Angry Birds
Angry Birds
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Version: 8.0.3
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Download Angry Birds Classic APK for the ultimate gaming experience. Sling the angry birds and enjoy the fun crashing delight. Maximise your aiming and gaming skills.

Name Angry Birds
Version 8.0.3
Updated Aug 11, 2022
Category Arcade
Google Play Link com.rovio.angrybirds

All About Angry Birds Classic

Angry Birds Classic is a recreation of the initial game, Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and published by Clickgamer. It was initially released in December 2009 and was available only on iOS devices, but it was later made available for Android devices in 2010. The game gained widespread popularity and fame in 2010 and was massively embraced by millions of people and celebrities worldwide. However, around April 2019, it was taken down from game and app stores and was no longer available. Rovio Entertainment has restored the amazing game, returning on the 31st of March, 2022, to app stores worldwide, under the name Angry Birds Classic. The game can currently be downloaded on iOS and Android phones with an OS as low as 4.1.

angry birds apk old version

The restored version, Angry Birds Classic, contains all of the amazing features the initial version possessed, along with some new features. The game constantly underwent updates and reviews regularly since its initial release, as it had to be made compatible with many Android phones and have some features redefined. However, the new version contains the same mechanics and nostalgic features as the initial and promises even better fun!


One prominent feature of Angry Birds is the thrilling storyline of the game. The storyline is built around two sets of characters, the birds and the pigs. The birds, which include a red coloured bird, Red, three blue coloured birds known as The Blues, a yellow bird, Chuck, a blackbird Bomb and a white bird, Matilda, are seen guarding a nest of eggs. The other set of characters, the green-coloured pigs, sneakily come to steal these eggs for food. The birds discover this and are furious. They need to get their eggs back, even if it means demolishing the pigs' fortress and wiping out the pigs to retrieve their eggs.

The game begins with a brief story cut before the actual gaming starts. The player is first provided with the red bird, Red, bouncing and waiting to launch. The player introduces Red onto the slingshot by tapping the slingshot. When the bird is placed on the sling, the slingshot's rubber is dragged by the player and then released to free the bird. The rubber can be dragged in any direction, depending on the player's aim. The longer the rubber is stretched, the faster and farther the bird flies. It works like a normal slingshot.

angry birds apk

The bird is let free and glides through the air for as far as the applied force can carry it. Then, the player has to aim and set the bird to fly in a way that breaks into the structure of the pigs. The player can only win and complete a level when all the pigs are wiped out. As a result, the flying bird must crash into the structures and the pigs to wipe them out.

As the player progresses from level to level, more and more birds for play. Each of these birds has different abilities that must be precisely harnessed by the player, as some are better at certain tasks than others. For example, the bluebird can be tapped while in mid-air to enable it to split into three separate blue birds, increasing the area of action. The yellow bird increases in speed and strength when tapped, the blackbird can explode and destroy all areas in close range, the white bird lays explosive eggs and so on. In a slight difference from the initial version, more birds with unique and interesting features have been added to higher levels. The available levels have also increased; the game currently has over 700 levels. With this, players can be assured of non-stop satisfaction in this crushing delight.

Missions, Challenges and Rewards

The game has allowed various ways of winning points, rewards and coins. During normal play, the player has rewarded points for pieces of building materials hit and destroyed. When the pigs are destroyed, they also give off points. Birds not used after the level is won also give off points. These points are added at the end of the level and grade the player out of three stars.

There are also daily challenges available in the new version that were not available in the initial. The daily challenges comprise five levels every day, and all of the five have to be completed to receive the rewards for the daily challenges. The rewards include gems, coins, and power-ups used to enhance gameplay.

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Gamers can also compete in online competitions in the Mighty League. The Mighty League can be accessed by online players connected to a Facebook account, although the player can play as a guest in the absence of that. With the Mighty League, players must consistently attempt to move their positions higher up on the leaderboard. Players advance to higher leagues when they get enough stars and receive special rewards when they get the highest scores.

Angry Birds Classic offers in-app purchases, as certain features like the Mighty Eagle and others can be bought to increase your gaming experience and chances of winning. The Mighty Eagle, for example, can be used during play to ensure that all pigs and structures are demolished in one go. The Mighty Eagle destroy everything in its path, no matter the resilience.

Amazing Features of Angry Birds Classic

- Can be equally played and enjoyed both online and offline.

- Amazing graphics, sounds and motion.

- Diverse and unique characters with special features.

rovio classics angry birds apk

- Captivating storyline that leads the players on.

- Game is completely free.

- Can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices.

- Allows for competitions among gamers all over the world.

- Accurate physics and mechanics of flight and motion; and many more.


Angry Birds Classic is a must-have for all game lovers and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of location or age. The game has constantly won many awards and accolades since its release, and it's no wonder why. It is very addictive and fun to play and works very well on handy mobile devices. It's a classic, one of its kind and is sure to keep you on your toes with amazing levels, challenges and awesomeness features for as long as you desire.

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Download Angry Birds Classic APK for the ultimate gaming experience. Sling the angry birds and enjoy the fun crashing delight. Maximise your aiming and gaming skills.


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