Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity
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Version: 1.1.3
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Download and install Axie Infinity APK to play for money. This game not only provides its players with entertainment alone, but it also gives them the chance to earn real money.

Name Axie Infinity
Version 1.1.3
Updated Oct 1, 2022
Category Arcade
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Description of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game released by a Vietnam-based studio known as Sky Mavis. Since the release of this game, there have been several controversies among gamers. However, the controversy did not arise from the challenges the game offers, the plotline, or the quality of the game, but because it also features an NFT platform. This means that players can gain two things simultaneously – the entertainment from playing Axie Infinity and the possibility of earning real money.

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An NFT Trend

This game functions on the platform of blockchain. It’s a game that assists in creating and nurturing creatures in the virtual world that eventually turn into NFTs – important assets you can collect and sell for real money. This game is popular not only due to its fun gameplay but also because players can easily generate income as they play.

To begin playing this game, you must possess an available virtual currency. You can use virtual currency types for trading in this game – SLP, AXS, and ETH. Also, you must possess a good knowledge of NFT to earn.

More about NFT

The full meaning of NFT is a non-fungible token. NFT is a kind of Digital Asset that was formed from Axie Infinity; it is a feature embedded within the game, but you can bring it out and exchange it for real currency as a tangible asset.

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A few years ago, Konami marked the 35th anniversary of their popular game Castlevania, and an Auction event concerning NFTs according to the game was held. The collection of NFTs includes background music (BGM), hand-drawn images, and gameplay scenes. A certain map of Dracula Castle was sold for a whopping $26,000.

The Awesome Features of NFT

  • The biggest concern about NFT is that no policy is tangible enough to govern it. Also, this NFT does not follow any market principles or economic laws. As a result, its value either increase, remain the same or is even rendered worthless, depending on unpredictable events and personal, subjective factors.
  • Many colossuses in the gaming world have predicted that NFT is an unavoidable trend in the future; it is a catalyst that drives a player’s creative contributions. It also serves as a link between the players and the developer.
  • Each NFT has a non-duplicable and unique digit.
  • Players can trade NFT in virtual or real money. As soon as the transaction is completed, the series of numbers will automatically record the transaction.
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  • NFT can be represented by any digital object, such as equipment, weapon, item, code, text, music, video, image, etc. These objects can appear in the game or have a connection with the game.

The Gameplay

Like Pokemon, this game is also concerned with the collection of creatures, taming them, nurturing them, and training them to fight other creatures. By winning the fight, you will gain the animal of your opponent. However, there is a big difference between Axe Infinity and Pokemon.

In this game specifically, after you have trained many creatures, you can trade them for a lot of money according to the rarity, strength, value, and the number of that object’s breed.

There are 4 stats associated with the Axies: Speed – Skill – Morale – Health

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  • Speed: Axies with higher speed levels will always be the first attack. This is the attack speed of each Axie.
  • Skill: You can apply many skills simultaneously to form different combos. There are different skills associated with the Axies, so they can create several tactics and forms of battle. This is each Axie’s skill.
  • Morale: The fortitude to manage critical hits at the start and end of the game.
  • Health: Here is the ability and health of each Axie.

Stats will be dependent on the body part and class of each Axie. The class system is not different from Pokemon: Bird, Bug, Beast, Reptile, Plant, Aqua. Then there are 6 body parts: tail, back, mouth, horns, ears, and eyes.

When the battle is involved, this game is a battle game of cards. Each of the groups will involve 3 Axies that are picked and arranged following the owner's discretion. When your turn comes, you should attack or defend with a card to maximize the options to decrease the damage you suffer and increase the opponent’s damage. Some are available for the attack, some for blood pumping, and others are perfect at defense. Surely, you will have more winning chances, and your level of confusion in battle will be reduced when you assign them tasks. Therefore, it is important to have an attacker and a defender in your team.

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Most times, the Plant Axies possess incredible defense skills; the Aqua and Reptile can also be attackers or defenders following their usage. The others can be applied as attackers/tanks.

Whenever you are battling, 4 cards can be owned by each Axie, and each card stands for the power of a particular part: horns, tails, back, and mouth. Customizing freely will also reward your team with better flexibility in combat.

How to Prepare before Playing This Game

This game's fighting manner is similar to Pokemon, and it follows each other’s compatibility. There are strengths and weaknesses to each class in comparison with others. After considering your Axie’s resistance to your enemy’s, you have to also consider the indicator in each to determine if the victory level is high or not. You may immediately suffer some damages that are unnecessary whenever you choose the wrong Axie.

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Therefore, to understand how to get high money by playing Axie Infinity, you must:

  • Understand each class and its similarities.
  • Understand the workings of the concept of NFT in the world of gaming.
  • Understand the flow of virtual currency, including how to play virtual currencies.

Final Words

Generally, several controversies surround NFT concerning if this game is a money-making tool or just a game of entertainment. However, this is part of the inevitable future trend of the gaming community. If you have an opportunity to learn the game, you should try it. Perhaps you might end up being a millionaire from playing this game.

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Download and install Axie Infinity APK to play for money. This game not only provides its players with entertainment alone, but it also gives them the chance to earn real money.


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