Stellio Music Player
Stellio Music Player
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Version: 6.8.0
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Download Stellio Music Player APK, an audio streaming program with amazing functions that make it simple for anyone to customize their musical pleasure.

Name Stellio Music Player
Version 6.8.0
Updated May 20, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Stellio Soft
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Stellio Music Player

Stellio is an Android-only song player software created by Stellio Soft. When compared to traditional audio players, this is regarded as the best audio player for Android smartphones. To provide the subscriber with the finest music encounter, the app concentrates on three factors. This includes audio quality, layout, and consumer experience.

stellio music player

But this app does more than just make songs. You may customize the music to your preferences, create your tracks, manage your collection, and filter the songs by musician, album, category, queue, and more. The software contains a potent mixer that you may use to customize the music to your tastes.

Description of Stellio Music Player

Stellio is a fantastic audio player that features a selection of templates that allow you to change every aspect of its design. You may also add a unique twist to your tunes by changing your settings as much as you want. With this incredible player, you can listen to your songs differently.

Stellio, an audio player, has an algorithm that enables you to alter tracks with its equalizer's 12 settings. Additionally, it offers crossfade features that allow you to listen to music seamlessly and how they were produced. Apart from these qualities, Stellio also comes with 13 musical elements and is format-compatible with different file types. This allows you to enjoy whatever music you choose without bothering about connection issues.

stellio music player apk 2022

Additionally, Stellio offers you a lot of choices for modifying the interface's design. With the help of its digital search function, you can also discover the lyrics for each piece of music you're listening to. You can also label music to make use of smart music tracks. There is also a tracker that you can create to determine when the song will end. Additionally, you can animate changes, alter your home screen, and replace the tune by shaking your mobile phone.

All of this is to suggest that Stellio is an amazing audio player with various functions and configuration possibilities that you're bound to enjoy.

Features of Stellio Music Player

Diverse concepts

As you use the Stellio, you'll discover how the capabilities are in ensuring that streaming your music tracks is completely simple. The software's functions will be easy for subscribers to navigate thanks to its clear and vibrant layout. To customize the UI to your tastes, you can also freely alter the application's design and the album and music covers.

stellio music player apk latest version

Accepts different audio formats

You will be allowed to access various music file formats when using Stellio. Apart from MP3, other media formats subscribers can be opened. So, MP3 document conversion won't take too long. Through the labels associated with each track, you can also change the titles of the songs to be in the desired arrangement. The speed of your music selection will increase.

Excellent sound

The mixer on audio players such as Stellio is a tool that allows for audio adjustment. In particular, you'll discover 12 distinct ensembles that provide you the opportunity to change sound components to enhance your listening pleasure. Additionally, you can utilize crossfade to make the transitions between tracks on a playlist more meaningful to you.

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Suitable with other gadgets

Users can discover additional functions that are suitable for other gadgets in addition to those that are offered. In particular, Android Wear is the first kind of gadget that subscribers know. With this kind of gadget, you can also listen to the music you want using only the watch you will wear. Cordless headphones are occasionally included with Smart Watches as well. To ensure that this gadget is suitable for the app, the headsets include various designed functions that allow music switching by touching.

Display song lyrics while playing

What about singalongs? While using Stellio to listen to music, the program will show users the words so they may sing along to their preferred music. Additionally, you can save song words to display while off.

Pick a song cover for it.

Stellio's panel shows the album image for the music as it is playing. Several individuals disregard this since they frequently set their phones with songs blaring in the background. The song's image can be changed to alter the song's aesthetic.

stellio music player apk

Create music playlists

Create and arrange your tracks however you like. You may organize your songs in Stellio by album title, musician, record, and category. You may categorize your list of songs into the categories like rock, rap, western, Dance, and electronic music.

Join the Android Wear community

You won't need to switch on your smartphone each moment you would like to choose music or alter the level if you frequently play songs while jogging. You can accomplish whatever on this digital watch thanks to Stellio's connection to Android Wear.

Snooze alarm

Several people practice playing songs all night long. Your smartphone has been blasting all overnight, and once you get up, you notice that your device's power is down. Charging when playing songs is risky, and you've known numerous incidents where phones have blown up while being charged and in use. You can configure a software sleep schedule in Stellio. When the period comes, the application will immediately cease playing songs, similar to an alert system, to help save energy.

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Song search using different filters

When using Stellio, one of the useful functions is the ability to look for music using a variety of parameters. Tracks can be found by using the default search tool, an album, a musician, or even a category. In addition, on the 2 newest OS, 11 and 12, the Memory card problem has been completely rectified in the latest edition. After that, you'll be ready to start enjoying yourself.


Stellio is regarded as one of the top Android audio listening software because of its robust functions, which enable users to deeply engage with each music. This software always gives the finest quality music playback a priority, providing you with incredibly lifelike and unforgettable music events. Download Stellio Music Player if you enjoy songs and play them frequently daily.

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Download Stellio Music Player APK, an audio streaming program with amazing functions that make it simple for anyone to customize their musical pleasure.


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