Adorable Home
Adorable Home
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Version: 2.7.1
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Download Adorable Home APK, the game which gamers can enjoy whenever they wish to unwind. This is a video game you shouldn't miss if you enjoy playing with kittens.

Name Adorable Home
Version 2.7.1
Updated Jun 21, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer HyperBeard
Google Play Link com.hyperbeard.adorablehome

Adorable Home

This game is the ideal response when you ask about the most popular emerging game. Pictures of Adorable Home are currently inundating social media. Thanks to the straightforward yet incredibly engaging mechanics, many gamers choose this adorable game from the publisher HyperBeard to excite themselves while playing. In addition, the video game presents you with an incredibly romantic yet difficult romance that forces you to work hard each day to maintain your bliss.

Description of Adorable Home

Gamers can select two personas to form a relationship and establish a home with a kitten in the charming game Adorable Home from the creator of Hyperbeard.

Adorable Home's concept is as specified: you recently bought an apartment, and after clearing it, you must beautify it. You require cash to decorate it, which you acquire via the love your spouse and pet show you. The fact that you aren't required to participate all the time—you will nearly have to wait—makes the game, like several other Hyperbeard games, interesting.

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You must make a lunch pack of meals for your lover as they go to the office in exchange for their love. Your kitten experiences the exact thing. If you treat it well, it will show you love as you massage it and trim its claws. And finally, raising your kitten will make you feel loved. You can only perform each of the tasks per interval; the remainder of the time, you'll simply need to watch.

You may transform a boring, bland house into a romantic cocoon by adding your favorite furnishings and flowers, all with the help of your spouse and kitten. Additionally, if you collect about 3000 loves, you'll be able to activate the yard. Then customize it in any way you like. In addition, when you open the yard, more pets will get access along with your friends.

Adorable Home is a straightforward but endearing application that lets participants build non-hetero relationships.

Features of Adorable Home

Create a love story

You can select a persona to portray yourself and another to be your partner at the start of the game. Any persona, whether man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman, is an option. Whether you're a lesbian or not, you can be your true self in this game and create a connection. It endorses and recognizes the LGBT group.

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Your tale starts when you and your partner settle into a cozy flat with a fluffy white kitten called Snow. With your love, you begin a new life together. Your daily routine is calm. Your responsibility is to remain at house and manage the care of your house, yard, and particularly any mischievous kittens while your beloved leaves for the office each day. Although it seems straightforward, Adorable Home will provide you with numerous obstacles.


The only form of payment in the video game is love. You will use it to purchase anything. Proper care of kitties, cooking, enjoying Television, and viewing commercials are all ways to gain love. By seeing advertising, you will receive up to five loves each day. Additionally, you can purchase love with money. Installing Adorable Home is the quickest method to gain extra love.

Adorn your apartment

Your house was sparse when you first moved in, consisting only of a couch, a rug, a t.v, and a side table. It's incomplete and lacking in amenities. Purchase more furnishings to make your house more contemporary.

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Avoid concentrating just on the property and ignoring the surrounding environment. For about 3000 Love, you can open the yard. Afterward, you can purchase flowers and other gardening ornaments.

Provide for the animal

Playing Adorable Home involves primarily caring care of animals. The kittens in this game appear to be very sweet and obedient but if you pay attention, you will discover that they are constantly frustrating. There are 3 forms of treatment that you should give attention to:

  • Trim the claws: To trim the cat's claws, slide the device. It will be challenging for you because their feet are constantly moving. Your cat will be angry if you hurt it.
  • Bath the kitten: The majority of kittens dislike taking a bath. Every time they are made to take a shower, they become irritated and agitated. You can rotate the device to change the shower's warmth and wash the cat. I believe that cleaning kittens are the most challenging chore at Adorable Home.
  • Stroking: Very easy task. Putting your hand in the place your kitty wants. To select the proper area to rub, you must keep in mind how each cat is resting.
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Additionally, you can purchase numerous cats for your house or other animals like puppies and parrots. You receive indirect Affection from each animal. I think you should get a lot of dogs if you want to experience plenty of love soon. Snap pictures of yourself with your adorable dogs.

Protect the one you love.

You have to give your spouse your full focus and care for your pets. Make her a lunchbox for lunch. You spend Love getting your partner food. You will receive some affection if they enjoy your meal.

If you stop caring for your partner, she might go. Additionally, you can dump your partner for 1000 Love.

Visuals and Audio

HyperBeard painstakingly and methodically created every element, notwithstanding the simplistic 2D images that resemble a cartoon. Everything in the home, including the kittens, the utensils, the yard, the flowers, and the inside, is adorable. Adorable Home is comparable to a romantic story in which you play the lead role. The apartment's layout is perfect for a charming romantic story. It's not overly big, but the surroundings, the room, and all are picture-perfect. You can alter the climate to alter the exterior scenery.

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There are numerous explanations for why Adorable Home is so appealing. Gamers receive a lot of inspirational lessons about lifestyle and romance from the videogame. Don't belittle the little activities you do with your partner daily. You will experience more romance in the game, and this will make your romance more passionate and joyful in reality.

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Download Adorable Home APK, the game which gamers can enjoy whenever they wish to unwind. This is a video game you shouldn't miss if you enjoy playing with kittens.


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