Animal Warfare
Animal Warfare
Size: 131.13 MB
Version: 3.0.0
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Download Animal Warfare APK latest version and build a formidable animal army. You will have many animals to choose from, including bears, dogs, and lions.

Name Animal Warfare
Version 3.0.0
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Strategy
Developer PlaySide Studios
Google Play Link com.playsidestudios.animal

A Critical Analysis of Animal Warfare APK 

Animal Warfare APK is a unique game offered by PlaySide Studios. It is an Android strategy game in which you will build an animal army to fight fierce battles.

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The game gives you the leeway to choose any animal you want. Each animal has its unique strength and weakness. You must carefully select the right animal according to the situation to use them in battle efficiently.

If you want a relaxing strategy game, download Animal Warfare APK for Android. The game is compatible with Android 5.0+ devices.

What’s special about Animal Warfare APK?

What would happen if you pit animals against each other in a fight to the death? The answer is PlaySide Studios’ Animal Warfare APK for Android.

In this game, you must build an army of animals and use them to battle it out with enemy forces. The animal kingdom is at your disposal as you can choose from bears, dogs, lions, and many other animals.

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You create a formidable team that'll make your opponents quiver in their boots. The animals are animated excellently, and the sound effects make the game all the more enthralling.

A Highly Riveting Gaming Experience

The joy that comes with watching animal fights is unquantifiable. You will be on the edge of your seat as you see a bear mauling a dog or a lion pouncing on its prey.

When you begin, you're only allowed to have a few animals in your army. As you keep playing and winning, you unlock more animals and build a stronger force.

Ensure you collect as many animals as possible to create the ultimate animal army. You can also upgrade your animals to make them even more powerful.

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Your goal should always be to create the most dominant team because that's the only way to be victorious. The more animals you have, the more options you have in battle, and the higher your chances of winning become.

Unique Features of Animal Warfare APK

  • Win Gold. Winning matches in this game nets you gold, the in-game currency. You can use it to buy more animals and upgrade the ones you have.
  • Check Your Animals' Strength & Health. If you want to know how strong or healthy your animals are, go to the menu and check their stats. Doing this gives you an idea of which animals you should use in battle and which ones you should leave behind.
  • Build The Ultimate Army. The key to success in Animal Warfare APK is to build the best animal army possible. The more animals you have, the better your chances of winning become.
  • Be Strategic! You must carefully select your animals and use them to their full potential. You also must pay attention to the enemy's movements and make the right decisions accordingly. If you are not careful, you'll find yourself losing a lot of matches.
  • Deep Progression Systems. This game has a lot of depth, and it'll take you time to master it. The good thing is that the gameplay is very addictive, and you'll probably keep coming back for more even after you have put in dozens of hours.
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  • Minimalistic Design. The game has a minimalistic design, which is great because it doesn't overload you with information. The focus is on the gameplay.
  • 100+ Unique Levels. There are over 100 unique levels for you to play, and each one is more mind-provoking than the last. You'll be challenged at every turn, and that's what makes this game so special.
  • Regular Upgrades. You'll always have something new to look forward to because the developers regularly release upgrades. These upgrades add new animals, customization options, and levels.
  • Be On Top of the Leaderboard! Your goal is to be the best player on the leaderboard, and it will not be easy. You need to be very strategic and make sure that you always have the upper hand.
  • Upgrade Your App. This application has a VIP subscription that allows you to enjoy better gameplay. You will have 4500 coins, 100 daily gems, and no ads.

Be the Leader & Guide Your Animal Army!

You're the leader of your animal army, and it's up to you to guide them to victory. Make use of their unique strengths and abilities to take down the enemy.

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You will also take boss battles in this game, and they can be quite tough. Luckily, you can use gold to buy upgrades that'll help you take down these bosses.

Even more exciting, the challenge modes will keep you guessing the next move! You will always be on your toes, ensuring that you have a captivating experience.

Download Game Animal Warfare APK

The Animal Warfare APK VIP version offers everything you need to have an edge over the competition. With 4500 coins and 100 daily gems, you'll quickly climb up the leaderboard. Here's why this version is unique:

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  • Animal Warfare APK Free Shopping. This game offers the power to buy anything you want without spending real money. You will have access to everything from the start, including all of the animals.
  • Animal Warfare APK Unlimited Money and Gems. This game is about progression, and that's why you need all the resources you can get. With the version, you will have an unlimited supply of resources.
  • Ad-Free Gameplay. Animal Warfare APK unlimited gems download is an ad-free game, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. There will be no distractions, and you can enjoy the game to the fullest.


Animal Warfare APK offers a unique animal army experience that's perfect for strategy fans. With over 100 levels, regular upgrades, and challenging gameplay, you'll quickly become addicted to this game.

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Download Animal Warfare APK latest version and build a formidable animal army. You will have many animals to choose from, including bears, dogs, and lions.


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