Aerofly FS 2022
Aerofly FS 2022
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Download Aerofly FS 2022 APK android flight game and make a living doing one of man’s greatest dreams for eons; taming, mastering the skies, and enjoying the sceneries.

Name Aerofly FS 2022
Updated Aug 28, 2023
Category Simulation
Developer IPACS
Google Play Link com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2022

Aerofly FS 2022

Flight has long been the wish of man since prehistoric times. We often find ourselves looking at blue skies, wondering how life up there would be. To become one with the birds in perception and view, what a wonderful view we will have.

With the invention of the airplane, this wish has been granted to some reasonable extent. Still, it is unlikely that everyone will fly on a plane and fulfill this dream, and even more unlikely that everyone would pilot and fly these magical vehicles that make dreams come true.

aerofly fs 2022 apk

Whereas this outcome is what it is, the hyper-realistic modern day Aerofly Fs 2022 download is a simple request anyone can make on their device. It would lead to a seemingly simplistic yet grossly immersive flight simulator game. A game designed to create the awe of flying thousands of feet in the air while still leveling on the complexities of flight.

About Aerofly Fs 2022

IPACS studios created Aerofly Fs 2022 on the 29th of December 2021. Its creators soon updated it on the 25th of February 2022 to the Aerofly Fs 2022 latest version, which is readily available on Android and IOS operating systems and their respective mobile phones.

More than just a flight-simulating play, it is action-packed with tense missions and tasks for the player to accomplish and see through. With a respectable download volume of 5,000+, it has acquired a rating of 3.9 stars from an estimated review of 770 comments from satisfied players.

aerofly fs 2022 apk download

Players who have played Geo Fs Simulator (another game in the Fs series by IPACS) would surely have a swell time playing Aerofly Fs 2022 game.


Aerofly Fs 2022 is the latest installment in the flight simulator game series developed and published by IPAC studios. The game involves flying multiple air vehicles with their real world complexities and physics being considered in such a way that the player is kept completely occupied and fully conscious of the tasks they have to accomplish.

A total of 600+ airports in virtual Europe enable you to explore the skies and fly from one location to the next in search of the ever-present adventure in the game. Aerofly Fs 2022 latest version flaunts an impressive improvement in features, aesthetics, physics, and real world simulation of a flight to the first version realized in December of 2021.

aerofly fs 2022 android apk

Now players will have a large region to explore unperturbed. Think you can efficiently fly and land a massive commercial plane on a runway? Or land a high-speed aircraft on an incredibly small helipad? Why not download Aerofly FS 2022 obb + data, and install it to get your answer?

It is rated a friendly 3+ and suitable for a family’s game library due to its:

  • Ease of control and detailed tutorial which clearly and concisely explains the many sections and controls of the game.
  • Appropriate for beginner and excellent pilots: Exemplary pilots are also welcome to play the game and see how much attention has been paid to the details of air travel in one game.

Virtually no display of violence at all: In Aerofly Fs 2022, there are no enemies, therefore no display of violence in this simulation game.

aerofly fs 2022 apk obb
  • The Aerofly Fs 2022 gem has a lot of different scenery to take in as the simulator is basically about flight which involves a lot of moving around. There are also tough challenges and missions for the player to perform as they go about soaring thousands of feet in the air with any of the hundreds of airplanes/vehicles the simulation sports.

To make the game much more realistic other than sound and graphics, the game adopts different control systems for various vehicles as you would expect in a real life situation. Of course, the difference in controls for each vehicle is met with an equivalent difference in instruction for each. The response to adverse weather conditions is also unique, as the player would realize from the dynamic response from ground control stations. The bumpy, shaky feeling of an accelerating plane is also simulated here, all to create the perfect flight simulation game.

Features of Aerofly Fs 2022 game

  • Shop: As it is common in other flight simulation games in the same series as IPACS released, the game has an in-app shop system and currency where the player can earn money and spend on either leveling up their character’s skill level, upgrading their airplane, or unlocking a new one amongst a list of different things they could do in the shop.

Many vehicles are locked up and require the player to open them with either huge sums of in game currency, real world money, or try their hands on the characteristic search for a version of Aerofly Fs 2022 unlocked many gamers resort to.

aerofly fs 2022 unlimited money
  • An array of airports to visit and land in virtual Europe
  • Flexible info and flight for computer manipulated traffic in the game
  • Flight boost with suitable co-pilot: The co-pilot feature can be activated and deactivated as the player desires.
  • HD game graphics: Experience the wonders of mind-blowing High-Definition graphics as you pilot your plane through the air at bullet speed, slicing through a sea of clouds, all while hearing the telltale realistic sound of plane engine roar, beats of the helicopter blades, or the loud hum of fighter jets.
  • Animated and operable 3D cockpits


Aerofly Fs 2022 full unlocked is a version of the game where its limiters preventing unexplainable access to limitless resources has been bypassed. Sadly, this version of the game has become rampant among players unwilling to experience the beauty of the game as it comes.

Aerofly Fs 2022 is not free to download for all devices. Hence, there are charges for downloading and accessing the game on any platform on any device in the android, ios, or windows operating system.

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Download Aerofly FS 2022 APK android flight game and make a living doing one of man’s greatest dreams for eons; taming, mastering the skies, and enjoying the sceneries.


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