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Download Badlanders APK for an exciting adventure and enjoy controlling the actions of a special agent on a vast battlefield in this third-person action game.

Name Badlanders
Version 1.9
Updated Oct 19, 2023
Category Action
Developer NetEase Games
Google Play Link com.netease.sheltergp

About Badlanders

Badlanders is an outstanding game for fans of Action/Adventure games. This game is one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) games for mobile devices, and it involves some of the most subtle and professional details anyone can add to a shooting game. Badlanders is different from most first-person shooter games today because it offers a fast-paced feeling, exciting shooting battles, and a lot of excitement for players.

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Badlanders is a simulation of real-life shooting action. It seeks to put a fresh spin on the typical battle royale genre. Every time the trigger is pressed in the game, the barrel recoils, and the gun's butt is elevated slightly, which causes the character's hand to have a distinct recoil that corresponds to each type of gun used.

Few battle royale games are capable of simulating physics in this way. Badlanders uses a flawless 3D engine to immerse players in the most thrilling and fast-paced FPS action, making it an excellent playground for gamers with friends.

This game's control mechanism and backing system give players incredible First Person Shooter sensations that few games have. This helps eliminate redundant operations and integrate many advanced components that provide the players with total flexibility no matter their situation. Badlanders' control system has a wide range of customization features for players looking for top-notch comfort.

Badlanders is free for anyone. However, this online game has in-app expenses that allows players access to certain fantastic features. NetEase Games developed this action/adventure game. It is also available in multiple languages since there are more than 42 languages to choose from

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You can download this app on Android and iOS devices. The content is rated for 17-year-olds and above. This game also has over 5 million online downloads with an impressive rating of 3.7 from over ninety-thousand users that reviewed it.

Badlanders Game Plot

This game stands out from the others as a result of its setting. It begins with you in the now-desolate remains of a once-great civilization. It features a Red Beach Sanctuary where advanced weaponry was once held but was later destroyed by natural disasters.

However, in the face of natural disasters, it has become a lighthouse for the preservation of knowledge and technology for all of humanity. Nevertheless, this plan was short-lived because a fight broke out, and the preservation plan was abandoned. The only things left on that bloody coastline are massive ruins and rival scavengers fighting for treasures.

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In this game, players will be brought to a battle location with the other 25 players to begin the suspenseful battle. All that is left of this location is a ruin with some ancient tools. Most of them are going to be gear like armor, swords, and tools. You can use your left hand's joystick to assist your character in moving. To protect yourself against others, gather weapons and ammunition. You must aim carefully and press the fire button to release the bullets once you've picked up the gun. When you've got the game down, you will unquestionably beat your opponent.

Game Features

Like all First Person Shooter games, Badlanders has some tension and action about it, which reflects in the features. Learn about some of the most incredible features you can expect on Badlander:

Exciting Gameplay

The goal of Badlanders is to collect as many valuables as possible while surviving the hostile environment. Your car, which resembles an armored dune buggy, will be your primary weapon. Many kinds of vehicles are available, each with a different rating for speed and strength.


To ensure that you find every treasure on the map, you must constantly move from one place to another. Along the trip, you will encounter a lot of minerals and artifacts.

You can also use various weaponry in your vehicle's dashboards to combat adversaries, like a bazooka and a revolver. Do not forget to employ your grenades and rockets if the opponent approaches too closely. Every time players collect a treasure, they will also come across several enemies. Your goal is to eliminate them and ensure yourself an easy route toward the next glory.


Weapons are essential when it comes to determining the perfection of an FPS game. Several guns, shotguns, snipers, rifles, and assault rifles. Each weapon has its own parameters, such as damage and range. You can use various appropriate guns for each play scene—the more effective the weapon, the more interesting the game.

Players can customize the appearance of their guns as there are several designs with unique motifs in many styles. The gun's looks will not affect damage or flexibility.

3D Graphics And Animation

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Badlanders uses the Unity 3D graphics engine, which allows for smooth movement of characters, enemies, bullets, and weapon recoil. This game's 3D scene is not overly complicated or risky, but it is well processed, and the colors are reasonable, creating a realistic feeling.  Badlanders is a Netease game, players expect the basic quality of the game to be good, and it is. You can sit and play for a long time without becoming tired or bored. A smooth animation also allows players to skid through the game without lags.

Realistic Environment

The graphics and smooth animations give this game a realistic feel. The game has many practical elements, such as complex characters, weapons, ground, movement, and so on. The explosive effects also give you the impression that you are in a realistic environment. This feature is what keeps the players interested and makes the game more enjoyable to play.

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Badlanders is an excellent FPS game. The game's realism, physics simulation, and appealing shooting mechanism are fantastic. The game has impressive features that keep you entertained and wanting more action.

Players will find that Badlanders is a very different battle royale game. While this game may share huge similarities in terms of the core gameplay, its primary concepts are quite different and refreshing.

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Download Badlanders APK for an exciting adventure and enjoy controlling the actions of a special agent on a vast battlefield in this third-person action game.


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