Vector 2
Vector 2
Size: 120,3 MB
Version: 1.2.1
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Download the exciting Vector 2 APK and try to stay alive as you play! Leverage high-tech equipment to survive a little longer while enjoying lifelike animations.

Name Vector 2
Version 1.2.1
Updated Oct 24, 2022
Category Action
Developer NEKKI
Google Play Link com.nekki.vector2

Vector 2 – A Brief Description

If you liked the Vector mobile game, you can dive into the sequel and start playing. The parkour-packed game takes the originality and exciting gameplay of the first game and continues it in the sequel. Vector 2 combines intense gameplay with realistic animations. You start in a complex research facility and work on escaping repeatedly.

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The game was released on the 16th of May, 2016, by NEKKI. You can download the Vector 2 game on Android and iOS. Although it is free to download, it comes with in-app purchases.

Continued Action in Your New Body

The original Vector game ends with the protagonist's capture by the security forces. But rather than killing him, the forces used his skills to test some new equipment, causing the protagonist to die. When the protagonist dies, a new body is created for them.

You can continue this exciting storyline in the sequel, Vector 2. In Vector 2, you can enjoy extra features that enhance the gaming experience. These include the armored outfits you can upgrade and increase your chances of survival. With the experimental tech gear, you can enjoy the gaming experience a little longer.

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Vector 2 features parkour-style gaming, so you need to learn different stunts. You can use the tricks to dodge deadly traps in a badass way. Vector 2 combines endless runner games, except you'll have to stop running soon, and the popular Mirror's Edge game.

Vector 2 Gameplay

There's no doubt that one of the best parts of the Vector 2 game is the gameplay. The gameplay is a good place to start if you want to differentiate a good game from a bad one. The gameplay is a rogue runner style, so you keep running and avoiding obstacles.

With your stunts, you can avoid getting killed by the different obstacles. While you play the game, you can move up levels by going up the floors. The higher the floor, the more difficult the gameplay would be. While running and jumping, you can collect coins used to buy gaming items and upgrade your equipment.

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It's pretty easy to start playing the Vector 2 game. While it's an exciting game, the controls are pretty easy to understand. You must swipe up and down when jumping and slide through the game when sprinting. You will have to go past lasers, obstacles, and mines.

Although the Vector 2 game is pretty easy, it is also addictive and will keep you playing for hours. Vector 2 has two levels, with more than one path to the exit. The exit is clearly marked with signs that will tell you which path is more difficult, so you can choose whether you want to go for the safer or tricker route. Remember that the safer way does not have as many rewards and loot as the tricker one.

Visuals, Graphics, and Sound

Although you can't make out any people when playing Vector 2, there's no doubt that the game offers stunning graphics. There aren't many visual effects to look out for in this game, but the few it has will give a lot of life to the graphics.

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As for the graphics, the game features fantastic visuals. The sci-fi design and high-tech layout make it look like an underground, secret facility. You will notice different labs, suits, machines, cloning devices, etc. You can run through the lab and other facilities to enjoy the game. Even your suit and equipment have a sci-fi design.

Regarding the sound, Vector 2 features well-fitting elements that make the game shine. The sci-fi and high-tech sounds make the game pretty amazing, as they have great timing. As you play, you can expect lifelike animation.

The Vector 2 game isn't loud or flashy but has a cool vibe that keeps you engaged.

Tips and Tricks to Winning Vector 2

If you're having difficulty passing the levels on Vector 2, you can use the tips below to play better.

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  • If you want to get chips and cash to make more upgrades and get equipment, focus on completing the objectives given to you in the game. In the Vector 2 game menu, you will see an icon designed like a book or journal. This opens to a list of all your current and completed objectives.
  • It's possible to get a free chip without even trying when playing Vector 2. If you're having trouble making up the chips you need, click on the Plus icon. Then, scroll past the paid options and click on the short ad. After watching an ad, you can get a free chip for a better playing experience.
  • Vector 2 has a lot of obstacles. If you're always running into obstacles while you play, flick your finger sharply down or up the screen a bit earlier than you're supposed to when you have an obstacle. Then, this will help you get past the barriers without going to your death. If you do miss the timing, you die.
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  • Some objectives give you a new Run Protocol when you complete them. If you die while playing, you can start from where you stopped rather than going again to the start of the game. For example, if you complete the Endurance Test, you get the Standard Run Protocol. But, completing the Planned Upgrade Task gives you the Advanced Run Protocol in level 6. Check the armor icon at the top of the game to access the protocols and finish the game faster.


Vector 2 APK unlimited everything is an exciting and addictive parkour-based game for anyone who wants to enjoy a fun, running game experience. Do some badass stunts and grab coins on the way to enhance your fun. As you get more coins and chips, you can purchase equipment to play the game better. Whether you played the first installment, the Vector 2 game can be enjoyed.

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Download the exciting Vector 2 APK and try to stay alive as you play! Leverage high-tech equipment to survive a little longer while enjoying lifelike animations.


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