Squad Alpha
Squad Alpha
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Version: 1.7.19
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Download Squad Alpha APK, the best shooter game in its league! Attack and defend, strategize and lead your squad to victory in this world where the bad guys abound.

Name Squad Alpha
Version 1.7.19
Updated May 22, 2024
Category Action
Developer SayGames Ltd
Google Play Link com.game.missioncrit

About Squad Alpha

Squad Alpha is a top-down arcade shooter game developed and released by SayGames Ltd., a popular and well-known gaming company, and was released on the 20th of July, 2021. The game held high expectations before its release and met those expectations. Squad Alpha requires devices with an operating system of an Android 8.0 and above to function maximally. It is an RPG action game with multiple characters, intriguing gameplay, attractive graphics, and exquisite features.

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Squad Alpha is quite casual compared to most shooter games with its relatively easy gameplay, small-sized characters, and straightforward storyline and missions. Still, it remains the most upgraded of all the shooter games in its category. However, the game remains intriguing, addictive, and easy to follow up. Not to mention Squad Alpha is suitable for gamers of all ages and contains many quests that tarry for a long time, so gamers do not lose excitement but get to enjoy the thrill of the game all the way! Squad Alpha promises to keep you on your toes throughout the duration of your gameplay, with never-ending action, quests, and overall blockbusting activity.

Storyline and Gameplay

The game is set in a large city filled with bad guys in every neighborhood. They terrorize the citizens and run illegal operations. Your central mission is to clean the city of all the bad eggs and restore peace and order. This main mission will be carried out in a series of different missions taking place in different parts of the city.

At the beginning of the game, you will fish out the enemy's territory, wipe out the inhabitants and raid the area for weapons and resources. It may be quite easy, but that is only the beginning. There are numerous hideouts across the city and many different gangs of hoodlums. As the game continues, the player has to complete many different missions on many levels. Squad Alpha has about 200 levels and sublevels, each with a different mission and with different opponents to face. The bad gangs number up to about 20, each led by different unique and dangerous bosses.

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Every game's opposing character has Your enemies are quite empowered, but not to worry, Squad Alpha levels the playing ground and offers you all you need to ensure your victory. First, however, it is up to you to smartly attack your opponents and defend yourself. You have to be on the move but be sure to strategically plan your movements to avoid getting hit or taken on by surprise.

There are elite agents of Squad Alpha that you will also have to gather as you progress in the game. They all have their unique style and special powers that will be of great help to your mission. They are scattered throughout the game, so you must find them and build your alpha team. You also have to collect and wear different skins during your fight missions to ensure your protection.

Flexible Weapon System

Weapons play a very important role in ensuring your success, so it is important to choose them well. You are provided with several handy guns and weapons when beginning the game. As you complete levels and missions, you will be provided with new and better weapons from time to time to improve your arsenal. These weapons are not easy to come by, and they are scattered around the game in chests and boxes you must find and claim. While doing this, you still have to be on guard against opponents around the area or that may be guarding such treasure chests.

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Apart from these rewards, you also win coins as you progress, which can be used to purchase upgrades for your weapons. Each of these weapons has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages, and their range also differs. In addition, a loot feature allows you to raid your enemies and take their weapons in certain circumstances.

An advantage over your opponents in the early stages is that they do not possess weapons that cause damage from a distance. This means that avoiding being at close range to your enemies will ensure no damage to you at all. Instead, they mostly own knives, clubs, and other short-range equipment.

Squad Alpha allows the player to have access to a lot of weapons at the same time, unlike many other shooter games. Asides from this, it is relatively easy to get new weapons. Though this may seem a huge advantage, some issues come from it. For instance, players may have difficulty selecting the most suitable weapon for a mission from various weapons, keeping in mind that all opponents differ from mission to mission.

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Another unique feature of the Squad Alpha weapon system is the flexibility in changing weapons on the battlefield. For every scene, you can swiftly change your current weapon to another that you think is more suitable for the situation. You, however, have to be sharp about it to avoid being taken down while changing weapons.

Graphics and Characterisation

Squad Alpha uses clear and colourful 2D graphics that give off a cool and relaxing aura. The settings are visually pleasing and move and act quite realistically, compared to other 2D action games. The sound system is also well developed, with the actions of shooting and fighting giving off sharp, realistic sounds and cool background music.

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The character in Squad Alpha is unique, cartoonish, and quite amusing. The combat character has a relatively small body and a faceless head, void of eyes, nose, or mouth, and is just a big plain white sphere. The character's clothing is, however, not plain at all and can be changed and upgraded for the player's preferred style.


Squad Alpha is a tactical game, and though it might seem easy to pull off, it requires a lot of calculations and strategizing. The game is perfect for gamers of all ages and is completely free. It is an excellent choice for gamers starting in the shooting genre and looking for some quality thrill in a relaxed setting. Squad Alpha has undergone several upgrades since its release, with new versions and better features added to the game.

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Download Squad Alpha APK, the best shooter game in its league! Attack and defend, strategize and lead your squad to victory in this world where the bad guys abound.


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