60 Seconds
60 Seconds
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Version: 1.2.4
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Download 60 Seconds APK to free yourself and your family from terrible disasters in a few seconds. Experience a strange but special survival game of atomic explosion.

Name 60 Seconds
Version 1.2.4
Updated Nov 9, 2022
Category Adventure
Developer Robot Gentleman

60 Seconds

If you have ever been placed on a spot or have a short span of time to make important decisions, then you will enjoy 60 Seconds. Download 60 Seconds to make decisions, act fast, and survive. Doomsday is close, and your family is in grave danger, decide what happens to them in 60 Seconds reatomized. The game is available for download on IOS and Android devices.

Game Description

You and your family are unlikely to experience an atomic explosion, earthquake, or other major calamities. But if it occurs, you'll be required to be familiar with survivalist techniques to protect yourself and other individuals from the hostile environment.

As we embark on the hypothetical occurrences of global damage and you are forced to stay beneath your bunker, you may now discover the wonderful game of expedition and simulations in this intriguing adventure by Robot Gentleman.

60 seconds 2022

Enjoy discovering new in-game adventures while playing various survivor games. Test out fascinating and distinctive in-game elements to actively navigate the environment. Participate in a conversation with descriptive comments to stay interested in the tales. Freely choose whether you want to be alive or pass away in 60 Seconds. Learn about this fantastic 60 Seconds mobile game nuclear journey with thorough evaluations.

60 Seconds Gameplay

In 60 Seconds 2021, Android gamers will get the opportunity to experience the thrilling game of adventure only with intriguing backdrops of tragic occurrences and the requirement to conceal underneath the protection of Nuclear Expedition.

Do your best to remain alive and utilize your resources as much as possible. To finish the difficulties in the gameplay and escape the circumstances, make the right judgments. Learn how to efficiently maintain and defend yourself in this environment by playing survivor games in various settings.

Play 60 Seconds as Ted, a typical family father, as he tries to save the family from a nuclear explosion. Enjoy exploring the home as you hurriedly gather the things you deem necessary and cram everyone inside the bunker as the countdown. Try using the items you've packed to remain alive underground for several days.

60 seconds

There are 2 phases available in this area. The phase starts when the television alerts that an atomic weapon is about to annihilate the whole state. Take anything that is significant to you and move it to the underground bunker to make the best of the resources you have at home. Walk through the house, snatching things and people as you flexibly use the touch controls.

It will be a lengthy survival trek to the underground bunker, during which you'll choose what to do with the materials you have gathered. It ought to be effortless to enjoy the dynamic play of graphics with options, but difficult for you to make a decision.

Features of 60 Seconds

Try 60 Seconds for a thrilling and suspense-filled gaming experience. Let us check out the features present in the game.

Unique Game Settings

So you can understand what else happens if a nuclear explosion occurs and what to arrange for personal survival should you be fascinated in this great location of the 60 Seconds. Explore the various emotional facets of lighthearted and gloomy humor. As it guides you across the gameplay, engage in the distinctive and energizing ambiance.

60 seconds reatomized

Prepare For The Event

Discover how to get ready in advance of the nuclear detonation simultaneously time. There are barely 60 seconds remaining, though you can relax til it hits you before getting ready. Players can discover how to put together their emergency supplies by playing the atomic players. Remember to bring sufficient foodstuff with you, and don't forget to pack useful stuff. As the emergency alert gives you safety advice, pay attention to it.

Scavenge For Supplies

You must gather a number of crucial supplies while entering the bunker in order to ensure the survival of your family and your own sustenance. Therefore, prior to entering the bunker, you must understand what to preserve and what to discard.

60 seconds android

Android players can now forage across the ground to hunt for materials, which will enhance the gameplay more exciting. However, you must make arrangements before leaving because there are numerous dangers that might possibly threaten your life or the lives of your loved ones. As a result, the 60 Seconds download will teach you how to live and search for indications of safety.

Decide Fast

Choices will be required to be made by players on a regular basis. If you do not wish to endanger the lives of your family, make sure to consider the next steps carefully. If there is insufficient food, give priority to the sick and the needy.

Pick your interactions with the family wisely to lift their spirits. Pick a person to go scavenging for food, supplies, and other necessities. Your play would be impacted by each of these crucial choices. It is very comparable to 7Days. Choose your narrative, where players are required to develop original strategies for the game.

Engaging Narratives

60 Seconds will unveil a variety of its captivating storylines as you submerge yourself in 60 Seconds! fantastic adventures, enabling you to engage in the in-game tales totally. Explore the daily dynamic blogs that appear and inform you of your circumstances and choices at your leisure. As you appreciate the tales much more, engage with the descriptive annotations.

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Game Graphics

60 Seconds reatomized download has a distinctive and captivating visual style. Android players can actively be involved in their own distinctive survival adventures. Enjoy the 60 Seconds with its hand-drawn landscapes and personalities. Experience the captivating article themes with appropriate images and sound effects. And no matter what technology your mobile phones have, you can still discover the simple gameplay there.


60 Seconds Android will let Android players relish the great mobile adventurous gaming to the maximum with its authentic endurance gaming and narrative adventures.

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Download 60 Seconds APK to free yourself and your family from terrible disasters in a few seconds. Experience a strange but special survival game of atomic explosion.


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