Stupid Zombies
Stupid Zombies
Size: 74.26 MB
Version: 3.4.5
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Download Stupid Zombies APK to experience unique battles and challenging situations featuring every post-apocalyptically world’s favourite enemy, zombies.

Name Stupid Zombies
Version 3.4.5
Updated Feb 4, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer GameResort
Google Play Link com.gameresort.stupidzombies

About The Stupid Zombies Game

Zombies are back, and even better, they’re as stupid as ever. Stupid Zombies is a zombie fighting game with lots of fun. It was released on the 17th of February, 2011, by GameResort LLC. The game features mild violence and bloody scenes. It is a mobile game that can be played on Android and iOS devices.

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To keep the zombies brainless and the humans with their brains intact, you have one job: kill all the zombies. The zombies here are nothing special, but they appear in large numbers. There are 960 levels in this game, and because the ammo is limited here, your strategy will have to be foolproof on every level.

Game Story

In Stupid Zombies, you play the hero of the game. You have to make use of the modern weapons available to destroy the zombies. The stupid zombies are dedicated to eating and sucking the blood of humans. You’re human, so this is a threat to your world, and you have to help out by fighting.

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Stupid Zombies has you come up with plans to carry out the tasks given. All of it is done in order to return peace to the human world by getting rid of the zombies. It is strictly a battle here. Zombies are positioned in different parts of the screen. Your duty is simple. Shoot at as many as you can without getting killed.

Stupid Zombies Gameplay

Stupid Zombies is a roleplaying battle game where you control the main character. His job is to bring down all the zombies in the levels. All you have to do is shoot at the targets. It sounds simple, right? Don’t be deceived, and it’s not simple. The zombies hide behind walls and climb trees, so it’s hard to aim at them.

You’ll have to time your shots and calculate them, so they hit the targets when they come out of hiding or destroy the hiding place entirely. Before playing each level, you can improve the damage of your weapon or buy a new one. Stupid Zombies is also a survival game. Getting to the end of the level in one piece is what makes you a winner.

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There are three gameplay modes: Campaign, Puzzle, and Survival. In Campaign Mode, there are 100 levels. The player has to kill all the zombies using the weapons the game provides. There will be tools as well to aid in defeating the zombies. Each level is harder than the last, but strategy and skill will be your guides.

In Puzzle Mode, there are 50 levels. You have a limited number of weapons here. The first ten levels show you how to use the weapons and tools by providing tutorials for each one. The other levels are harder, and you get to use the weapons and tools to battle on your own.

Survival Mode is exactly what it sounds like, a bid to survive. Zombies appear in endless waves, and you must stay alive for as long as you can. The weapons you have at the start of the game are all you’ll have at your disposal here.

This Game’s Addictive Features

Stupid Zombies is made up of dangerous enemies. The zombies want the brains of all the humans, and they have the pleasure of beginning with you. You’re facing the risk of death, but it’s still addictive, and these are the features that make it so.

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  • Modern Weapons: Of course, there are weapons. It is a battle game, after all. The weapons here are evolved and will help destroy your enemies quickly. Speed is of great importance in this game. What’s better than novel weapons to aid this? Ensure you choose the appropriate weapons. Consider the effects when making your choices. For example, a shotgun will kill all enemies in a small surrounding area. If this is something you’ll need in the level you’re about to play, it’ll be a good choice.
  • Battle Thrill: Stupid Zombies feature intense, thrilling battles. The tension is also great, but you’ll enjoy the fights. They also help with getting rid of your stress. Don’t look down on the zombies; they may be stupid, but they have manpower on their side. Luck is not really a factor in the battles, so you’ll have to do your part by skulking up and developing winning strategies.
  • Vivid Graphics: This is one of the things that make the battles so enjoyable. The images are vivid, the animations are well-designed, and everything is just so beautiful. Playing in such scenery is what makes the game so much fun.
  • Hero Collection: You can choose the character you want to play. There is a diverse cast of heroes, each one having a unique aura and appearance.
  • Useful Rewards: The rewards are valuable and unique. You can use them to purchase new weapons and tools that will be of use in your battles.
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The music in Stupid Zombies is also nice. The background track is harmonious, and it combines with the other features to give you an exciting gaming experience.

In Stupid Zombies, it’s just you, your shotgun, and a horde of stupid but dangerous zombies. Humanity needs you to stay alive. You need to stay alive and get through the levels too. When it feels like you’re losing, you can turn the tide by looking for destructible environments close to the zombies and aiming at them. An exploding barrel works for this.


Stupid Zombies APK has over ten million downloads on the Google Play Store. Get crafty, wise, and skilled by engaging in battle with powerful monsters over and again until you can defeat many of them in no time. Practice leads to perfection, and the only way you can perfect your gameplay here is by playing the game regularly.

Join the download count by installing Stupid Zombies on your device. The game has little to no complexities. It is just a simple game with battle, survival, guns, and fun. Spice up your leisure time by giving the game a try. If you’ve ever played a zombie game, you know to expect an occasional scare. However, the zombies here are almost cute, so, nothing to worry about!

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Download Stupid Zombies APK to experience unique battles and challenging situations featuring every post-apocalyptically world’s favourite enemy, zombies.


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