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Download Rider APK to be able to perform several stunts with a motorcycle or other types of vehicles, such as a skateboard. Rider introduces a new form of racing.

Name Rider
Updated Mar 15, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer Ketchapp
Google Play Link com.ketchapp.rider

Description of Rider

With Rider, you will get a chance to display your acrobatic skills on your favourite motorcycle; and while you flip and perform other acrobatic stunts, there is background music that will enchant your skills. You can either ride your motorcycle or skateboard across glowing roads beautified with neon. Your main task is overcoming all the challenges you bring and then winning several levels. There is a long race with each level of the game. The path you follow is formed with a collection of broken neon tracks. This game does not focus on speed but your wisdom and ingenuity. Drive sensibly to cross the roads, and ensure you control your speed to prevent explosion as you race. Rider is precisely a game of strategy, not of speed. When you win all the racing levels, you will establish yourself as a skilled racer and a very smart strategist.

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Rider was developed by the popular publisher known as Ketchapp. This game will give you the feeling of performing different stunts on your motorcycle. Perhaps, by perfecting your flipping skills in this game, you may be able to successfully carry out the same skill on your real motorcycle.

The Gameplay

This game provides you with various races that are endless. All you have to do is to select your motorcycle and begin to flip as you want. This is a charismatic and insane game, but you must be strategic if you want to win the races.

Do not expect any background story or specific setting when playing this game. You should expect a portrait screen with a gloomy background; then, you will notice some textures both above and below the screen. You should focus your attention on the motorcycle or bicycle you will be riding. Then you should also understand that the neon-lit lines serve as the running tracks, and always expect some traps and obstacles along your path, as is expected in most racing games.

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Enjoy Vivid Neon Races

Rider is probably not for you if you are a racer who loves smooth and realistic highway races. However, for those that appreciate simplicity and classic, fast-paced obstacles, then this game will appeal to them. Besides, people who love music will also have fun playing this game. Every collision from one motorcycle to a certain obstacle, terrain, or track will bring about some melodies that will create a certain interesting symphony. What could be better than racing and enjoying good music simultaneously? As you play, you will have the opportunity to unlock some new vehicles and maps. They will help you discover some awesome but special racing styles.

Overcoming Difficulties

This wonderful game is a world of adventures for you. You can select the motorcycle you prefer in the collection and begin your missions set by the game. Of course, you must prepare well for the adventure so that nothing will appear out of the ordinary to you.

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Of course, as a player, you will come across several challenges, and you are mandated to overcome them, or you will not be able to proceed to the next level. Each challenge will present you with some surprises – so you should prepare yourself for the unexpected. Some challenges may be hard to face alone, but you can always practice and become a better motorcyclist. You also have to take advantage of all the items and gifts you earn because they will help improve your gaming experience. For example, you can win candies that can help you upgrade your motorcycle and provide you with extra lives to continue your mission and journey.

Unlock New Maps and Themes

There are different themes to different game levels; sometimes, you encounter deep forests, lava, seas, etc. As you continue to play the game and win some, you will begin to unlock some themes and maps that will help you progress well in the game. Each map will be integrated with roads of different designs, and to conquer all the challenges, you have to be considerably flexible in your gameplay.

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Also, the neon colour of the road changes as you attain each level, giving you the endless inspiration that will allow you to drive for a long time. Because of the diversity of gaming, the driving experience you will get from playing this game will be far from boring – in fact, and this is a pretty addictive game that will take a lot of your time if you are not careful. You can become lost in this game for a very long time indeed.

Another special feature of this game is that there are over 56 different models of vehicles in this game. Each car possesses unique characteristics, which you can consider before using it in each level of play. You also need to gather bonuses and levels to access new car models. Apart from cars, you can also gain access to dozens of other vehicle types, including skateboards. While you are playing, you won’t be able to help to enjoy the surreal sounds of the vehicle you are using as you journey through the tracks.

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PvP Features

As you play on, do not forget to collect neon diamonds on your path. Every time you overcome a difficult obstacle or create an impressive stunt, you will receive some bonus points. The more diamonds and bonus points you earn, the more the chance for you to unlock more attractive and new motors. There are over 40 motors that you can unlock.

If you do not enjoy playing the game alone, there is also an option for you to test your skills by playing against other online players around the world in PvP mode. An easy way to climb the rank is to compete against other players. But you probably have to have mastered the solo mode first.

Last Take

Rider is not an extravagant or flashy game, and you will only encounter some simple shapes. However, the gameplay gradually becomes complicated as you play on. There is also little detail to the mode of driving because your vehicle is a small one on a neon road. It is the uniqueness and meticulousness of its design that makes Rider a favourite of millions of gamers around the world.

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Download Rider APK to be able to perform several stunts with a motorcycle or other types of vehicles, such as a skateboard. Rider introduces a new form of racing.


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