Truck Simulator USA
Truck Simulator USA
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Version: 10.0.2
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Download Truck Simulator USA APK and experience what it's like to drive an 18-wheeler truck. Customize your truck and navigate life on the road while winning bonus.

Name Truck Simulator USA
Version 10.0.2
Updated Jul 22, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer Ovidiu Pop
Google Play Link com.ovilex.trucksimulatorusa

Truck Simulator USA

Truck driving games and driving games, in general, are growing very popular among gamers because of how relaxing and calming they can be. This has been made very clear by the growing popularity of Truck Simulator USA. It is a mobile truck simulation game that offers gamers a unique truck driving experience. The game is full of breathtaking graphics, brilliant designs, and an engaging storyline.

truck simulator usa

Truck Simulator USA evolution gameplay allows you to control your truck in a virtual reality setting. The game is 3d animated and offers limitless gameplay that allows players to explore all parts of the USA and drive up its roads.

Get the Truck Simulator USA download and drive around the streets of the US.

Game Description

Truck Simulator USA is a simulation driving game developed by American Truck Simulator using SCS software. The game was created in February 2016.

In the game, your character is a truck driver that makes deliveries, carries trailers, and goes on missions in different places.

truck simulator usa apk

The game has amazingly detailed 3d graphics. Everything from the vehicles to the buildings is well crafted for your enjoyment. The best feature of the Truck Simulator USA gameplay is its camera manipulation. Unlike most games that only offer either third or first-person point of view, Truck Simulator USA offers a dynamic camcorder control. Players can choose the perspective they want to see from; they can drive in first or third person, get a 370-degree view of their vehicle, zoom in a lot, or zoom out on the road and look at all the cars. This makes it very enjoyable for many players, who can have fun choosing the setting they want.

Features of Truck Simulator USA

  • There are many American truck brands available for you to choose from. You can buy whatever truck model you want from the store and add it to your collection.
  • There are multiple types of trucks to choose from. There are normal trucks, heavy trucks, and electric trucks.
  • Learn to drive in different seasons and locations. Some missions take place in the desert, on mountains, in snowy areas, or in the city.
  • The game is in the third person, so you can fully see the truck, the other drivers, and the road.

The camcorder supports different viewing angles and scene transitions.

truck simulator usa evolution apk
  • The graphics are amazing. The road, vehicles, and passersby are well designed.
  • The game physics is also well done. The movement of the truck and the driving all look very realistic.
  • There are lots of controls for you to use. You can steer the truck, turn it, park it, etc. You can choose to use button controls or a virtual steering wheel on your screen.
  • The audio in the game and engine and driving sounds are very realistic.
  • As a truck driver, you transport lots of trailers. These trailers come in different shapes and sizes. There are double trailers, triple trailers, heavy trailers, etc.
  • Truck Simulator USA game has two player modes; a multiplayer mode and a career mode.
  • Damage to vehicles are shown, and they look realistic.
  • Different weather changes in the game. It snows, rains, etc.
  • You can become a fugitive of the law and be chased by the police. So make sure you drive your truck fast!

And the best part is that you can request new truck designs and game features on the Truck Simulator USA Facebook page. Gain access to all these amazing features and more by downloading the Truck Simulator USA 2022. Get the game and start driving!

Truck Simulator USA Gameplay

The gameplay is very simple but addictive. As a truck driver, you're free to explore multiple locations within America, and the game also allows players to explore certain parts of Canada and Mexico. While driving, you will experience a simulation of the weather in these different regions. This makes the game feel very immersive and realistic.

You also get to choose how you control your truck. You can choose to use your device as a wheel and tilt your phone to turn. You can use a virtual wheel displayed on your device, or you can enable manual transmission.

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Live on the road as a professional truck driver, or become a fugitive and attract the police; it is all up to you. The interior of your truck is also not lacking in design. It is beautifully decorated, and you can customize it as you wish. The scenery in the game is absolutely amazing and truly is a relaxing experience.

Truck Simulator USA is optimized for mobile phones, so there aren't any interface issues or lagging. Download Truck Simulator USA for Android and iOS today and experience what it's like to drive an 18-wheeler vehicle.

Game Modes

The Truck Simulator USA new update has two game modes; the online multiplayer mode and the career mode. For multiplayer mode, you can play against other gamers online. You can drive with them and have interactions with them. Multiplayer mode could consist of racing competitions or casual driving among friends.

truck simulator usa for android

The career mode is full-on professional driving. You go on missions, deliver things, and drive across countries.


Truck Simulator USA is one of the best simulation games you'll find online. Compared to other truck driving games, it has a lot more realism and is very interesting.

Overall, Truck Simulator USA is an excellent driving simulator game. It's great for mobile phones and can also be played on tablets.

The game allows you to explore various locations and drive around in branded trucks. Buy large colorful trucks, or trucks by popular American brands, and play with other online gamers.

Download Truck Simulator USA unlimited money and win bonuses while playing. Customize your vehicle and have fun on the road.

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Download Truck Simulator USA APK and experience what it's like to drive an 18-wheeler truck. Customize your truck and navigate life on the road while winning bonus.


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