Sweet Crossing
Sweet Crossing
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Download Sweet Crossing APK for Android devices and enjoy Moonton’s first casual io game. Create towns and employ strategies to guide your character to victory.

Name Sweet Crossing
Updated Sep 6, 2022
Category Casual
Developer Moonton
Google Play Link com.minigames.sweetcrossing

Sweet Crossing

Snake games are one of the most popular arcade games for mobile devices. These sorts of games hardly have any age limits. Hence, gamers of all ages can enjoy it. Nowadays, more games with similar gameplay to snake arcade games are very easy to play. One of the most popular games of this decade is Sweet Crossing. If you have ever played those snake games on Nokia phones like the 3310 model, then you already have a working idea of Sweet Crossing.

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This is a competitive game, and you are in complete control of your avatar. The game is packed with features that make it worthwhile, and these features will be discussed in the latter part of this article.

App Description

The most important feature of any mobile app is usability, and this involves gaming apps. Sweet Crossing understands this and has made its mobile app very easy to use. Usability also helps users to enjoy the app more. Playing the game would be difficult if the gaming app had a complex user interface. In Sweet Crossing, navigation is as easy as ABC. Your age doesn’t matter; whenever you pick up the phone to play Sweet Crossing, you can be sure of quality and peak entertainment.

The Sweet Crossing game is a highly appealing and engaging casual game created by Moonton (a popular game creator).

The game introduces you to the bright world of pets and cakes. As opposed to what you might think, the Sweet Crossing mobile game isn’t snake-themed. Although it is a great spin-off of the Slither.io arcade game, it is still not snake-themed. Instead, it is about a tiny penguin that needs to be taken around environments with obstacles and directed in the right direction to eat food and get bigger before advancing to the next levels.

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The penguin has a tail, and your gaming progress is only shown in its length. The more your penguin moves around, avoiding obstacles, and eating food, the longer its tail gets. Sweet Crossing is only available for android devices.

After downloading Sweet Crossing on your android device, the next step is to install it. To start playing, you do not need to become a registered user by providing your email and other personal details. Installation of the game gives you automatic access to enjoy the game.

Features of Sweet Crossing

This game has several amazing and unique features that make it one of the most popular. It has over 10 million downloads on Google Playstore with a 4.7-star review. You will enjoy playing this game just like others have enjoyed it. The features of Sweet Crossing are discussed below.

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Swift and easy Gaming Experience

Sweet Crossing is the game for you if you are looking for a game with swift and easy gameplay. As mentioned in the introduction, Sweet Crossing is a very easy game to play. The app itself experiences very low to no lag issues or performance problems. 

Easy Gameplay

The design of Sweet Crossing is very different from the design of similar games by Moonstone. In Sweet Crossing, all you need to do is lead your penguin in the right direction. The game is more about avoiding obstacles than anything else. There are cakes along the way for your penguin to eat to get and gain a longer tail.

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The length of the tail of your penguin is directly proportional to the amount of cakes or candies your penguins have eaten along the way. The obstacles are scattered everywhere along the way as you play. You will be transported through several environments. As you advance through different stages, the obstacles increases. Still, Sweet Crossing is fun and would definitely challenge your mind.

Skins and backgrounds

As you channel your gaming skills towards ensuring that your penguin doesn’t get defeated by the obstacles, it is also vital that you are aware of your power. The power is that you are in total control of the game. Sweet Crossing has a myriad of different skins, backgrounds, and characters.

Skins are like clothes. The same way you wouldn’t want to wear one clothes for two different ways, it’s the same you can change your Penguins skins every day. There are skins of different colors and graphical quality. However, not all skins are accessible, and you would have to buy some. You will be awarded some coins as you peruse through different stages. These coins can be used to buy skins.

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Backgrounds and characters are also bought with the coins. The control is in your hands. You can go shopping in Sweet Crossing’s market and buy skins, backgrounds, and characters as you earn.

Defeating Other Players

The fun of Sweet Crossing is to avoid obstacles, but it gets even more fun when you play with your friends online. This might even be the most exciting feature of Sweet Crossing, depending on your competitive nature. Invite your friends, could be more than three players, to join you in the game of cakes and different characters. Other players can bite your tail, so you must be more cautious as your tail gets longer. In defeating other players, you are awarded several gems to help purchase skins, backgrounds, and characters.

Ads Free

All mobile games have ads these days, reducing user experience. To help users enjoy their gaming experience, Sweet Crossing created a premium version that is void of ads. However, this comes at a price, and it is relatively inexpensive.

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If you want a competitive game to keep you engaged as you wait for the bus or your lunch break, Sweet Crossing is the game to keep you entertained. As mentioned above, a Sweet Crossing free version helps you play the game without bothering about the ads. Download Sweet Crossing, pay a small price, and have unlimited access to enjoy this fun-filled game. You can also check out other games by Moonston to have unlimited fun.


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