Another Hunt
Another Hunt
Size: 100 MB
Version: 1.0
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Download Another Hunt on android for free. You will have to confront monsters and destroy them. Become the hero when you defeat them! Discover what goes on in high school.

Name Another Hunt
Version 1.0
Updated Dec 20, 2022
Category Action
Developer TwoMan
Google Play Link

About Another Hunt

Another Hunt is parked with fierce monsters who are hungry to destroy. Your job is to fight them alongside your colleagues. This will require you to have unique skills and special weapons to slay demons. Your colleagues also have a special ability to confront demons. However, you will also need money to boost your weapon and use some grades of weapons to fight the demons.

The game supports PVP and PVE; in PVP nature, you will compete with every player to become the winner in the game and win points. With every monster that you defeat, your points will increase.


Another Hunt is a tough game with immersive graphics that makes players fight with monsters. When you select from the available heroes, you can choose where several ghosts will attack you.

In order to destroy them, you must engage your character's skill and the features in Another Hunt. If you choose not to play with the AI, you can opt to play with real participants —like your friends— by winning coins. When you get to the end of each battle, you will receive prizes and new heroes that act well in war and welding.

Another Hunt Gameplay

Another Hunt is a multiplayer action game played online, where you are to participate in the best battle, and a wide range of in-game characters, each possessing unique abilities that give you options to pick the best.

The strategy doesn't apply in this game, as every battle will happen in a tricky location with numerous rooms, platforms, windows, etc. The developers made it classic, so you can experience a realistic mode. It encompasses beautiful and awesome graphics, which makes the gameplay super interesting. They strive and hunt animals for food.


They engage in a risky fight that brings them so much loot. The experienced and best hunters have made the forest their territory and possession.

You have always wished to become a skilled hunter— not just an ordinary hunter. But the condition and the time to become so is not given to you. When you are not working, you will still have to cater to your family and take short breaks for other things. But finally, Another Hunt was created for you.

You will be trained as a hunter to defeat mighty beasts and return with loot. This game can be very addictive, especially if you love hunting games. It employs the use and development of your intellect.

Features Of Another Hunt

Discover Beast On Mobile Device

In this game, you will experience the day-to-day work of an actual hunter. Though they don't seem to exist anymore, back in the day, their occupation was considered lucrative. Now you can travel back in time to become the best hunter in this game. Over millions of users have testified that the game is fun, so rest assured you won't be disappointed.


Start The Hunt

Typically, predators are always known as fair hunters; what they do is kill and loot prey. Their action is relatively harmful because, before the attack, the prey doesn't often run away. Most times, they engage in a fierce battle that threatens traditional lives. Would you like to experience this but are not certain you can do it in real life? Here is a chance to actualize your desire via your mobile device.

Become A Monster Hunter

You will become a monster hunter in this game, and you will explore tough missions in the game. You will instantly be transported to an unknown land when you pick a character. This is where you encounter great monster attacks around the map.

Hence, you will have to take advantage of your character's skills and ability to destroy the monsters and take loot after each phase.

Lots Of Awesome Game Modes

Presently, the game has 4 major modes: bounty hunter, classic mode, co-op, and boss hunt mode. For each game mode, players will experience a distinct mode of operation. However, the PVE nature will get satisfaction in this mode. This implies that players must organize or play against one other worldwide.


Preserve The Hunter's Power

Note that the main characters in Another Hunt can be upgraded with the coin you earned. This process requires so many coins. However, your character will have higher stats such as HP, damage, attack, range, defense, etc. All are included.

3D Block Visual Style

The game is designed in 3D graphics that are so detailed and illustratively clear. This Another Hunt block-kind of style will surely impress you. Hence, you will feel like you are exploring a modern game integrated with classic characters. What is your thought about Another Hunter's graphics? Share your experience.

Get Coins And Diamonds

In this game, you will earn coins and acquire points depending on the number of monsters you kill at a stipulated time. As a hunter, you will have to complete several weekly tasks to receive money and get more points. Daily battles reward you with extra coins that you can convert into items like weapons. Also, you must complete the daily challenges to earn rewards.


Another Hunt is a new game launched on the Google play store. Because of its awesome and immersive gameplay, it has gotten more than 100,000 downloads. The publisher, Bomb It Games, has received several accolades for creating fascinating games like Another Hunt. Thus, they captured the hearts of everyone through famous games like Driving School Simulator and Tiny Gladiators.

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Download Another Hunt on android for free. You will have to confront monsters and destroy them. Become the hero when you defeat them! Discover what goes on in high school.


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