Bazooka Boy
Bazooka Boy
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Version: 2.2.38
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Download Bazooka Boy APK Game and blast off hostiles in the vicinity with a barrage of ballistic rifles and high-grade military weapons from multiple locations.

Name Bazooka Boy
Version 2.2.38
Updated May 31, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.Lightneer.BazookaBoy

Bazooka Boy

Enjoy the strangely satisfying feeling of destruction and achievement when you blast your way through multiple levels, obstacles, and faceless hostiles who are out to capture you. This 2D shooting video game is an entertaining journey into the world of a skilled Ballistic shooter who must get rid of multiple enemies armed to the teeth and spread across different directions. Worse, he must accomplish all these in an unfavorable environment with significantly fewer ammunition rounds.

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Taking full advantage of his surroundings, the player must carefully consider how best and how quickly he can defeat his enemies with what type of materials around, the enemy position, the kind of weapon weirded, and the blast radius of the bazooka. Bazooka boy game describes the difficulties in missile launching and long-range attacks. It applies real-world physics to its projectile motion and game engine so its description can be accurate.

With an impressive slingshot trace path, which you can adjust at any moment before release, the controls have become extremely easy to apply and fun to use by presenting a wide variety of options for the user.

Game Description

Bazooka Boys is one of Supersonic Studios' many successful games and apps that have been released and downloaded by many across the globe with a simple "Bazooka Boy download." The Bazooka Boy Game is a mesmerizing and immersive 2D video game that helps players have fun during moments of relaxation and feel good achieving quests and claiming rewards, which depend on the player's knowledge of how things move when thrown into the air.

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The game is 100% free, as a search of "Bazooka Boy Free download" would reveal; being launched on the 10th of July 2020, Bazooka Boy has gone on to rapidly acquire a mind-blowing and astonishing download of over 500M+ gamers and a rating of 4.5/5 stars from 485,341 gamers who cared to drop their review.

Despite being in the casual shooting and adventure genre, Bazooka Boy is a go-to for gamers across the works who wish to have a fun time blowing up enemy terrain and engaging in fun target practice with unsuspecting faceless men. Since its launch on the 10th of July 2020 till date, Bazooka Boy has accumulated a revenue of $5,000, and this is major because the game operates on multiple operating systems like Android and IOS.

Angry Bird is a similar app to Bazooka Boy, and both games are very engaging. However, what Bazooka Boy has that throws a jab at its competition is its real-world physics design, Interaction with enemies, the environment, and the use of famous high ballistic weapons the military employs.

All these factors, coupled with interesting gameplay, give Bazooka Boy the fame and recognition it has acquired.

Game Features

Bazooka Boy game has many interesting features in its arsenal, from an interactive 2D environment set in the second person view, obedience to the projectile motion physics of real-world ballistics shot at enemy tanks, to owning an arsenal of lethal weapons.

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Players constantly face many targets while having a clip size of 2-3 rounds. This problem is further escalated by the fact that opponents are armed with M16 and multiple assault rifles and have the higher ground most of the time; hence gravity works in their favor against your attacks.

You can resolve this problem by taking in the expected reaction and effect of gravity and blast radius in your surroundings. Using these factors in every level, the player would discover that direct attacks on enemies may not always be the solution.


  • Tutorial: The in-game tutorial helps players overcome this hurdle, and it begins the moment the game is launched for the first time the game is played. This tutorial teaches the player the basics of the game, how to aim and shoot, how to make shots that earn extra points and how the environment reacts.
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  • Environment: Bazooka Boy game has an ever-changing environment with many new structures made of various materials. The atmosphere creates excitement and initiates logical reasoning and adaptability Bon the part of the player, who must think critically about how the nature of the materials present and geometrical arrangement could result in positive chaos with just the right amount of force.
  • Controls: The game's controls are one of its most important features. The game helps players have a rough idea of where the missile will hit using a slingshot-style control and display of proposed missile trajectory lines.
  • Guns: With the game flaunting a wide array of guns, players are constantly reminded of the need for better weapons with the rising difficulty of every mission. As the levels increase, the height, range, speed, and power delivered by the player's gun becomes inadequate to blast enemy territory efficiently, resulting in a chain of constant losses until one of the many epic guns is bought.Players who failed to prepare for this event sometimes make inquiries like "Bazooka Boy Guns" and "Bazooka Boy all weapons."
  • Shop: The shop is one very crucial part of the game. It houses a lot of weapons, custom kits, and the likes that players can purchase to make their gameplay further enjoyable.The game supports ads and, as such, maybe a bit frustrating for players playing while connected to the Internet. Players are advised to turn their internet connection off or purchase items with real-world money in the shop and have the ads canceled to combat these ads.
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  • Daily quests and other rewards: Daily Quests are given to the user every 24 hours and gold rewards for watching ads. The player should spend these rewards wisely on purchasing and upgrading guns and other weapons rather than on custom skins and other accessories, which do not add anything to the player's stats.


This immersive shooter game is more than what meets the eye, as players will quickly find themselves stuck and unable to progress without proper planning and considering the missiles' projectile motion and blast effect. Download the Bazooka Boy game today and watch your predictions come through in an explosive result.

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Download Bazooka Boy APK Game and blast off hostiles in the vicinity with a barrage of ballistic rifles and high-grade military weapons from multiple locations.


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