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Version: 14.0.35
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Download ADM Pro APK latest version and be able to download heavy files in a very short time. In addition, the app offers incredible tools and features.

Name ADM Pro
Version 14.0.35
Updated May 21, 2024
Category Tools
Developer AdvancedApp
Google Play Link com.dv.adm

Introducing ADM pro

If you like what IDM (Internet Download Manager) is doing on PC and want something like that on your Android device, then ADM pro is your first choice. According to some statistics from Google Play, ADM pro has been downloaded by more than 50 million users, which is fast increasing each day. The app possesses several incredible features to help you download files from the internet at the fastest speed.

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Features of IDM

Three Times Increase in Download Speed

Some people do not find online streaming ideal, so they choose to download their movies from the internet source to their devices and then watch them at their convenience. What's excellent about this is that you can watch movies without any hassle because sometimes the internet connection can affect streaming and keep you from enjoying what you are watching.

Also, movie files are usually large and may take hours to down via the normal method. ADM pro will speed up the download process and make it more pleasant.

If you download a file through ADM pro, the app's algorithm will split that file into nine different parts, making data transfer about three times faster than normal download. In addition, the app also utilizes your resources and transmission speed, making you download files as quickly as possible.

adm pro apk latest version

Download Three Files Simultaneously

ADM pro is not just fast, and it also supports your download to about three files at a go. So naturally, there will be a slight decrease in the download speed of each file, but the decrease is not significant. This feature is excellent for users interested in downloading files with several episodes, such as TV shows or series.

Get Link to Download MP4 Files on Browser

ADM pro allows you to download more than movie files, and you can also download MP3 on the app or in your browser. The app works well with top websites like Vimeo and YouTube, allowing the download of several video files, such as MP4, MP-DASH, M3U8, and so on. As soon as you are done downloading, the app will help convert the file to MP4 so that you can easily open and enjoy its content whenever you want.

Torrent Download Support

To make file-sharing easy, ADM pro also applies a peer-to-peer download protocol. As soon as you have downloaded a file, you become a seeder that provides the file to other online users that may want to download it. In this network, you can download files from the nearest seeders. Therefore, the nearer the seeder is to you, the faster your download speed will be.

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Pleasant Interface

ADM pro uses two major colors, green and white, and the app is user-friendly. The interface's layout is designed in a beautiful, reasonable, and simple way. The toolbar is on the left side of the screen, and you can either tap or swipe from the left to view the tools. There are only two folders for downloading and downloading files on the main screen. Click on the + icon to begin to download the files you desire.

While downloading, you can open other apps. ADM pro works in the background and lets you perform other tasks as downloading goes on. The download is automatically transparent so that your screen is not affected.

Dark Mode

Advanced Download Manager pro has a protection mode that keeps your vision safe. This feature allows you to convert the app's look to Dark Mode. To activate this, select Enable Dark Mode from the app menu and convert it to dark theme.

Get Notified when Download is Complete

Advanced Download Manager pro will notify you with vibration and sound when your file has finished downloading. You can allow Advanced Download Manager pro to download them while you do your other work.

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Powerful Downloader for Android Devices

  • Parallel download files under queue
  • Increase the speed of download with file-sharing
  • Music and video downloader
  • Support the resume of interrupted downloads
  • Faster downloader for 4G, 3G, and 2G networks
  • Download accelerator for social networking service-loader for programs, archives, documents, and images
  • Boost algorithms for improved downloading speed
  • Interception of links from the clipboard or browser
  • Background download of files and resumptions after an unsuccessful attempt
  • Increase download speed by using multithreading

Downloading Files by URL with Advanced Download Manager pro

First Method:

  • Tap on your mobile browser the link you want to download from, and then select "Complete action using."
  • Select Advanced Download manager pro

Second Method:

  • Copy the link for you to download the file
  • Open the app, pick the + icon, and include a link to begin downloading
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Accessible Information on ADM pro

Besides the incredible features of Advanced Download Manager pro, the app is also the best choice if you search for one with a simple interface. You can see a transparent progress bar on whichever new app you are using, and if you want to launch it, you simply have to touch it. In addition, downloaded files are put in a list with all the necessary information, such as completion time, download date, weight, and file name.

Easily Manage all Information

The content ADM pro has the management of user-focused download information. Interacting with the app will be much easier by using a few simple operations processes to give them default commands. For example, when you touch the file you want to download, the download can either begin or stop according to your number of touches. If you wait for the display to finish the process, you can click on the tasks to open and read them.


To make a memorable download experience with Advanced Download Manager pro, the app is an excellent choice for heavy downloaders, especially for users of Android devices. IDM does not only provide you with many incredible features but also provides its browsers so that you do not have to open other apps to visit other sites.

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Download ADM Pro APK latest version and be able to download heavy files in a very short time. In addition, the app offers incredible tools and features.


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