy their sites.

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This game's graphics and sounds are the best for constructing and action games; it passes the vibe check of action game sounds; In this bed war game, the amount of money gained from the wins you get can be used to purchase the gems and materials that you need to build the place that you need to keep your beds to keep out the enemies that they might destroy your beds.

Features of Bed wars


Bed war gameplay is an action game, and it is way more interesting than every action game you could have ever played; in a Bed war game, there is a team of four teams consisting of four players, and they are given a slight sword that isn't even very sharp to take out your enemies. You are also given a compass to be able to track your enemies and also to be able to pass messages to your fellow teammates, and alert them of when an opponent comes close to you or the other team players. Finally, they are bed given to each team, which must be protected at all costs.

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Each of the team is given a separate island and where to protect their bed, and each of them is provided a diamond it emerald generator; these generators are used to buy tram upgrades and some other materials, and the emerald can be used to purchase stronger items that you need, and opponents can decide to go over the generator to enter into the island to destroy their beds and tools to defend yourselves are also available.

Modes and levels

There are levels and modes in the Bed war game where you can choose which type of mode you want to play. They are 4 different types of ways which are solo, doubles, 3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4, and these insinuate that you can either play alone or you can play in two or play with 2 other teams, and then you or all the 4 teams play together, and there is also the 4v3 and 3v2, and this is that 4 can play with 3 and then the cycle goes like that.

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Different types of challenges need to be done and completed. Once the challenges are met, you are awarded some coins, rewards, and unlimited money just because you have defeated your enemies and you have the upper hand.


Bed wars are the  best game when you need a round of construction and action, this game ticks every effort you need in a game, and you have to be overprotective of your beds, making you ever conscious.

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Download Bed Wars APK and build beds while you prevent another team from destroying your beds and destroying theirs. Instead, will you successfully destroy their beds?


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