T3 Arena
T3 Arena
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Version: 1.42.2015089
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Download T3 Arena APK, a "3 on 3" shooter with heroic features. It's a game you want to play because of the gameplay, clever controls, and cool faction fighters.

Name T3 Arena
Version 1.42.2015089
Updated Jan 31, 2024
Category Action
Google Play Link com.xd.t3.global

T3 Arena

The same game almost always comes to mind when we think of snipers. However, this title makes the genre more difficult by getting off to a lighthearted and informal start.

You can play fast, brief 3v3 battles in the enjoyable multiplayer first-person shooter T3 Arena. Although the visual style initially seems to have some similarities to games like Splatoon or Respawnables, it provides us with an entirely unique experience.

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Since firing is automated, even novices can easily understand the mechanics. So all we have to do is move about the stage and shoot. There are keys to leaping and using special skills as well.

Description of T3 Arena

The action/shooting game T3 Arena allows players to pick a hero and explore a variety of maps. Your goal is to use the firearms at your disposal to take out as many adversaries in this game, which has Respawnables-like maps and mechanics.

You'll be a part of a three-player team in T3 Arena, and each battle will pit your squad against another. As you maneuver across the battlefield and attempt to ambush your opponent, cooperation amongst your team members will be crucial. In battle, you'll direct your hero's every action from a third-person viewpoint while attempting to hit each foe with a precise shot.

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To move around the map during games, simply use the online control stick on the left side of the screen. To fire, load up, and swap firearms, use the activity buttons on the right side of the screen. Last but not least, there are unique objects that you can utilize to get out of tricky positions.

In T3 Arena, you are battling not only with the opposing team but with time. Each combat has a time limit, and when it expires, the game displays whose team scored the most kills.

The group combat in T3 Arena is exciting, and the gameplay is engrossing. As you cooperate with your squad to win wars in its eye-catching 3D landscapes, use the firearms you've obtained to hit your adversaries with precisely targeted shots.


One of the few contemporary team shooters that is vibrant, quick-paced, and has a decent plot is T3 Arena. Futuristic planetary space is the setting for the story. T Crystal is a rare energy stone in that universe, and whoever has it will have the chance to rule the universe as its hegemon.

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The Superior Commander of the entire cosmos established the T3 Arena, where individuals from all over the planet will assemble and compete against each other on the wide Arena to earn the T Crystal. Rather than letting the groups run wild and devise all sorts of tactics to obtain the T Crystal.

The game offers the following character options for players to pick rock stars, ex-soldier, enigmatic coders, mutated creatures, and aliens. Freedom to choose, battle, gather accomplishments, and upgrade, progressively changing the hero's look and ability.


All game styles in the T3 Arena have matches that last no longer than five minutes. You won't have to hunt down lengthy duties or feel overly responsible, and it will be less monotonous to play with pals. This is one of this 3v3 shooting game's advantages.

You will be randomly assigned to change into one of the 14 avatars accessible at the start of the game. Each person will have two unique skills and one weapon. When playing, you must be more vigilant to watch for items, utilize the character's two inherent skills to their fullest potential, and hit the prey when it appears.

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There are numerous matches inside each game mode. But the matches all share the trait of being evenly matched. Greater damage-dealing firearms will have less ammo or a longer reload time and vice versa. Therefore, even if your rival has firearms, you still have an edge over them.

You will be given upgrades as you play in terms of skill power, and auxiliary weaponry. When you have enough numbers, the character will be enhanced after you have collected all the necessary pieces.

Features of T3 Arena

Game mode

There are many different game modes in T3 Arena. There are six game modes and 15 competitive maps. You can prefer to play the correlating method based on your preferences and level of challenge:

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  • Team Deathmatch (3v3): You will make a group of three and compete against another team of three from the same group in a "team deathmatch" (3v3). The team that achieves 20 knockouts first wins.
  • Crystal Assault (3v3) is a very complex game mode that forces you to choose between attacking and defending. You may not be enthused by the fight but fall in love with T3 Arena's visual aesthetic or demonstrate a tactic that hasn't been tested in a while. This game mode will include everyone.
  • Control (3v3): In this game mode, player cooperation and teamwork are put to the test. After defeating all of the neighboring adversaries, you must manage every location on the map and discover a means to hold it until the conclusion.
  • 4 Payload (3v3): Both teams must concentrate on the Blocks in this mode. You lose if you let your opponent fill all of the blocks to the finish line first before the time restriction expires. And you will win if you successfully block the path until the timer runs out.
  • Payload Race (3v3): In Payload Racing, both squads have their own blocks of products and battle to see who can cross the finish line first.
  • Free For All (Solo): Fight alone on a crowded battleground with other people. Irrespective of the quantity or timing, you can choose from 6 avatars and then begin combat with the other players. Whoever scores 12 points first wins.

Autonomous Weapons

When a firearm in an action game is sustained automatically, the game might occasionally become monotonous. By providing players with a sizable Arsenal that gradually opens following upgrades, T3 Arena has found a solution to this issue.

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There is an autonomous attack technique for each item. When you touch the adversary and hit the button, the gun will kill the target. Although automatic weapons are designed, the incredible variety of weaponry used in games with various firearms, daggers, and other weapons has increased competition.

Not to add that the game allows for weapon upgrades. The struggle is getting more intense with diverse terrain, numerous shelters, and a growing number of potential hazards that may suddenly arise on the route as the adversary gets stronger.

Vivid Graphics

T3 Arena features stunning vivid graphics and images and strong contemporary anime while being a team shooter. The future setting, futuristic people, futuristic weapons, hot colors combined with cool hues, lots of energy, and spectacular mobile explosive effects. From the start of this shooting game till the very end, you'll never lose your motivation.


A 3v3 shooter with lots of support features and a quick tempo is T3 Arena. Automatic weapons can be a little fun for experienced shooters.

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Download T3 Arena APK, a "3 on 3" shooter with heroic features. It's a game you want to play because of the gameplay, clever controls, and cool faction fighters.

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