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Download Soundtrap Studio APK to manage your music and podcast on your mobile device. Get access to many software tools and thousands of high-quality loops.

Name Soundtrap
Version 4.0.5
Updated Jun 18, 2024
Category Music & Audio
Developer Spotify AB
Google Play Link com.soundtrap.studioapp

About Soundtrap Studio

Soundtrap Studio is an online collaborative music and podcast recording studio. The app is a great way to bridge the gap between your music and podcast creation journey. It has some of the most valuable tools and interfaces to create fantastic music and share it with your friends and colleagues. You'll also be able to record your podcast and access the right tools to make the most out of your podcast creation career.

It's a mobile application that offers excellent features that people who own studios access in their private studio corners. You'll essentially get access to software tools ranging from essential to advanced types and many high-quality loops to create perfect music or sync in your podcast. The app is also useful for collaborating with other creatives in the space and sharing your journey and experience with anyone on the platform.

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It's particularly popular for the collaborative feature because you'll be able to see various other producers and interact with them through the chat feature. Hence, you'll be able to work in real-time with your staff or colleagues. The app also offers great assistance to help you start and finish your projects from anywhere in the world. You don't have to worry about storage spaces for your music, too, since there is cloud storage that keeps your files safe and secured online.

Spotify AB developed the ingenious app idea. It's a free app and can be downloaded and installed freely. So using the app is also accessible though you might have to pay to access the premium features and remove ads. The app is available in over 47 languages, and all ages can access the content. There are over 1 million users on Playstore, and the app has a rating of 4.0 on the same platform.

Why Use Soundtrack Studio?

There are some convincing reasons various users worldwide use and trust the Soundtrap Studio for their music and podcast creation. Check them out below:

soundtrap free download
  • Get access to an integrated platform to record music and podcast together online.
  • Share your work with friends and colleagues remotely using the collaborative tools.
  • Create music with thousands of high-quality and professional videos across multiple genres.
  • Access multiple high-quality effects to create professional touches to your music and podcast.
  • Get a cloud storage space to save and manage all your files and projects.
  • Use the app across multiple platforms like Android, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, etc.
  • Play and use in-built instruments to add unique tones and effects to your recording.

App Features

Soundtrap Studio is a powerful music and podcast creator with exceptional features. Check out some of these features below:

Simple UI

Asides from the beautiful colours and fantastic combinations, the app also has a simple layout. This makes the UI as friendly as you can hope for. The layouts are easy to comprehend, and you'll be able to find your way around the app with no guidance, even from the in-app help.

soundtrap for android

The music tools are arranged in the editing interface, and you can access the other features on separate pages. Like Spotify, this app also clearly defines the various features and functions available on the platform. In addition, the texts have discernible sizes and fonts to aid users in consuming the content.

Music and Podcast Tools

There are many music and podcast tools here since these are the primary features and services offered by the app. So you'll be able to record your audio anywhere you are. The editing interface is where you make music for podcasts. So you can add external audio and sound to the mix to create a song or add sound effects to create a professional podcast. There are thousands of high-quality and professional loops in different genres to include in your recordings.

You'll also get access to built-in instruments that allow you to create unique sounds and add pleasing effects to your recording. These instruments include piano, organ, synths, drums, and several others. You can also use any of the high-quality loops prerecorded on the app.


The auto-tune feature allows you to add other professional touches to your recording by smoothening your voice. Hence, by adding an auto-tune, you can make your or anyone's voice sound more tuned and pleasing to the ear. It also helps you create a smooth transition in areas where the voice seems less vocal and probably not the ideal voice you'd like to include in your podcast or music.

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Chat Feature

Thanks to the chat feature, the app prides itself on being one of the most collaborative editing tools on the internet. This feature allows you to send a personal invitation to your friends or colleagues and discuss or collaborate on any projects you work on. Hence, you'll be able to share your developments with anyone on the platform, and they can give you feedback or help you edit and share resources with you.

Cloud Storage

Once you register on Soundtrap Studio, you'll automatically be allocated a space to keep all your files organized and safe on the internet. In addition, you'll get a fraction of the Soundtrap Studio cloud storage, where you can protect your files from missing folders, deletion, or other storage issues on your device. This feature also allows you to keep your files accessible across multiple devices as long as you log into your account.


You'll be able to share all your audio files and resources easily across multiple platforms. The app is fully designed to integrate with social media like your email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The file formats are also perfect, allowing anyone to play your files as a standard mp3 or podcast audio format without reducing the audio quality.



The app is fully compatible with multiple devices and is a popular app for making music and creating professional podcasts. It combines convenience with simplicity, functionality, and quality. If you'd like to work on your projects with colleagues and with great tools at your disposal, you should download and install Soundtrap Studio.

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Download Soundtrap Studio APK to manage your music and podcast on your mobile device. Get access to many software tools and thousands of high-quality loops.


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