Bad North Jotunn Edition
Bad North Jotunn Edition
Size: 204,4 MB
Version: 2.00.19
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Download Bad North Jotunn Edition APK and control battalions of warriors on the run from a Viking tide. It is one of the best real-time strategy games out there.

Name Bad North Jotunn Edition
Version 2.00.19
Updated Nov 19, 2023
Category Strategy
Developer Raw Fury

About Bad North Jotunn Edition

Bad North is a straightforward strategy game with enjoyable and satisfying gameplay mechanics. You command small squads of armed warriors fleeing from an oncoming Viking tide. On an overworld map, your troops bounce from island to island, fighting off hordes of Vikings to protect the houses on them.

Each intact house grants you some coin to spend on upgrades. You will obtain more commanders, traits, and items as you progress through the game. You can apply these items and traits sometimes to future runs. However, when a commander dies, they are gone for good. Furthermore, the game is over unless you have secured a checkpoint island if you lose all of your commanders.

bad north jotunn edition apk

Before you start, pick your difficulty (easy, normal, or hard). The game appeals to those who are just looking for occasional fun and those who just like things ridiculously tough. The game allows you to select two starting troops, each with a male and female commander. The game also includes a simple tutorial to assist you in getting started.

This game is charmingly brutal, with beautiful procedurally-generated islands and adorable soldiers set against the bloody realities of war. You direct the broad strokes of the battle, issuing high-level orders to your soldiers, who do their best to fulfill them in the heat of battle. It's a deep game that's easy to get into, with simple player inputs masking a dynamic combat simulation that makes it appealing to new players while challenging veterans.

Interested Bad North: Jutton Edition players should prepare for payment as this game is not accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. This game also has in-app purchases that allow players to access incredible features. This game was developed by Plausible Concept. Bad North: Jutton Edition is available in multiple languages since there are more than 11 languages to choose from.

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Apart from Android and iOS devices, Bad North: Jutton Edition is available on different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The content is rated for 12-year-olds and above. This game has 100 thousand online downloads with an impressive rating of 4.4 from over Seven thousand users that reviewed it.

Secure your Island From Viking Invasion

While the army will naturally grow with time, players can still equip the castle with an impressively effective defense system. After the player completes the requirements for the game, those systems will gradually appear, helping to enhance the formations or troops on the battlefield.

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Naturally, more defenses will start to appear, and players can position them strategically to annihilate many enemies when they are nearby. Additionally, those items are upgradeable indefinitely, allowing for developing new variants for use in dense coastal areas under intense enemy attacks. As soon as the Vikings arrive on your island, they will cause havoc by setting fire to every island home while attempting to kill your soldiers.

Features Of Bad North Jotunn Edition

Compared to other real-time strategy games, This game has some incredible tricks, reflecting its features. Learn about some of the most stunning features you can expect from this game:


The gameplay in Bad North is centered on real-time tactics. The main objectives are to defend the kingdom from the invading Vikings who killed the king and to direct the island's inhabitants to flee. Each island presents a different challenge due to its unique topography.

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The player's strategy must be well thought out in order to get the chance to protect the houses and save the people from the enemy because they are divided into multiple tiles and have houses with Vikings attacking from every angle. Torches will be thrown into the houses by the Viking invaders, and if they burn entirely, the player will not receive any reward for those houses. You are given gold at the end of each level depending on how many houses you were able to save.

To upgrade units and level up commanders' defenses, you need gold. Additionally, the player can add new commanders to the Army and pick up items (shown on the map as question marks).

3D Graphics and Animation

This game has impressive graphics. The visuals have a distinct 3D water painting appearance. The art is quite distinctive, almost like a living painting, despite the simplicity of the units' designs. The effects of the weather are excellent. While it rains often, there are occasionally beautiful day and night cycles, displaying some impressive color use as the sun sets.

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The animations for each character in each unit are also quite impressive. Although they share a similar appearance, they seem to behave very differently. They also possess qualities that keep players invested in the characters and in turn, fully immersed in the game.

The calm blue of your soldiers contrasts nicely with the Viking troops' fearsome, dark black. When they collide, and the weapons make contact, red-colored water splatters the islands in a violent but beautiful way.


Bad North joins the likes of Element at the forefront of a new wave of intelligent yet fundamentally approachable real-time strategy games, offering a taste of Viking strategic combat straight from the heart of Scandinavia's independent development scene.

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This endlessly entertaining sea of bite-sized battles will teach you to fear and love the sound of the approaching horde. There is enough enemy variety to convince you that you're playing an interactive episode of the Vikings TV show. What better way to live the dream of a movie character than playing this game?

In many ways, Bad North: Jotunn Edition is one of the best strategy games available, and it never fails to surprise players as they play or follow the game's narrative. Additionally, the graphics and visual effects are stunning and eye-catching, promising players a never-ending supply of vicious and thrilling battles while they still rule the islands.

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Download Bad North Jotunn Edition APK and control battalions of warriors on the run from a Viking tide. It is one of the best real-time strategy games out there.


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