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Download the Audiobook APK and enjoy all your audiobooks most easily by listening to them. The app features special options for listening to audiobooks.

Name Audiobook
Version 10.8.9
Updated May 15, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Alex Software

Smart Audiobook Player

Smart audiobook player is a great application for listening to and enjoying audiobooks. Reading books are essential in all our life activities as it makes us know more about the world and learn more about life experiences. However, some people don't find reading books interesting, so they prefer to listen to them, hence the need for audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a great way to read your favorite book or stories. It serves more for meditation. To listen to audiobooks, you need an application or a means to get it done conveniently and comfortably hence the reason for the smart audiobook player. This application is a nice and reliable way to listen to audiobooks.

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The smart audiobook player has many features that make it suitable for listening to audiobooks. It has special and interesting options that make users like the application.

Asides from listening to audiobooks on the app, you can manage and enjoy your book library. If you love reading, this is a great app to engage yourself. You can read captivating stories, organize, categorize and play your audiobooks on the app.

Smart Audiobook Player Description

Smart audiobook player is an application published by Alex software that allows users to play, listen and enjoy audiobooks with several features. The app is designed specifically for plating and listening to audiobooks.

The application has a simple and nice user interface with basic designs, many features, and several books of different genres. This is a place to be; you will enjoy your favorite book conveniently anytime, anywhere.

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Smart Audiobook players will immerse you in an awesome reading and meditation experience; you can listen to these audiobooks while doing other activities like bathing, cooking, working, and more. You can either listen to them in the background or through headphones.

While playing an audiobook on a smart audiobook player, you can increase or decrease the reading speed. This makes the book sit well in your mind. Also, a playback option allows you to replay in case you have missed out on a sentence you didn't hear.

Smart audiobook player is a vast library of books. On the application, books are classified into differ et playlists and collections allowing users to listen to and enjoy them comfortably. It is the best place for high-quality and unfiltered audiobooks. Smart audiobook players have great customization in several ways to give every user the best experience while changing things and accessing audiobooks.

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Users worldwide have a lot to say about the smart audiobook player. It has served people well, and it is one of the best audiobook players. The application is available for all mobile devices; hence no one I left out to enjoy its features.

In addition, smart audiobook player AI remembers where you left while listening to an audiobook. This allows users to resume any book they have left off.

Features of Smart Audiobook Player

Here are the awesome features the application has to offer;

Customization option

This is an audiobook app; hence it allows users to customize and organize the way they want their library to look, that Is, the arrangement of several books, playlists, and others. The app is user-friendly and allows users to make their setting preferences.

Well-organized library

Another feature of a smart audiobook player is the library of well-arranged and organized books. This feature welcomes users and makes it attractive. The smart audiobook player library has a user-friendly and Sophisticated design which makes it easier to search for nooks or use suggestions.

smart audiobook player apk

Intuitive playback option

With the smart audiobook player mobile app, you can adjust the playback speed to your preferences. This is done by long pressing the playback option till it is customized to the desired speed. This feature allows you to focus on important parts of the book and skip the ones that might be unnecessary. With this feature, you will look back on the audiobook to see if you have missed anything.

Personal book classification

On smart audiobook players, all your books are well classified. This way, you will know the new books released, the ones you just finished or started. You will read books you feel kike reading at any time and not necessarily finish one before the other.

Get the right book covers

Smart audiobook player allows users to access several interesting book covers online. Users will download them on their system and put the cover in the book folder.

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Additional features

Smart audiobook players are not limited to the features above; here are some further features;

  • Ad-free, no ad threat
  • Chromecast support
  • Smart search of audiobooks
  • Listen to books offline
  • Organize your book library
  • Control over the audiobooks


Smart audiobook player is an excellent app that allows you to explore and listen to audiobooks. It also improves your listening skills. Download the latest version and enjoy premium features on the app.

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Download the Audiobook APK and enjoy all your audiobooks most easily by listening to them. The app features special options for listening to audiobooks.


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